Love Marriage Compatibility Report

The Love Compatibility Report is a unique report available in the Vedic Astrology system. It provides the match strength on a scale of 1 to 36 also known as 'Gunas' or Compatibility Quotient. Higher the Gunas better will be the quality of the match! It follows an 8 point system or parameters which are matched for the two individuals and the comparitive strength or quality of match is established. These 8 parameters are as below

  • Mental Compatibility - how do the two vibe with each other when it comes to the mental agreement or approvals on certains key aspects of leading the life together. Are they supportive of each other or are there major areas of disagreement.
  • Physical Compatibility - the level of physical attachement and oneness with each other is defined by this parameter.
  • Wealth & Luck due to the match - this parameter establishes if the relationship will lead to more luck & wealth for each other.
  • Family & progeny - the prospects of having a peaceful family life & raising children.
  • Longevity of attraction - How stable will be the match is often defined in terms of the extent & longevity of physical attraction between the two individuals.
  • Harmony in thinking - It's about the mutual sensitivity & intuitiveness of the match. How well the two of them get along with each is checked.
  • Ease in a relationship - are there positive vibes and is there going to be an ease in the relationship is established.
  • Intellectual Compatibility - is there a common plane when it comes to intellectual compatibility between the two individuals. It could be in any area of life, like appreciating an art form etc.

These parameters together make 36 points / gunas. If a match scores between 18 to 24, it is considered an average but acceptable match. Above 32 is a very good match and below 18 is not acceptable and a long term relationship should be ruled out.

Love Marriage Compatibility Report
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