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Baby Names


Effects of Antar Dasha of Sun in the Maha Dasha of Rahu

  • Many upheavals may be quieted down.

  • Wealth and prosperity and interest in charity and religion increase.

  • Enemies may cause agony and fear of king, poison, fire and weapons prevails.

  • There is a possibility of pain due to eye, heart and infections disease.

  • Effect like cordial relations with the king (government), increase in wealth and grains, some popularity /respect, some possibility of becoming head of a village, etc.

  • There will be good reputation and encouragement and assistance by government, journeys to foreign countries, acquisition of the sovereignty of the country, gains of elephants, horse, clothes, ornaments, fulfillment of ambitions, happiness to children.

  • Fevers, dysentery, other diseases, quarrels, antagonism with the king (government), travels, danger from foes, thieves, fire.

  • Well being in every way and recognition from kings ( high dignitaries ) in foreign countries.

  • There will be danger of critical illness .


Effects of Antar Dasha of Moon in the Maha Dasha of Rahu

  • Circumstances causing anxiety may arise.

  • There may be a conflict with the dear ones, opposition with friends and increase in the number of enemies.

  • Money may come in with difficulty and food may be attained.

  • Daughter in law may expire, fear of water prevails and conflicts cause unhappiness.

  • Effects like acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of high position in government), respect from the king ( high officials of government).

  • Gains of wealth, sound health, gains of garments and ornaments, happiness from children, comforts of conveyances, increase in house and landed property.

  • Beneficence of the Goddess Lakshmi, all round success, increases in wealth and grains, good reputation, and worship of deities.

  • There will be the creation of disturbances at home and in the agricultural activities by evil spirits, leopards, and other wild animals, danger from thieves during journeys, and stomach disorders.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Mars in the Maha Dasha of Rahu

- Many upheavals and movements may arise.
- Physical pain, lack of enthusiasm and loss of memory are possible.
- Position may be lost and fear of king, thieves, fire and weapons prevail.
- Public opinion, residing in one's native land, wife and son may be disturbed or harmed.
- Effects like the recovery of a lost kingdom (reinstatement in a high position in government) and recovery of lost wealth, property at home, and increase in agricultural production, gain of wealth, blessings by the household deity ( Isht Dev) , happiness from children, enjoyment of good food, etc.
- There will be acquisition of red coloured garments, journeys, audience with the king (meeting with high governmental officials), well being of children and employer, attainment of the position of a commander of the army, enthusiasm, and gain of wealth through kinsmen.
- Distress of wife, children, and co-borns, loss of position, antagonistic relations with children, wife , and other close relations, danger from thieves, wounds and pain in the body.


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