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Baby Names


General Interpretations

General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Rahu are as follows :

  • There may be unhappiness due to various reasons, physical hardships and a state of mindlessness may prevail.

  • There may be fear from thieves, powerful persons, poison and weapons.

  • Children may suffer and separation from children and dear ones may cause unhappiness.

  • One may fear insult and defame from lowly people .

  • Some ill deed may cause defame.

  • There may be a change of job, and residence abroad is possible.

  • Diseases may cause pain and one may be inclined towards quarreling.

  • Rahu will give excellent results.

  • During the excellent Maha Dasha of Rahu, one may attain wealth and there will be an advent of money and religious inclinations.

  • Pious deeds are performed.

  • The dasha of Rahu normally last for 18 years.

  • The 6th and 8th years are the most painful ones.

  • Rahu is exalted in Taurus, Gemini (according to a different viewpoint), and a Mool Trikona in Cancer, Aquarius and a friendly planet in Aries.

Specific Interpretations:

Interpretations based on the condition of the planet and other influences in the birth chart and divisional charts are as follows :

  • One may suffer due to weakness, venereal diseases, cough, asthma and urinary ailments.

  • There may be fear due to the powerful, cheating by thieves and destruction of one's family.

  • During this period one may have to earn a living by having a lowly job or business.

  • Good food may not be available and one's spouse and son may behave wickedly.

  • Fear of those in authority, upheavals in business and loss of job is possible.

  • There may be fear of fire, thieves, ailments and harm to religion and work.

  • There may be physical weakness, conflicts in the community, fear of those in high places, enemies and thieves.

  • Ailments due to cough and urinary problems may arise.

  • Mental agony, enmity with relatives and cheating by friends is possible.

  • There may be disagreement with family members, one's spouse and children may be ailing.

  • One's mother may suffer pain.

  • Fear and anger of those in high places, problems due to immovable assets and anxiety related to house and land are possible.

  • There may be loss of wealth and injury or fall from a vehicle.

  • A high position may be attained and one may be honored in parliament or in huge gatherings and become famous.

  • One may be endowed with children, spouse and vehicles.

  • There may be occasional hurdles and problems in progress.


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