Aries (Mesha)

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February 2016 would be a positive month although there would be frequent pressures and disruptions due to your aggression and anger. You are undergoing a major change in your thinking and there would be a total transformation in your creative abilities as well as way that you do your things due to 2 very major combinations happening in your life. First is the combination of Jupiter and Rahu also called the Guru Chandaal Yoga and that would bring in major transformations in thoughts, luck patterns, travel and certain changes in equations with children. The other is the combination of Saturn and Mars which takes place in your 8th house bringing in anger, stress, unnecessary aggression and chances of ill health and injury.

You need to be careful due to the Saturn Mars combination while you need to be open to ideas and look more creatively due to the Jupiter Rahu combination. Some kind of fear mostly unfounded will be present till the 9th February 2016. There could be some amount of support from people in high position in authority and some political support also could be present for you during this month. As long as you can control your aggression you could find some very good results during this month.

Career: Career would be under pressure. There could be aggression and some hasty decisions are also possible at work. Work area could experience blocks mostly on account of female colleagues and partners after the 12th February 2016. Work environment would be disturbed till the 9th February 2016 and thereafter would turn very positive and supportive. Team and colleagues would also be not very affective till the 9th February 2016 and thereafter give you good amount of support and happiness.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be pretty interesting till the 12th February 2016 and thereafter there could be issues and some setbacks. Existing relationships would be positive. There would be happy trends but some amount of disillusionments and doubts could creep in also. You need to be very careful and keep the faith if you wish to run the relationship in a happy manner. Marriage matters could be tough. There would be aggression and unnecessary anger. Most of the time you would find some blocks after the 12th February 2016 due to ego clashes which would be mostly unnecessary. Spouse could be angry till the 20th February 2016 so avoid confrontation.  

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good, level of luck interesting till the 11th February 2016. Thereafter outlook could turn a bit bleak as there could be some setbacks unnecessarily. Income would be average throughout this month. Investments should be handled with a lot of care as there could be many issues which could make you take some wrong decisions overall.

Students and Children: Students have a very active month although there could be some illusions and wrong decisions could take place due to that. If you remain grounded and do not opt for illegal means, then you could do very well this month. Exam results would be good in the first half of the month. Children related matters would be happy but at the same time health of children and relations with children could dip. Be careful and avoid bring untruthful to children.

Health and Family: Family matters would be positive mostly but there could be some setbacks after the second half of the month. Health could be difficult and minor injury and certain issues could become possible after the 20th February 2016.

Presence of Jupiter Rahu and then Mars and Saturn could bring in major issues in personal life, health, finances and career. You should request for an astrological remedy during this period.


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