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April 2015 might be a challenging month. You might find yourself aggressive and angry for no reason. There would be impulsiveness in you and chances of injury are also present after the 14th April till the end of the month. You could be inclined to be petty at times. Avoid pettiness in behavior and letting people understand what you think at certain times. For you, domestic circumstances are going to change.

There is a possibility of moving of residence or travel due to the resumption of Jupiter’s direct motion after the 8th April 2015. Jupiter has been in retrogression since December 2014 and this change will bring modifications in life where you would actually revisit certain portions and have the opportunity of getting clarity and evaluation on how life needs to progress in terms of domestic matters, foreign travels or any matters relating to relocation.    

You should request the Jupiter Retrogression report for a clear analysis on what to expect during this time beyond the 8th April 2015. Hurdles could rise this month and health issues for yourself and spouse could be present also. All these are possible due to the current retrogression of Saturn in your 8th house. You would also find that you are very good at making new deals, understanding transactions and there would be success in enterprise and new things that you volunteer and make an effort to take up during this time. An inclination towards an extra marital affair is present.

Expenses could turn out to be wasteful. New ideas could be disruptive for finances, be very careful what you plan and what you do during this time. Worry and disappointments could be present till the 12th April 2015 as mind could be over active and distracted at the same time. You will find that a creativity and hyperactivity of mind would be present after the 12th April 2015. You could use these new energies for much better creative and productive outputs.

Career: Career for you this month would bring challenges, there would be hurdles and certain setbacks. Avoid making new plans, taking risks and absolutely avoid new projects. Work environment is going to be very difficult till the 11th April 2015 and will improve after the 12th April 2015 but still a source of stress. Colleagues and team members would also be very difficult to handle and chances of loss due to delegation of work is present. Avoid giving out work to others and be inward yourself as much as possible.

Love and Marriage:
Love life will be very interesting. You will find yourself at the center of all attraction and new relationships could become possible due to your magnetic personality and sex appeal. Existing relationships will be distant and a sort of cut off till the 14th April 2015. An improvement will come in after the 14th April 2015 but still there will be too much ego in relationships.

You should avoid getting into too much of ego. Marriage matters will be positive. Spouse would tend to control you and make the major decisions till the 7th April 2015. Thereafter family matters look very good and you would have a very positive phase in marriage matters till the end of the month.

Money and Finances: Money matters will be positive. You will be happy mostly but at the same time outflows will be substantial leading to disappointments and worry. Avoid new projects, avoid risks in any financial investments. If you do that there would be very good and positive trends for you in financial matters. Income will be lower than usual and could be a cause of worry. Investments should be totally avoided.

Students and Children: Children would have a difficult month. There would be distance and some ill health before the 14th April 2015. After the 14th April 2015, there could be issues relating to health of children and minor injury is also possible. Students would have a challenging month. Avoid distractions. Exam results however would be better than usual.

Health and Family: Health would be average. You might find yourself low on stamina, energy and immune system till the 14th April 2015. Some improvements possible after the 14th April 2015 but inflammation in the body, health issues relating to injury and some old blood related disorders could also come up during this time. Family life will be happy and positive for you throughout.

Mostly this month sees pressure due to a bad placement of Saturn as well as poor displacement of Mars and Sun leading to possibilities of injury and some deep hurt. So you should look at taking the help of astrological remedies for this month.

Please note : If your Birth Chart is going through a transition period then this monthly horoscope forecast will give slightly amended results
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