Libra 2015 Horoscope - By Pt. Onkar Nath
Libra Horoscope

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2015 Libra Love & Romance Horoscope: Librans are basically passionate and attractive personality and this year holds mixed experiences for you. This year is promising where love and romance is concerned but you have to be careful not to approach or expect too much from your partner. If you are single, there will be hope to begin a new relationship but you have to be careful in the beginning. It is possible that you may not be able to express yourself effectively. The doubts and confusion in relationships will pull you aback. It may take some time for you to come out with your feelings. If already in relationship then this year indicates sometimes up and sometimes down time for you. Conflicts and difference in views can lead to serious conflicts. It is necessary to be flexible in your thoughts and also give some space to your partner. It is also possible that you may be in wrong place and take it as love. So this year is necessary to assess the things correctly before final commitment. Already difficult relations experiences a real tough period where verbal conflicts including family can also happen. If it could not be handled in time then this can create great issues involving more than you two in the soup. There are possibilities of solving the issues only if you wish to do so otherwise little petty things will lead to serious issues. Remember not to ignore the issues for the sake of peace. It just build up the pressure that may vent up any time creating a bigger hassle then.

2015 Libra Career & Money Horoscope: This year surface up the ambition but the path to success is not so easy. Work load will be more than usual. Office politics and backbiting makes you disappointed. However, seniors are neither positive nor negative to you. Donít expect any supportive shoulder for you at work. Dissatisfaction at work place may push you to search for a new job. If the things are already going on in your favour then also you feel upset due to rough attitude of subordinates or jealous colleagues. In any case, difficulties in environment at your work place is expected taxing your patience. If in business, it is good time to grow and expand your business. But you have to manage the things in time. Donít promise more than your deliver. Good growth is promised only if you move the plans with proper business strategy. Financial gains are expected more in the next half of the year when Jupiter enters Leo. If you are working from your home then this year good escalation is expected. Real estate dealings are highly beneficial. Avoid speculation or taking risk in investing money in anything new for you. Self-professionals and teachers finds this year unexpectedly suitable for professional growth.

Take care of health this year, especially if you are already going through any physical ailment. Avoid over work if your health does not permit.

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