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Once again a challenging month. Financial worries would prevail due to various pressures. You might feel your ego is high and ego in speech could come up during this month also. Wasteful expenses could be high and there could be a high pressure to service old debts and commitments. Speech could be extra aggressive and therefore turn out to be detrimental to your progress and general well being and relations with people around you. Competition will rise during this time and you might feel the heat in these areas. Work position will rise but there would also be pressures after the 15th March 2015 due to the retrogression of Saturn this month.  The solar eclipse occurring this year in your house of family and finances will make the both family as well as financial matters challenging for you. Financial position might get a bit depressed and family matters could also get strained up and difficult at times.<br><br>
You might feel a bit worried and in a phase of deep thinking for most part of the month. <br><br>

Career: Career will experience financial pressures that could hinder financial progress till the 24th March 2015. Thereafter you will be able to work hard, open up new channels aggressively and will be very positive and aggressive in all you do to improve your financial position. Work environment would be very positive. There will be new areas that would open up. However competition at work will also rise during this time. 
Team and colleagues would be good for you to a certain extent. Till the 24th March 2015 you might experience certain issues and controversies with colleagues. Thereafter position will improve and progress will come in due to your team members. Delegation of work after the 24th March 2015 will be beneficial also. <br><br>

Love and Marriage: Love life will be good as the month starts. Your sex appeal would also rise and there would be new relationships and love opportunities again. Existing relationships might be challenging. You will feel totally cut off till the 9th March 2015, thereafter some improvements will be there but the month will be difficult except when you reach around the 28th March 2015 when things will improve with your partner a little bit. Marriage matters will see ego and spouse might want to control you at times. Average month for marriage matters.<br><br>

Money and Finances: Money matters would be a bit difficult due to high commitments and pressures. Wasteful expenses will also be present till the 24th March 2015. After 24th March 2015 you will find that the outlook will improve slowly and steadily. Overall finances will look up and make you more comfortable. Income will be average and could be fluctuating at times. Investments should be handled with care and there are chances of making wrong investments during this month. Avoid speculation of any sort.<br><br>
Students and Children: Students will have a challenging month as there would be distractions and difficulties in your work. Exams also could be challenging till the 24th March 2015 and you might not get the results that you expect. Improvements will come in towards the end of the month. Children related matters could be challenging also. There could be difficulties, differences and distances of opinion. Improvements will come in towards the end of the month again. Health of children should be handled with care.<br><br>
Health and Family: Your health would be average as you might be indiscreet in your diet and lifestyle. Old chronic ailments might bother you again also during this month otherwise anything major should be expected or worried. Family life will be active and there would be some amount of pressures till the 24th March 2015. Improvements will come thereafter. <br><br>
Presence of Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter and Mars will be difficult. Improvements will come in with the help of astrological remedies. You could request Pt.Punarvasu for an astrological remedy for these planets. 

Please note : If your Birth Chart is going through a transition period then this monthly horoscope forecast will give slightly amended results
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