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April 2015 would start on a low note as you might feel you are low on confidence and energy. Even the financial position might be low and slightly disappointing to you at this time. Improvements will come in after the 7th April 2015. You will find your confidence will return and so would be the level of financial success and financial liquidity. There would be a special ability to find success and attract people.

Besides making the others around you happily willing to subscribe to your way of thinking. You would be magnetic and have the ability to control the system around you after the 7th April 2015. On the other hand, there would be high expenses, losses, lots of latent anger, and aggression in your mind.
There could be feeling of revenge, bitterness, level of sexual desire could be high leading to some amount of possibility of loss of position. Your stamina and energy levels could fall further after the 14th April 2015 and you might be susceptible to infections and low immune system disorders.

Level of worry could rise after the 12th April 2015 as you might find yourself detached and disconnected with people around you. There would be a lot of clarity in professional status and your standing in professional matters after the 8th April 2015 when Jupiter resumes direct motion after being in retrograde motion since December 2014.

You might find that your status and position could be a bit compromised during this time. A detailed Jupiter report could be requested for this month as the effects of Jupiter’s transit will become quite apparent after the 8th April 2015. Your thinking will remain pessimistic and negative at times. Relations will remain difficult but there will also be some breakthrough and positive ground covered after the 8th April 2015.

Career: Career for you will be in sort of a flux. While there will be progress and good amount of strength in all you do at the same time there would be lack of direction and hesitation. Some karmic partnerships could be formed during this time. It would be useful to work on people that you have known before 15th March 2015 rather than getting into new partnerships with unknown people now. Older relationships could become stronger and the binding will improve during this period.

Work environment is going to be a bit challenging till the 6th April 2015 and there would be a wonderful improvement thereafter 7th April onwards. You will be very active and growth will be possible. Team and colleagues will be very useful also after the 8th April 2015. Delegation of work will give you good returns throughout this month.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be distant and dissatisfactory till the 6th April 2015. Improvements all around will come in after the 7th April 2015. There would be a possibility of a new relationship and a whole new attraction towards a new person during this time. Existing relationships will be average. There could be distance and some difficulties in agreeing on basic things after the 12th April 2015.

Marriage matters will remain challenging. You will be going through some Karmic changes, redefining the basic structure and basis of your relationship with your spouse, on the other hand a mental disconnect and anger would also be felt. Mostly this month should be handled with care as better opportunities and growth prospects will come in from the next month.

Money and Finances: Money matters will be average this month. You will find gains till the 11th April 2015 and then high expenses and lower income could cause certain disappointing trends. Income will be a bit more stable and reliable after the 8th April 2015. Investments should be avoided at all times. Speculation of any sort should be avoided too.

Students and Children:
Children would have an average month. There could be differences of opinion and minor health issues to children. Students will also have a difficult month. Exam results could be disappointing after the 12th April 2015. Overall there could be distractions and difficulties that are avoidable if you focus and remain steady.

Health and Family:
Your personal health would be average but stamina and immunity could be poor after the 14th April 2015. Avoid pushing yourself too much in the second half of the month. Family life will be average. There could be difficulties and misunderstandings. Better prospects are present during May 2015 compared to April 2015.

Overall presence of Jupiter, Rahu, Mars as well as Saturn are not very favorable to you. It would be useful to seek the help of astrological remedies during this month.

Please note : If your Birth Chart is going through a transition period then this monthly horoscope forecast will give slightly amended results
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