Scorpio 2015 Horoscope - By Pt. Onkar Nath
Scorpio Horoscope

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2015 Scorpio Love & Romance Horoscope: The last year was not much promising in love and romance. This year is also a bit low unless you yourself donít show interest in this manner. Otherwise this year also sweeps away producing nothing then. In any sense, this year is reminding you to take care of your physical appearance, improve your looks, get along in a group where you can find your love. Donít ignore the love potential either it is your workplace or where you visit quiet often. In short, keep your eyes open- though already but now you have to make other feel aware of your search. Jupiter in trine is supporting the theme of love this year so make use of it and let it happen. If already in relationship, brings passionate feelings on the fore. Exchange of love communications, expressing your love in passionate words, gifts, bringing flowers for your partner - all the things that can make your togetherness memorable - is in the hold of this year. Avoid being rude or suspecting your partner without any reason. Doubts will only hamper your relation and you will get nothing of it. There are strong chances of difficult relations to get in harmony by producing effort in this direction.

2015 Scorpio Career & Money Horoscope: Earlier you were focusing on gains in career and now the position is all that matters you. You are strong willed and focused on elevating your career graph and you take cautious moves to gain more control. Now is the year when you donít want to take chances. However, for some it is possible that you may travel a far for your job. Never expose your career plans to others. You get benefit through your career strategy and keeping it to yourself only. If in business, this year holds good growth and expansion as Jupiter in trine attracts good luck. After the mid of the year Jupiter transits to the house of career - executing your professional into good gains. It is possible to deal with influential people/company who bring good business for you. Meetings, social interactions makes your professional arena wider than before. The seeds sown now in business are going to bring great benefits in near future. People dealing in livestock or kennel also do much better than before. Skilful people and writers find this year more promising.

Investing money in real estates or old buildings or apartments prove to be beneficial. Good gains through spouse, insurance policy and from abroad is possible. Take care of health against water borne infections. Upset stomach may be troublesome if you donít take care of intake of healthy food.

Love life shall get better as you will share a great rapport with your loved ones.

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