Virgo 2015 Horoscope - By Pt. Onkar Nath
Virgo Horoscope

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2015 Virgo Love & Romance Horoscope: This year love is on the surface for Virgos with presence of Venus and Mars together in the house of love makes you more passionate than before. Your love desires are heightened. Aspect of Jupiter though expands it more but also tone down it in refined manner. Mentally you will not be much disciplined and think about love matters the most. If you are single and waiting for love to knock at your door then this year is promising for you by making it happen. You are now able to take initiative in this directions where your personality and demeanor is in sync with surroundings. This year holds a good possibility of love at first sight. But avoid haste for final commitments or tying a knot. If you are sharing a normal relation then this year promises to share light hearted conversation, humour and cooperating each other. You share your inner feelings with your partner and find it easy to express them. If you are already going through any tough phase in your relations then this time you have to keep check on your words. You are inclined to be irritable especially when interrupted by others rather than listen. Then, it is likely to invite conflicts, thus patience is the best keyword to avoid any hassles in relationship.

2015 Virgo Career & Money Horoscope: A promising period for Virgos where Career is concerned. Your skills and communications are going to bring good chances of advancement in the goals of career especially if you are running your own business. Jupiter in the house of gains promises to bring good gains in the first half of the year. However, do not over estimate your abilities. Pen down your plans and expand according to your capabilities. Fall of success is possible by being impulsive or overlooking crucial details. If in job, it is possible that you may get fired up for opposing the viewpoints that seem to be valid or from your seniors. Avoid creating any issue against your senior or with the person who is near to senior. It is good year to learn something extra to expand your skills. A professional skill or expanding your knowledge that is helpful in your work is recommended. Artist, writers and people with special dextrous skills are going to have great showcase of their talents.

This year is positive for health just only take care of over indulgence in the next half of the year. Problems to health due to negligence may bring some issues. Possibility of adding a new member in the family. Overall this year is positive for you if you take care of yourself by being patient and avoiding any over indulgence!

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