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2010 Astrology & 2010 Horoscopes
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LEO 2010 HOROSCOPE 2010 Horoscope Report
Monthwise Breakup of 2010
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Leo 2010 Horoscope - General:

2010 would bring some trial and challenges, although there would be multiple opportunities and gains too.

The year will begin with a period of higher aggression and stress for you. Level of expenses will rise and there could be chances of losing money due to wrong investment decisions between 1st January and 10th March 2010.

You need to control investment, enforce financial planning and avoid speculation of any kind. Anger should be controlled at all times. The period is intense till 10th March 2010 but will continue till 26th May 2010.

Family life could see distances due to your preoccupation with work as well as sharp speech at times.

Finances could shrink and some shortages due to a recent investment or monetary commitment come about. Both family and financial issues could come up more between 14th January and 31st May 2010.

Loans of any kind should be avoided, if possible.

Partners and spouse could be the cause of higher expenses.

If unmarried, this year could bring sudden opportunity for marriage up to 1st May 2010 and than again between 1st November and 6th December 2010.

If the proposal does not go through before 1st May 2010, the same opportunity could revisit again after 1st November 2010. New partnerships, more on the creative and intellectual level could come up till 1st May 2010.

Health and creative powers could dip after the 2nd May 2010, although you will get unexpected gains from various sources after the 2nd May 2010. Gains could also come from inheritance, spouse or partners. Period between 24th July and 31st October quite conducive for this.

You will find your thinking will turn pessimistic and negative this year. You should ensure you remain positive and do not let depressing thoughts engulf your mind.

Relations with children could deteriote this year. Keep a diplomatic front.

Investment and speculation is not advised throughout the year. Relations with elder siblings, if any and friends could go down too.

Utmost care should be taken.

Socially you will hit an interesting patch after 1st September 2010. Your emotions and sex appeal would hit high between 9th October and 19th November 2010. There would be temptations all around.

Try to keep yourself within social norms. An exciting period overall for those unattached. Those in relationship or married will not find this period positive. Adequate care should be taken.

Finances and family matters would remain turbulent and volatile during January, May, August and December 2010. Controversy and wrong speech during these months should be curbed.

A slow and weak trend in money matters will prevail during March, June and October 2010. Since inflows would be poor, major monetary commitments should be avoided in these periods.

This year will see various trends and therefore remedies recommended for Mars 2010 up to May 2010. Saturn also till May 2010, Rahu throughout the year and Jupiter after June 2010.

You can request remedies for a more peaceful year.

2010 Leo Career Horoscope:

Career might not be able to keep up with the growth of the last few years but still you will find good progress overall.

Finances could see a contraction and loans/ bad debts could become a cause of concern till year. Period between 14th January and 31st May 2010 should be crossed carefully. Income will come from various unexpected sources, although it would remain erratic at times.

New partnerships in career will stimulate you intellectually and there would be gains till end April 2010. Overall career will see progress till 14th January 2010, between 3rd March and 20th April 2010, the progress would be good.

21st April 2010 to 14th May 2010 could see a block in career followed by good progress through the year.

New avenues will open up between 1st September 2010 and end of the year. In between, 9th October to 19th November 2010 would see a high level of volatility and uncertainty but good amount of progress would be experienced in career. You should remember to follow your long term strategy without making any modification or deviation in your career plan.

Once you go beyond 19th November 2010, the growth and progress will return on normal lines again.

2010 Leo Love/Marriage Horoscope:

Marital matters will be active till April 2010 and thereafter go into a slow phase, while love and relationships will go through an active phase.

It is not an easy period for those in love, since there could be disappointments, distractions and chances of misinformation, which could build up gaps in relationships. Family matters will be difficult, leading to pressures being built up in marriage or love matters, whatever the case may be.

If unattached, this year could take you towards marriage between the beginning of the year and April 2010 end. Thereafter sudden positive events could come back unexpectedly between 1st November and 5th December 2010 as per Leo love horoscope.

Love and social matters could remain slow up 14th March 2010. Thereafter positive events could occur till 6th June 2010. Blocks in love/ social opportunities will operate between 7th June 2010 and 22nd June 2010.

Ego and career pressures could be the reason. Beyond 23rd June 2010, the most of the year would be happy for romance and love. Socially period between 1st September 2010 and end of the year will see a tremendous rise in your social demand and sex appeal. You could be the cynosure of all eyes between 9th October 2010 and 19th November 2010 as per Leo love horoscope.

If in a relationship, this year could see rapid progression towards commitment. You will find chances of old relationships turning into marriage or a long term relation between 1st January 2010 and 1st May 2010. In case this does not happen, chances will come again, all of a sudden and unexpectedly between 1st November 2010 and 5th December 2010 as per Leo love horoscope.

Besides the above periods, you will find happiness in relationships during January, April and August 2010. Period beyond 30th November 2010 could see a difficult and aggressive phase. Be careful.

If unmarried, highest chances of marriage come up to 1st May 2010 and during November 2010.

If married, spouse and family equation could be poor. This could lead to prolonged stress. You could find family hostile towards spouse till 25th May 2010, although spouse will do remarkably well to keep things balanced out till end April 2010 at least.

Temperament of spouse will however waver and be unstable between 14th January 2010 and 31st May 2010. Beyond 1st May 2010, there could be distances that could build up.

You should keep a stable and caring view of marital matters through out as per Leo love horoscope.

Leo January 2010 Horoscope:

Avoid ego and self centric thinking till the 13th January 2010. Creative work will be rewarded. 14th January 2010 onwards career will be dynamic and growth will come due to hard work.

Leo February 2010 Horoscope:

Progress and happy period till the 12th February 2010. Work environment will remain exciting. 13th February 2010 onwards issues and ego in marital matters/ partnerships could come up. Opposition to your ideas could increase too.

Leo March 2010 Horoscope:

Ego hassles with spouse/ associates should be avoided till the 14th March 2010. A strong period mentally though. 15th March 2010 a dip in confidence in level of energy possible. Avoid major activity during this time.

Leo April 2010 Horoscope:

Low energy and activity period till the 13th April 2010. You could be susceptible to cold and infections. Keep a low level of activity. 14th April 2010 onwards luck will improve and so will stamina. Positive period thereafter.

Leo May 2010 Horoscope:

Positive and lucky period, although low profile till the 14th May 2010. 15th May 2010 onwards career will shine and there would be support from govt. authorities and people in position of power.

Leo June 2010 Horoscope:

Career will look up, while health will be great till the 14th June 2010. 15th June 2010 onwards income will pick up while friends, social outings will provide you with happiness. Gainful period till month end.

Leo July 2010 Horoscope:

Good income and socially active phase till the 16th July 2010. 17th July 2010 onwards a dip in energy and stamina will be felt. Expenses will rise. Slow period.

Leo August 2010 Horoscope:

Lower energy phase continues till the 16th August 2010 while money matters will experience pressures too. 17th August 2010 onwards energy will revive and so would the level of your confidence. You should be careful about excessive aggression till end of the month.

Leo September 2010 Horoscope:

Confident and active period till the 16th September 2010. There could be over excitement at times. 17th September 2010 onwards inflows of money will rise, although distances and differences with family could come up too. Be careful. Avoid ego in speech till the 16th September 2010. 17th September 2010 onwards status will rise and progress will come due to your hard work. Positive phase.

Leo October 2010 Horoscope:

Avoid ego in speech till the 17th October 2010. 18th October 2010 onwards status will rise and progress will come due to your hard work. Positive phase.

Leo November 2010 Horoscope:

Progress will continue due to your networking skills. There will be travel possibilities till the 16th November 2010. 17th November 2010 onwards domestic matters could create distances between family. Possibility of a real estate/ conveyance purchase till end of the month.

Leo December 2010 Horoscope:

Gain from real estate till the 15th December 2010. There will be more assertive behavior till the 15th December 2010. Issues for children if applicable after the 16th December 2010. Ego will rise.

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