2017 is a special year due to some rare celestial events expected in the New Year. These are going to have a much profund impact on our life. Saturn is changing zodiac and is moving into Sagittarius after spending 3 years in Scorpio. It will also roll into a 'special position' in the zodiac - a rare occurence that happens only once in two decades. Besides Saturn, the three benefic planets - Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will be involved in causing Adhi Yoga. This is a special Yoga which has major effects on career & financial positions. Your horoscope would see the formation of Budh Aditya Yoga as well. Life will take a turn as 4 planet and 5 planet combination gets formed in the chart later in 2017. All these and more such events have been taken into account to come up with 2017 Vedic Horoscope by the team of Vedic experts under Pt. Onkar Nath.

2017 Horoscope is based on Moon Sign, as is specified in Vedic Astrology. If you do not know your Moon Sign, you can click here to know it instantly.

2017 Vedic Horoscope

Aries 2017 horoscope is full of good news when it comes to gaining recognition; you are likely to do really well this year. 2017 will lay solid foundation for your success provided you remain determined and focused.

In the 2017 horoscope for Aries, it is quite apparent that this year, you would travel frequently and most of your journeys will be of long distances. Some abroad trips are also on the cards that could bring good results to your life. Court cases and other legal disputes will result in your favor and you would be able to mark your destiny with your own efforts and labor...more

2017 horoscope of Taurus suggests that during this year, your personal life will improve and you will come off as a good lover and a gentle personality. You will get full support from your partner and will leave no stone unturned to give your wholehearted love and care to your near & dear ones.

Taurus in 2017 will unfold some secret ways in their life and some sudden changes are also possible. All you need to do this year is to continue your good work with full willpower, as you may not get much support of luck. Your solid efforts will become the reason to enjoy a pleasant time this year...more

2017 is beginning with some new opportunities for Gemini. While some challenges will make your journey a bit tough but all these are essential for your growth. As the Gemini horoscope for 2017 suggests, you need to open up your wings to fly with self-confidence in order to achieve growth and prosperity. Your luck would support you tremendously and the hard work you put in will play important role in your success during 2017.

Gemini horoscope for 2017 indicates that you should share your thoughts with others to let them understand you and your abilities to get recognition...more

During 2017, Cancer natives would be inclined towards religious and virtuous pursuits. The planetary position in the Cancer 2017 horoscope indicates that you would initiate various journeys during this year and most of these would be of short distance. You would feel more connected to your religious views and would perform good deeds.

Cancer horoscope for 2017 also foretells that after mid of September, there will be big changes in your thinking and it seems that you would experience freedom of opinions and would feel on top of the world. However, you need to be more determined...more

Leo will be the influential people during 2017. However, people may not understand them well so they may have mixed opinion about others. Some hasty decisions of Leo natives may shock others and even they themselves at times would not be able to understand why they have taken such decisions.

According to Leo 2017 horoscope, you may have obstacles in continuing your education especially during February to June and thereafter from November to December. You would have to put in extra efforts to achieve success in your educational endeavors...more

2017 may not start enthusiastically but as it progresses, you could expect it to be fruitful, especially towards the end. First half might be a little challenging, but be patient for things will take a turn for the better thereafter. There could be pressures in the marital life & happiness as the year progresses. But you would observe happiness making its way back to your life gradually, as the year unfurls.

If you have been waiting for any tremendous financial gains, your wait would be over in September 2017 when Jupiter and Rahu change their sign. Considerable boost in finances is on the cards along with enhancement...more

A lot of positive changes are in store for Libra in 2017. The efforts and labor of the past year would come to fruition this year. You would be able to reap the benefits now. Opportunities would be abundant; all you need to do is embrace them wholeheartedly. In terms of career, there are possibilities of expansion. But it would be a roller-coaster ride in the first half of the year in terms of love relationships. However, as the year rolls by, things would be calm and content again.

Regarding the finances, the second half of the year 2017 seems to be much more promising. A surge of opportunities...more

Lots of surprises are waiting for you in 2017. It will be an overwhelming New Year with plenty of unexpected adventures on its way. But nothing good would simply fall in your lap. The year would require you to make considerable efforts in order to get a taste of success. You would feel motivated, courageous and would constantly work harder with a goal-oriented approach. So expect personal pressures to shoot up, and not to mention the family stresses too. Have patience though, for luck is in your favor

Financial gains would be high and income would be substantial in 2017. You would come across plenty of opportunities...more

The year 2017 would start with high work pressure and end with enthusiasm as all your efforts would pay off essentially. 2017 seeks you to become a challenger, go the extra mile to reach the ultimate destination/goal. All of this, however, would keep your health under pressure and your personal life stressful throughout. But your hard work would boost your chances of success. This is essentially the time to show what you have got. You would garner progress and expansion at work, which would motivate you to work harder despite the hurdles. Fortune will bless you in the last quarter of the year when Jupiter and Rahu change their signs in September 2017...more

2017 would be a felicitous and optimistic year for you with the blessings of planets. Tremendous gains are within the bounds of possibility now. You need to however realize that fortune only favors those who try in the first place. First half of the year would be a content period for you as there would be plenty of travel prospects and opportunities in love. Career would be fruitful too.

Financial gains and professional prospects would be much better in the first half so if you wait too long, you might miss the sunrise of opportunities. As the year edges towards the end, you could come across...more

2017 is going to be a lively and momentous year for Aquarius. A lot of activities would keep you jazzed and busy throughout. Work pressure would be dramatically high but all your efforts would lead to financial gains and progress. First half of 2017 is especially fruitful in terms of monetary gains, especially in real estate as well as foreign matters. Plenty of opportunities to acquire wealth would come up in the second half of the year, as luck seems to favor you now.

After September 2017, you could expect recurrent opportunities of tremendous gains. 2017 is the year to chase your goals tolerantly and success is likely to ....more

2017 is going to be an activity-oriented year for Pisces. A lot of hard work and persistence would go into realizing your goals. But fortune is bounteous as you could land a wave of opportunities from overseas sources. Make use of these opportunities tactfully in order to reap the maximum benefits in 2017.

Love life would be exhilarated owing to the possibility of a new love relationship and wedding prospects. First half of the year is likely to be more rewarding in terms of love, bringing in generous love opportunities. As the year comes to a close, things could turn troublesome. Health may go down in the second half...more


2017 Horoscope prepared under the supervision of Pt. Punarvasu will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2017. This report, as prepared on your date, place & time of birth will bring you the update on the events & occurrences...more

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