2018-19 Horoscope

2018-19 Comprehensive Horoscope

This report will be a guide for the next 12 months, as it will unlock the key facets of your life ahead. You can count on this report to know the important events of your life including timing of marriage/ relationship; purchasing of vehicle, property, making investments, foreign travels, if applicable in the coming 12 months.

2018-19 Career & Financial Fortunes

Saturn has a strong influence on career, money, social circle, hard work and long term planning. Rahu would also affect the career progression for us. The special effects of Saturn, Jupiter & Rahu and crucial dasa period that would bring in changes, opportunities and some challenges at work.

2018 Love & Marriage Destiny

It could be an incredibly lucky period for you with strong transits through the 7th house of luck in marriage and love. This would be the time period when you will be genuinely open to a new relationship and will ease out your stricter criteria for a love / life partner.

2018-19 Money Horoscope

This is evident from the formation of many lucky combinations, also referred as 'Yoga' or cluster of planets which brings in good luck and prospects of money making & accumulating wealth.

2018-19 Detailed Composite Horoscope

We are briefly describing below the 5 different facets of your horoscopes. These would be analyzed in depth and put together as your 2018-19 Detailed Composite Astrology report.

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