Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018-19
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It’s time of the year when the benefic Jupiter has changed its sign for the next one year. It has entered on the 11th October to Scorpio from Libra, its friendly zodiac where it will be much more in command in bestowing you with its grace. This is NO regular transit of Jupiter though. It is the ATICHAR, the accelerated Jupiter. The planet will move faster in the zodiac this year, a peculiar phenomenon that will distinguish this annual transit of Jupiter from the rest of the years. In the close memory, Jupiter had an accelerated motion in the zodiac last in the year 2008. If you could recall the turn of events in the summer of 2008 when much development & events took place, which were only back to the square one once the accelerated Jupiter was back into its normal velocity. 

The results of accelerated Jupiter
The benign Jupiter in Scorpio in an accelerated motion will swiftly move into the next sign Sagittarius on March 2019 and will retrograde into Scorpio on April 22. This is quite unlikely of the planet and will be good enough to give you glimpses of Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2020 that you would experience only in the year 2020 in full throttle. The short lived situations created will be rolled back as soon as Jupiter comes back to friendly Scorpio. But the trends which the accelerated Jupiter would create during these first 5 months of the transit will be quite sudden and tempting ones and could lead you to make decisions in important area of life which you wouldn't have done in the normal course of life. You would find the focus back on the areas that Jupiter is actually touching upon being in Scorpio than in Sagittarius. Thus you are likely to experience a change and a reversal of decisions and events based on them.

Jupiter Transit Reading
Jupiter Transit report for the period covering October 2018 to November 2019 will help you sail over this transit without damage & to use those changes to your advantage. This report would cover the effects, influencing factors, guidance, suggestions & remedies to cover these issues. The report would have a version to cover relevant dates also.

Hope you can use this transit to your advantage.

Jupiter Transit Reading

USD 39 / Rs.2340

Jupiter Transit Reading with dates

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