Gemini 2017 Horoscope / Gemini 2017 Astrology by Pt. Onkar Nath

Gemini (Mithun)

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2017 Horoscope

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2017 is a stellar year for you dear Gemini. It comes with wonderful possibilities of growth and progress in all areas of life. Chances of change of residence exist for you. For married couples, prospects of baby birth or conception are high during 2017. Children matters would be happy and positive. However, when it comes to career, you need to be on alert for any competition or ego issues that may sour relationship with teammates or affect your image negatively. You need to continue putting in your best efforts despite hurdles and success would soon knock the door. 2017 demands you to keep cool and simply go with the flow, as anger would only add fuel to the fierce domestic issues that are likely to overshadow your family bliss. A little caution and composure would go a long way in making this year much more prolific.

Gemini 2016 Horoscope / Gemini 2016 Astrology

Gemini people are generous and lively. They always love to express their feeling through talking and they are good in the art of making friends. They are mind workers, good businessman writers, Media persons and actors. They have the ability to express. On the other hand they always have some ifs and buts in their decision being dual nature of Gemini so not be able to get whole fruit of their hard work. But, being jolly good in nature they always get attention from other and they look like younger than their actual age which is a complimenting thing in their personality.

Gemini 2016 Career Horoscope: There were troubles which were troubling you since a long time are now finally overcome and you would see this change from January second week. Your relations with your seniors will be cordial but, you need to get rid of your laziness which may not let you enjoy this good time and you may miss some good opportunities. During April, you may get huge success in your career and there are chances that you would get increment or promotion. May will remain smooth while during August, you would be able to make your seniors understand your ability and worth for the organization which will give you a boon in career. August will be a tough month and you need to give your best. September will come with tonic and your career path will become smooth on which you can write your own destiny. Be cautious in October as there are chances of troubles and hurdles in career. In November you are likely to see a change in your job. While during December it will be confirmed. Overall this period will have so many surprises for you and you can rely upon your own ability and luck.

Gemini 2016 Love and Relationships Horoscope: Starting of this year may not be in your favour as you may have to face heated arguments and clashes in your love life. This effect would remain till august but, January will have its main grave impact on your relationships. So it is advisable to not indulge in any conspiracy or argument. April, May and October will be the best months when you would enjoy the essence of true love. During this time your partner will be totally devoted to you and you would also be in a position to go further in depth of relationship by giving it a proper attention. Rest of the periods will require your patience and you should not do hurry in relationships during these months. However, November and December will be smooth and you would enjoy the feeling of love and would share the same with your partner.

Gemini 2016 Marriage and Children Horoscope: First half of this year will give you mixed results as there will be full harmony in your marital life. Your spouse would bestow their love and affection towards you but, on the other hand your children may not obey your rules. They may become rigid or arrogance. So we advise you do not be angry on them but, handle them with sincere approach and love only than they will obey you. September and October will the months when you will feel calmness and happiness in your personal life. You would spend quality time with your loved ones and they will be very close to you. November would want your attention towards health of your spouse and children while December will be smooth and you may go for vacations with family members and enjoy good company of them.

Gemini 2016 Wealth and Finance Horoscope: You may not be able to control your excessive expenditure in January and February. It would become a reason for your financial troubles. Incidents may come to your way unexpectedly and you have to spend on them unwillingly. March and April will be good as inflow of money would increase and expenses will be curtailed. May and June would be troublesome and you may loss your accumulate wealth so avoid any financial investment during this time. October and November will come with a hope to recover from previous troubles and you would see the good time. There are chances of good gains during December. In nutshell, you would have to keep an eye on your money flow and maintain the balance in between inflow and outflow so as to enable yourself to avoid any major financial crisis.

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