Virgo 2018 Horoscope / Virgo 2018 Astrology by Pt. Onkar Nath

Virgo (Kanya)

2018 Horoscopes have been prepared very meticulously by our Vedic expert on the basis of Moon Sign. Please click here to find out your Moon Sign.

2018 Horoscope

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2018 Virgo Horoscope indicates an year that would be going in right direction for finance & career. Virgo, you would have to strike the right balance between work and family as failing to do so may see you drifting away from your loved ones. 2018 is the year that promises credit & appreciation of your work but to achieve real joy you would have to work a bit harder. You are advised to take full advantage of the potential that the positive trends coming your way hold. Till October 2018 you are likely to have robust creativity. You should be able to express your thoughts and views and communicate well with people. It would not be wrong to call this period a creative painting that has splashes or strokes of brilliances. 2018 looks to be the year that you have been waiting for. Your dreams may just turn into reality so it is a good time to grab all and any opportunity that comes your way.

The 2018 forecast for Virgo indicates some steady gains in career and your professional life. The graph of your career would go up this year leading to better finances. The sources of income appear to be multiplying as new lines of work get formed. New contacts and associations would prove fruitful leading to better growth and gains. February to June 2018 is the period when the chances of making new relationships and partnership appear relatively high however the period till October 2018 appears particularly beneficial in terms of gains. Though these developments may prove quite significant for your business or profession but this could also be one of the reasons behind your drifting away from family. The period beyond April to August hold great potential for travel and possible relocation to a new place. You might have to be a little cautious at expressing your views at home. This may lead to disharmony and possible effects could be felt on your progress at work. A careful approach is advised beyond October 2018. You might experience a slow phase in terms of work progress with a possibility of decline in your position.

A positive and beneficial period in finance is denoted by the Virgo 2018 Horoscope. October & November 2018 appear to bethe months which should see rise in income level thus giving you considerable gains. Major business decisions should be avoided during this time however luck appears to be your ally when it comes to matters related to money.

The overall marriage and love predictions for Virgo in 2018 appear relatively positive. Some issues at home might be there which may just cause minor setbacks during this period. An impulsive love affair appears to be on the horizon from June end until end of August 2018. You may call this a rather strong & peculiar phase in love life with some unexpected trends. It is advised to take wise decisions during this time as your existing relationships could come under intense pressure. Waiting for September 2018 before taking any big decisions might be a good option for you.

To sum it up, the first 9 months of the year for Virgo appear like a rosy picture promising substantial achievements. The period beyond this requires a more planned approach in professional life rather than taking risks.

January Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

January Horoscope 2018 shows signs of vitality for you. You are likely going to keep up your position at work. A rising in reputation may soon be coming for you. You should avoid any inward clashes at work, as it may ease mental weight. You may get respect and recognition in the midst of this period. Students searching for further education options may get open entryways from government affiliations. For working individuals, money related benefits from work are illustrated. New projects may give the desired benefits. Your gathering of companions may develop in this month. Progeny might face complications. Care should be taken for such matters.

February Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

February 2018 Horoscope suggests a splendid picture for vocation prospects. For working individuals, indications of money related advantages and improvement in work are denoted. Positive results may stream in from new ventures and might even broaden your framework. Your enemies are most likely going to push blockades on your approach to progress out of envy. Your wellbeing might be affected to a degree. Avoid any litigations, as it may turn out to be expensive. Expenses on health are also on the cards. Avoid pointless ego clashes with colleagues.

March Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

March Horoscope 2018 signifies a climb in competition for you. With a development in your scope of abilities, coworkers may likewise follow suite. You should also direct away from overexerting your body and take rest. Your spouse may experience swings in temperament causing disharmony on the domestic front. Your business associates may bring in profits during this period. Foreign travels might bring fruitful results. Your territory of job may see options for extension.

April Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

April Horoscope 2018 shows signs of progressions for your spouse. Your life partner may experience a spontaneous achievement or growth. This may make him/her to some degree gaudy, but only temporarily. New business endeavors may end up being profitable. Work accessories or business accomplices may transform into wellsprings of monetary profits. Developments in district of work are likely. A handful of dissatisfactions on the budgetary front are denoted. You are advised to manage funds carefully during this period.

May Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

May 2018 Horoscope denotes an expansion in fortunes. All fronts of life may see a positive turn of events during this period. Despite a couple of minor bumps, salary may remain elegant amid this period. You may build up a religious disposition. As a potential result, you may take after sacred learnings too. Sun may bless you with valiance, learning, and eagerness to complete things in this period.

June Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

June 2018 Horoscope implies a growth towards inner developments. Fortunes overall, should favor you. Sun may award you with energy, information, and courage. Pursuing your current job or line work may soon bring sudden progress in the coming days. Economic stability should prevail. However, residential harmony may see disturbance. Parental property might become a source of dispute. Overall, you may observe a growth in your skillset.

July Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

July 2018 Horoscope seems, by all accounts, to be a promising month as endless money related benefits are seen. The month appears to demonstrate a splendid picture. Attempts to develop in your profession may yield productive outcomes. You may blossom on the vocational front. You may get favors from the govt. while credit and affirmation for your work are likely. Unlimited wealth, ascension in wage and incredible pay is on the card. However, environment at home may not be welcoming and may require your understanding and careful treatment.

August Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

August 2018 Horoscope points towards a passive term for you. The benefits earned earlier are at a risk of facing misfortune. Profession may flourish among possibilities of a budgetary difficulty. Generosity & philanthropy may prove useful for your soul. Remaining on inviting terms with associates should help you in the future. However, abstain from getting involved with any person in specific.

September Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

September 2018 Horoscope indicates a period that may require the best of your endeavors. With signs of funds disappearing, a watchful administration of savings might be required. Your wellbeing may likewise require your consideration. Costs for cure of a disease may deplete you of your accumulated riches. You should be cautious to a great degree and analyze your riches and resources wisely in this period. Profession may remain satisfactory.

October Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

Virgo 2018 Horoscope cautions you to remain wary of your wellbeing. Tolerance is the way to inevitable achievement. Relentless advancement might be seen in all fronts. Income may enhance with the month. You spend luxuriously to enhance your way of life. Monetary status may rise and an expansion in salary is likely amid this period. If legitimate care is taken, your wellbeing may stay consistent and enable you to work for more prominent financial benefits.

November Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

November 2018 Horoscope denotes a time of dauntless activity ahead. Strength of the whole family may thrive. You and your kin may witness an ascent in name, and fame. Religious devotion may take you on profound adventures amid this period. Budgetary status may stay stable. Your choices might be acknowledged at work and your insight and information may get you credit. In general, the month may bring a time of plentiful development for your vocation.

December Virgo 2018 Horoscope:

December 2018 Horoscope signifies that even towards the finish of the year, you may show indications of high vitality and stamina. Your kin may win a name for themselves. Journeys may soon be possible, which may help your profound tastes. With tact and excitement, you may procure yourself the place in the public eye and groups of friends that you generally longed for. During this period, you are probably going to grow great initiative qualities and may even snatch the chance to work at a definitive position.

Virgo 2017 Horoscope / Virgo 2017 Astrology by Pt. Onkar Nath

Virgo, you would flourish in many fields during 2017 and your decisions are likely to affect your career as well as other areas of life in a positive way. You would feel more positivity inside and your intellect would help you in various situations throughout the year.

According to Virgo 2017 horoscope, your luck supports you and your social status may rise during this year. Some foreign trips are possible and change your current residence is also in the cards.

Health of mother could be low hence; your attention is required in the matter. Your father would be fine mostly, however, during the period until end of January and between June and October, you need to take care of your parents as they may suffer from low immunity or health complications.

As per the Virgo 2017 horoscope, you would get good results after September and would receive many opportunities in life to achieve success in your undertakings. Your opponents would try to trouble you but after September, you would dominate over them and totally outshine.

You would get good results in partnerships. However, after September, there could be some troubles. Both elder and younger siblings would be favorable. During mid of June until mid of October, younger siblings may have some challenges pertaining to their career and health.

Overall, 2017 would bring peace, prosperity and popularity in your life and all you need to do is to embrace it with open arms and do your job with full dedication and commitments. All the best!

Virgo 2017 career and business horoscope: During 2017, you may get a positive change in your career either through a job change or due to relocation. Your financial position may tumble during April, second fortnight of August and December, hence do not start any new business nor go for any big decisions related your career.

2017 career & business horoscope shows that you may expand your business during the period from September to October and are likely to get good results. Between February and June, you may change your line of work and go to a different place to work.

You would remain quite busy throughout the year due to your business or career exigencies and your world would demand much of your time hence you should be well prepared for it so that you can utilize this favorable year to maximum possible extent.

Growth in career and business from September onwards is also visible in the Virgo 2017 career & business horoscope. Many opportunities would be there to flourish your income and elevation in career and business may come.

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Virgo 2017 love and relationships horoscope: For love matters, this year would be quite challenging as you may have to stay far away from your partner. You may have to live separately due to work for a long time. During mid of June until mid of October, your love life would bloom and you would enjoy a better period with feeling of togetherness.

As apparent in the Virgo 2017 love and relationship horoscope, you need to avoid irritation and try to understand your partner and their viewpoints. You should increase communication to avoid any hassles in love matters. If you remain cordial towards each other, it is likely that you may get married during this year 2017.

You and your partner would move to commitment and your relationship would reach a new level but you need to give some time to them, as hastiness would give you trouble in relationship this year.

Your 2017 love & relationship horoscope also shows that whatever troubles may come, God's grace would be with you thus your relationship would survive the tough times. Marriage is also in the cards so if you are ready for it, go ahead and enjoy the bliss and harmony of married life this year.

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Virgo 2017 family and children horoscope: Family life would be quite tough as your point of views would differ from your family members and there would be lack of peace and contentment. Virgo family horoscope for 2017 depicts that marital life would be quite good and your spouse would be supportive. It would help you overcome all personal challenges inside family and outside too. You may look for a new residence or initiate some reconstruction work in existing house.

According to Virgo 2017 children horoscope, your kids would face ups and down in their routine life. Their health may fall and they may feel restlessness. June to October would be much productive months for them and their performance in studies would improve. Rest of the months would be tough and they need to work hard in their studies especially after mid of September as their concentration would be low and they may become moody.

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Virgo 2017 wealth and finance horoscope: Wealth could be a matter of concern for Virgo during 2017 as there would be excessive expenditure that may trouble you and create misbalance in financial status. You would spend excessively and this could influence your financial condition gravely. Investment would not be a good choice during this year. However, if you still wish to, you can invest during June and October with proper care.

According to Virgo 2017 wealth and finance horoscope, partnership would beget good income until September hence you need to use this period efficiently. During this year, you would spend over trips as well as on your spouse. Many opportunities would come to your way hence good inflow of income would be there but, if your expenses were not controlled, you would be trouble. Make sure to utilize your money properly.

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Virgo 2017 health and fitness horoscope: Your health may fluctuate during this year. Your state of health would remain weak and you may feel lethargic at times. This could affect your work also. According to Virgo 2017 health horoscope, April, August and December would be the months when you may feel low immunity and fall in health.

2017 would be a year when you should work upon your personal health and give some time to yourself to remain in good health. Stretching exercise would be a better option for you and you should take care against coarse food or irregular routine as it would become the major reason for health issues. June, July, September and October would be quite favorable in terms of enjoying good health.

Virgo 2017 planetary influences: Saturn is the lord of fifth and sixth house in your horoscope and it would gravely affect your personal life, health and mental state during this year. The planet may bring a change in your life. As depicted in Virgo 2017 planetary influences, Jupiter is your fourth and seventh house lord and it is likely to bless you throughout the year bringing expansion an d balance in all areas of life including finance, children, education, marital life and fame. Rahu would move into your eleventh house in September thus the period after that would be very good and would give you ample of opportunities to grow.

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