Rahu in 2nd House

Rahu in 2nd house: Usual Effects

This position will make you very wealthy and bless you with immense wealth, which you may earn or inherit. It will give you an inclination towards growing your wealth manifold, will make you buy all luxuries and comforts for yourself and your family. It also ensures that you occupy a high position in society.
Second house is regarded as the house of family, relatives and your relationships with them. It projects your accumulated wealth and possessions you own such as house or land, property, precious metals, car, ornaments, etc.; assesses how much you value yourself and your self-respect; and reveal your hidden talents.

You will ardently follow traditions, customs and cherish them; may be motivated to gain some knowledge about cultures and traditions with historical value; and you will find learning new languages and exploring different places extremely satisfying.  

Rahu in this house effects deep connections with your family via intense feelings. But it can also cause some distance from your family because of your official commitments or job transfers which may result in some stress in family life. Nonetheless, things will largely be under your control.

Positive Rahu in 2nd House

It brings you abundant opportunities to accumulate wealth and property; good contacts and connections in society - you will know people who hold high positions and prestige. You will be deeply inclined towards your ancestors, traditions and customs. You will take all actions to nurture and absorb them.

Negative Rahu in 2nd House

This may make you susceptible to undesired and huge expenses; cause many enemies who may create unnecessary troubles in your life every now and then; embroil you in some legal complications; and cause minor health issues that will keep troubling you.   

A few notable sign placements for Rahu in 2nd house

  • Rahu Scorpio – In Scorpio, Rahu is debilitated. You may find yourself in a career related to occult sciences or some secret service; possess great skills to handle secrets or things of secretive nature like documents or information, etc. There will be an aura of mystery about your personality, hard to decode by anyone.
  • Rahu Taurus – In Taurus, Rahu is in exalted position. It blesses you with immense wealth and financial gains; extremely active and rewarding secret sources of income; sudden profits especially from foreign deals; prospects of working in an MNC or in a foreign land that will bring good growth in your professional front.

Some common Yoga positions with Rahu in 2nd House

  • Kulika Kalsarpa Yoga: Rahu in 2nd house may form Kulika Kalsarpa Yoga when Ketu is in the 8th house and all planets are in the grip of the Rahu-Ketu axis. This yoga is generally not considered auspicious and may bring some health-related issues that will keep troubling you, affect your finances and cause some stress in family relations.
  • Pitra Dosha: This dosha is formed when Rahu combines with Sun in the 2nd house. It creates some troubles in almost all areas of life, sudden and unexpected events without any explanation. It may also affect progeny and health issues.
  • Jadatva Yoga: This yoga is formed when Rahu combines with Mercury and blesses you with great communication skills and convincing power. You will be able to provide quick solutions to problems because of your prompt thinking, intelligence and wit. But this may create some issues at social and financial levels.

A few famous people with Rahu in 2nd house

  • Ravi Shanker (Indian Sitar Player): He was a great Indian artist famous for his Sitar renditions and music compositions. Rahu was placed in the 2nd house in his horoscope, which blessed him with immense success and fame. He was the recipient of India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna.    
  • Steffi Graf (German Tennis Player): She has been one of the best women tennis players that the world has seen. Her Rahu in 2nd house has blessed her with great success. She stayed World No. 1 for a record 377 weeks. She is the only tennis player to win each major tournament at least four times.

Some other notable people with Rahu in 2nd House

  • Abraham Benjamin de Villiers (South African Cricketer)
  • Vicky Kaushal (Indian Actor)

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