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Detailed Readings on Career & Finance for 2016-17:
The forecast of the events likely to happen during the next one year are given below after taking into consideration the following:
Your birth horoscope.
The operating main and sub periods.
Transit position of all planets with respect to birth chart.
Year 2016-17: An Overview:
Resumption [if applicable] or growth of career is likely.
But working life will not be easy and will face many issues.
Better income from the second half.
Indiscretion and lack of self control can cause financial loss.
Stay very selective about investments and social life or you will lose money.
More expenses on your spouse for medical issues may occur.
Health may be affected by common functional ailments.
No serious disorders.
Year 2016-17: Detailed readings:
Part One:

The effects in the major areas of life are likely to be on the following lines during 2016-17.
Basic trends of career and finance during 2016-17:
Career will have some moderate opportunities to grow and go forward.
You will be able to take on these chances and to make good use of them.
You will perform well and will deserve appreciation due to your contributions.
However you will also face some major differences with and restrictions from superiors and colleagues at work and you will need to handle these with patience, tolerance and equanimity.
Such approach will ensure stability and good return to you.
Income from career may develop fairly well.
You should save and invest well as otherwise growth of accumulation may remain restricted due to imprecise handling of money.
Analysis of dasa [ruling main and sub periods] and also of transit of planets during 2016-17:
Effect of period lords [Dasa]:
Main period lord Jupiter is strong and active.
But Jupiter is afflicted by Mars and Rahu while Jupiter’s dispositor planet Sun is very inauspicious and also inactive [poor directional strength and auspiciousness quotient and also placed at the center of the nodal axis]
Mars is strong and active but extremely inauspicious and his dispositor Sun is much afflicted as given above.
Rahu in Leo is also quite negative.
The cluster of Jupiter, Mars and Rahu in your birth chart suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga between Ketu and Saturn.
Thus none of the period lords is able to protect or promote your progress in the areas of career and finance.
Effect of transits of planets:
Till mid Jul 2016, transit Jupiter will be very well placed in the gain house from ascendant but generally ill placed in the 8th house from Moon sign but positively aspects Venus, the lord of career house from Moon sign.
After this date, transit Jupiter will be in the 12th house of loss from ascendant but in the 9th house of fortune from Moon.
Transit Saturn [Moon sign lord] in Scorpio will remain in the wealth house from ascendant [negative] and will aspect the gain house from ascendant throughout.
Till 30 Jan 2016 transit Rahu will be in the in the 12th house from ascendant [negative] but after this date Rahu will be in the 11th house of gain from ascendant [very positive].
Thus together, transit position of these three most important planets will moderately support and encourage your career opportunities and financial gains from career.
However the good support from transit Jupiter and transit Rahu will remain restricted since Saturn will be moving over Sun throughout [quite negative].
Special combinations that help and promote career and finance:
Yoga Karaka planet Saturn in transit will aspect the gain house from ascendant.
Jupiter, the planet of growth and finance, is placed in the gain house in birth chart.
In D_10 career chart, transit Jupiter will in the 9th house of fortune.
These are quite positive for growth of career and financial fortune.
Specific forecast on Career and Money:

2016-17 is a mixed year for career with some possibility of growth.
Under the support of planetary combinations of birth chart, and transits of important planets [no support from dasa periods], you may get encouraging opportunities.
Job career of any type may make modest progress from after middle of 2016 but the steps for such progress will start immediately and efforts must be made immediately.
You may get to change to a better job with more responsibilities.
This job will bring in fair increase in compensation too.
Alternately you may have a higher and more important role in your current job while promotion is not possible.
Just in case you are not working now and are looking for a position, you can get one now.
All the positive events will start acting and will be very prominent during the first half of the year while the results of all these will occur during the second half.
The following dates will be particularly auspicious for job interviews, for accepting new job offers, for joining new jobs or roles to make progress in career development:
These dates are 02, 05, 07, 08, 10, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25 and 31 Oct 2015, and 02 and 03 Nov 2015 and 30 Jan 2016 to 04 Jun 2016.

During the first half of the year you may have a strong desire to control the environment.
Even if you have a tendency to blow away your chances with impatience, you may plan out your moves carefully and deliberately, relying on your ability to understand and evaluate others and your situations.
Your capacity of handling your career and related power, and your own personal ambitions and compulsions in matters of career progress and financial fortune will be much more energized but also challenged in diverse manners.
Influence of many planets may confuse you at times about what to choose but you will choose the right path due the very benign aspect of Jupiter.
Planets will energize your sectors of transformation, change, personal growth, regeneration or enlargement of resources.
You will be more intuitive now than usual, picking up all of the hidden cues from people and events around you and reading in between the lines.
On the more effectively positive side, trine aspect of Jupiter on Scorpio will focus on your creativity and personal acumen and will bring good results in real time.
Working in the new job or role will remain generally satisfactory.
You will work very hard but will NOT get adequate cooperation or support from superiors or colleague.
Thus your output will not be always satisfactory and this may annoy your seniors in addition to the fact that they will not be basically supportive.
You will have frequent significant differences with superiors and your judgment and communication may not remain adequate.
Thus you may face many occasions of criticisms, restrictions, oppositions and obstacles from your superiors.
Due to these you may get into an anxiety mode and such anxiety can take away your focus and can affect your performance despite very good efforts from your side.
You will need to maintain much patience and continue to work very hard.
Income will go up fairly during the period after the middle of 2016.
But you will spend much over needless or avoidable areas.
You will also spend and invest without much care or caution and at times your expenses may even exceed your income.
Loss of money will be quite possible through living style, some possible habits, health issues of spouse and speculative and other risky investments.
Thus accumulation of money can be affected.
You will need to avoid any indiscretion in handling your earnings and gains and focus on more accumulation.
Strictly avoid investing in speculative or other risky ventures.
During the second half of this year, you may develop some inclination to purchase a property but you are advised not to go for this now.
Overall your financial position will remain generally healthy but you can make it much better.
The following time slots will be particularly auspicious for wealth generation, retention and also for making choice investments or for starting new ones or for expanding existing ones.
03 Nov 2015 to 29 Nov 2015, 26 Dec 2015 to 18 Jan 2016 and from 04 Jun 2016 to 12 Oct 2016.
Suggestions for growth of career and finance:
You will do well to stay much focused on your work and put your best foot forward.
In doing this, the main area of significance will be appropriate and timely communication, especially with seniors.
Remain fully flexible, obedient, tolerant and patient in the face of any conflict or controversy at work place.
Strictly avoid arguments and ego clash or power struggle as these are quite possible in this year and can bring down your professional image and also create many restrictions on you.
You should be more careful about your expenses and investments.
Strictly cut down on avoidable expenses and risky investment decisions.
Act with foresight and plan your finance for a longer term.
Regular thrift will help you a lot.
Take advance care of your health.
Remedies for career and finance:
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Alternatively you should pray five times every day.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.
Offer water to Sun God every morning, facing east and after full bath.
A note on your Health to help you do better:
There will be no major health issues to bother about.
Generally normal health will be maintained but for a few occasions of digestive disturbances and other common ailments.
Your health will be a bit on the weak and tired side.
Work pressure, other tensions and also needless excitements will disturb your system.
Try to keep a cheerful mood and avoid feeling defensive or resigned regarding any matter.
Part Two:
Further breakup of the year 2016-17, to focus on more trends.
January 2016:
Clear and regular displeasure from superiors and from all other persons in authority is seen.
Much embarrassment will be caused to you by your enemies at work.
You will have too many worries related to daily work and stability and progress of career.
Express yourself and your ideas freely but do not try to impose it on others or expect these to be accepted by default.
February 2016:
More efficiency, visibility and effectiveness will be needed at work.
You will need to work according to the wishes of others.
Health can obstruct your career and due care needs to be taken of them.
Some victory over opponents and enemies would be possible.
Proposals for good gain in income may develop now but will not take effect within a short time.
March 2016:
You will form various relationships at work for various purposes.
It is better to seek advice of others and go as per that instead of doing everything on your own.
Avoid quarrels, direct conflicts and tendency to opt for litigation.
Unsuccessful efforts and also humiliation at work will be quite possible now.
Do not agree to go on wearisome travel on duty as this will go against you.
People will not be helpful to you.
Do not seek your own interest alone.
Guard against conflict between your actions on one side and your thoughts and personality on the other.
April 2016:
You are likely to have serious conflicts with others.
The situation at work will be fraught with disastrous tendencies.
Opponents will find your mistakes and errors to bring blemish on you.
Superiors will lap it up and will persecute you.
This is not a good or favorable time to make any change of job or roles or department.
Exercise great care to avoid differences.
Try to keep harmonious relationship and tolerant attitude with all superiors and other persons having any kind of authority over you.
Avoid arguments and lie low.
Take care of health to help your career.
May 2016:

You may become rash in your action and speech.
You may face false allegations due to that.
This will keep you much disturbed and worried.
Quarrels with seniors and elders will bring much disgrace.
But in general you will enjoy somewhat better cooperation and encouragement from superiors.
Yet due to your mistakes many of your actions will finally annoy your superiors.
You will face much opposition from others and possibly serious disappointments too.
June 2016:
Controversies will develop due to poor communication and possible loss of temper.
Obstructions and even persecutions by superiors and also the government are expected.
Nothing will remain stable and taking a particular path will be quite difficult.
Much restlessness and irritability will occur but must be avoided.
Your responsibilities will increase and you can get a good name if you handle these calmly.
Stay energetic and confident.
July 2016:

This is the time for team work in all areas at work place.
You should cooperate with others to get their cooperation.
But this will not be easy at all.
Conflicts with others will be frequent and disappointments and losses will be assured entirely due to your impulsiveness, lack of caution, over confidence and predetermined attitude.
Superiors, opponents and colleagues will irk you.
Misdirected energy, excessive ego, self centered approach, power struggle and disregard for others will operate.
You will need to check your attitude and keep it under decent control for your own benefit.
August 2016:
Provided you are disciplined and avoid all excesses, this can become a useful period but otherwise you will face troubles and difficulties.
Stay particularly careful with superiors and persons in authority, lest you are harmed.
Friends too will act like enemies now.
Your tasks and projects will not be completed smoothly.
Avoid arrogance and superiority complex.
Do not be bossy.
Be careful of your ego and avoid struggle for power.
There will be an urgent need to compromise.
September 2016:
This is the right time to impress your superiors and others.
However you will find it very difficult to work with others and to adjust with them.
You will fail in many attempts and will feel much disappointment.
You will become too rigid, emotionally and intellectually and this will obstruct your progress.
However despite this you will see some improvement in relationship with colleagues and equals.
You will need to promote amity at all levels for your own safety, peace and progress.
October 2016:

Once again your temperament will be harsh and mean.
You will be too obstinate on one side but on the other you will be easily duped by others.
Good time for intellectual pursuits and success in them.
But it may also create much anxiety and tension in your mind.
Your mind will be too unsettled, easily changeable and prone to make frequent mistakes.
You will look to things from a negative standpoint.
Stay self critical and avoid being stubborn.
Avoid quarrels with colleagues and equals even if there is enough justification for it.
November 2016:

This is the right time to accelerate the tempo of your work.
If you are alert you can gain much now through improved communication.
Success over enemies and some support and recognition by superiors are expected.
Your general level of luck will improve.
Stay disciplined, calm and very obedient to extract maximum benefit out of this month.
December 2016:
Past events at work and their consequences will affect you now.
Thus take them as old issues and correct them.
Do not see these as new developments and get angry over them.
You will not feel relaxed and will be suspicious about possible dangers to you.
You will have more responsibility but to discharge them well, you will need to have a calm and rational mind that you can focus well on the immediately important areas of work.