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Your Birth Horoscope.
Transit position of all 9 planets and their results on your life
Dasa analysis

It can be read under the following heads:

Effects of 9 planets as per birth chart
Year 2017 - an overview
Year 2017 - detailed readings - career, finances, love,marriage, health
Year 2017 - month wise trends

Effect of 9 planets as per birth chart


Mentally alert
Success after suffering
Intellectual arrogance
Unfriendly to relatives
Much passionate


Long and comfortable life
High position
Self made properties
Expertise in many fields
Changes in occupation


Highly enterprising
No luck in business, lottery or in speculation
Sorrow and mental disturbances due to matters of children
Difficulties from children and losses through or due to them
Discord with children
Over confident
Self importance


Gainfully employed
Financial success
Versatile mind
Many friends
Fond of travels
Inimical to siblings and servants
Hated by relatives
Given to easy anger
Unsteady disposition


Long life
Inheritance of patrimony
Gain through legacies
Good qualities
Luxurious life style
Faces failures
Devoid of fortune
Rigid beliefs
Accentuated sexuality
Delusions of invincibility
Much proud
Inimical towards others
Insatiable appetite


Lucky after marriage
Gains from journeys
Impressive in speech
Sensitive to immediate environments
Elusive magnetism
Dissatisfaction in marriage
Changeable affections
Addicted to luxuries
Over confident


Gain of houses and lands
Gains from maternal side
All comforts and enjoyments
Progress and even general prospects of career affected
Loss of ancestral property
Education suffers
Poor health of mother
Unhappy mind
Calculating mind
Sickly and feeble constitution


Acquisition of property
Not straight forward
Poor health of mother
Strong attachment to all mundane pleasure and enjoyments
Addicted to unworthy acts
Rigid nature
Weak health


Marital life spoilt
Humiliation due to disrespect
Loss of spouse
Company of unworthy men possible
Skin problems
Disease in urinary tract
Loss of fertility
Fear of watery accidents

Note: The total effects of all planets can be different due to mix and match of the effects of various planets and their transits.

Year 2017: An Overview

This is a time in which one could expect help from ones superiors ,protection from people in power possibility of coming into limelight and travel.
This is the time you should try to listen to the advice given to you by your superiors or people who know about the area in which you have questions.
By doing this you have a higher chance of being successful. There is a possibility of inheritance by the process of settlement on land dealings or legal cases.
There is a possibility of your getting into new contracts requiring quick decisions making. Marriage is also a possibility.
The changes happening could serve as seed for improvement in fortune, finances and may be travel.
It is advisable to not to get into quarrelsome situations under this vibration.
The key is to remain true to one's word and being helpful to one's capacity will allow.

Year 2017: Detailed Readings
Part One: The effects in the major areas of life are likely to be on the following lines during 2017.


Job will remain fairly stable
You could get a comfort feeling on the job front at this time
Your responsibilities level would increase at this time
Your responsibilities at home would also increase- affecting your  focus on the job
Your interactions with female employees could improve


Relatively Good income from job
You will be more careful and alert about saving.
Social expenses would be more.
Savings and investments would get much better now.

Love Life:

Some of your old associations may come up once again.
If you want you can look at these for renewal or repair.
You will be able to have a generally better time with your lady friends.
Sex life will improve
You will tentatively consider taking yourself away from this form of social mixing.
As you may prefer to stay within yourself.

Marital Life:

Some of your old associations may come up once again.
If you want you can look at these for renewal or repair.
You will be able to have a generally better time with your lady friends.
Sex life will improve
You will tentatively consider taking yourself away from this form of social mixing.
As you may prefer to stay within yourself.


Children would do better on artistic pursuits and paintings
The improvement on family environment would also help their growth
Their confidence levels could soar at this time
The home would reflect beauty in general


Stable health in general.
But all functional ailments remain.
Cold and cough , plus special care for sexual organs.
Take special care of stomach infections at this time

Part Two: Month wise trends:

Further breakup of the year 2017 to focus on more trends.

January 2017
This is a period when you may feel some lack of enthusiasm.
Take care of the health of your wife and children.
Avoid any possible conflicts with your near and dear ones.
You may have to travel with not many rewards.
Stomach needs to be taken care off.

February 2017
Take special care of your health and before embarking on a journey-
       try to weigh the pros and cons on if you should go on it or not.
Also avoid any kind of arguments with people who may not be in your
      favour and specially your boss in office.

March 2017
Do exercises to keep worry at bay.
It is better to be forgiving and not pick up quarrels.
Also try to keep your spirits high.
Avoid lending of money or anything else to others.

April 2017
Expect to be rewarded at your office.
The success rate would be very high in this period.
The health would improve and the money inflow would also improve.

May 2017
You may develop more cordial relationship with your spouse.
Also expect some gains in your office in terms of recognition of your work.
Your children may make you feel proud.

June 2017
Guard yourself.
This is a time you should take extra care for your health.
Try to be forgiving and avoid any clashes with near and dear ones.
Try to maintain your position in office by maintaining a low profile.
Keep a check on expenses.

July 2017
In this month in general you could expect a general mental anxiety which could make you feel angry.
You may feel tiered due to nervousness.
Your near and dear ones may go against you.
Take care of money/wealth in general and try to maintain your position

August 2017
In general profitability would be less and take care before you trust people.
You could expect a negative attitude from people and may cause trouble in the head.
Try to avoid bad company.

September 2017
This is a time to rejoice with friends and relatives.
People who oppose you would be subdued.
You would acquire wealth and health and may get an increase in status.

October 2017
Travelling could be a problem during this time.
Don’t simply trust anyone, no matter a friend.
The health could be affected and take care of the food you take.
There could be an impact on pleasures of bed.

November 2017
Investments have to be very carefully made.
You may spend a lot.
There is a Possibility of you being worried or depressed.
Avoid any kind of laziness or getting depressed.

December 2017

This is a period when your wishes would be fulfilled and you would get commensurate rewards to the effort you put in.
You could expect less trouble from the health point and freedom from
You may have increased flow of money and other materialistic things.