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Astro Cartography or Relocational Astrology

A)     General strength of planets:
B)     Indications of success – where?
C)     Benefits from which direction?
D)     Whether there is need to relocate or not?
E)     When to relocate?

It is mostly observed that a person does well in a certain place. The destiny of a person flourishes at a specific place. The magnetic waves of a place boost up the potential of a person that influences him and makes him successful. To know which place is better suitable for you and where your stars could shine can be assessed by the planetary relocational chart or better known as Astrography chart.

In this report is clearly stated whether you need to relocate or not? Which direction will produce better benefit to you- which place or country will provide you support to flourish.
General strength of Birth Chart:

Lagna [medium strength]: Lagna in Aquarius. It shows that you are disciplined, Intelligent, analytical, quick- witted, at times rash with remarkable power of dedication. You are perceived as a modest, precise, but a discriminating and outgoing person.
Such persons are disciplined, quite and are blessed with loving and ambitious nature. You will be firm and tenacious towards achieving your goals.
You are innovative methodical, cautious, prudent, and economical yet remain very sweet. Being very witty, charming, and emotionally warm, you would not like to compromise anything in your life at the cost of your freedom and independence. Also you may have qualities of being impatient, with good stamina, practical and strong willed. You are good at getting your work done from others.
And sometime you are harsh, ruthless, pessimists, over-exacting, over- conventional, which may give similar reputation.
Aquarius governs West direction.
The ruler SATURN is in Virgo in the 8th house of the birth chart. No planet aspects SATURN. Also VENUS the lord of 4th house and 9th house ( luck) is in the 12th house with MOON. You would have good success and luck in the professional sphere overseas by application of your self - efforts as well as formal education, knowledge, skills and overall application of mind. It gives monitory benefits, comforts, creates wealth and support of luck and professional progress. However, you may experience sudden gains and losses also.

The tenth house governs career and it is important pillar in a person’s life. It is in Scorpio and is ruled by MARS. It makes you to follow the principle "earn wealth through ethical methods" and be ready to face the challenges boldly. Income may be related to management / General Administrative Work / Medical / Action works / Mental workers / action oriented profession. Connection of Lagna, 3rd house, 7th house, 9th house, 10th house, 11th and 12th houses through SATURN, JUPITER and MARS gives you comforts, money, luck and luxury.

Aspect of JUPITER on the 1st house also gives you benefits from friends / social circle and a lot of luck and good leadership skills.
Scorpio indicates North and Sagittarius indicates East and MARS indicates South. JUPITER the lord of 2nd and 11th houses indicates North - East.
The yogas that supports success in foreign country / working with foreign companies

1.    The Lagna lord SATURN is in a dual sign.
2.    VENUS the lord of 4th house and 7th house is posited is in 12th house in Capricorn sign which too is a movable sign.
3.    The lord of 6th house (employment) is MOON which too is posited in the 12th house.
4.    RAHU is placed in 5th house giving some indication of dealing with people in foreign lands by travelling.
5.    There is current maha dasha of RAHU which is the 5th house and sub dasha of VENUS This indicates travelling overseas.

The yogas that support success in own country

1.    The Lagna, 4th house and 10th house are in the dual signs.
Overall, your birth chart is strong and indicates frequent travelling for success rather than permanently settling in a foreign country or away from the birth place.

B. Indications of success – where?
According to Ashtakvarga, your tenth house has attained high points and as per shad bala its ruler MARS too has high points and also the strongest planet.
The 10th house is in Scorpio sign which indicates - North. MARS, the ruler of the tenth house, also indicates South.
You are currently running the maha dasha of RAHU with indicates South - West. The sub dasha lord of VENUS which indicates South – East.
The overall result of analysis indicates that South - West or South East from the birth place of the native’s country is favorable for success.

C. benefits from which direction?
The eleventh house governs source of income. JUPITER (North East) is also the lord of 11th house of gains. It is in 9th house in Libra sign — West.
Keeping in mind the current dasha and the shadbal strengths of dasha and sub dashas lords   it is the South - West or South East, South directions giving the maximum gains

D. Whether there is need to relocate or not?
As discussed in the previous lines, the current dasha and sub dasha lords are connected with yourself, skills, residence and travelling. RAHU is in a dual sign. Hence, relocation / frequent travelling / interaction with foreigners are quite possible, if not already done.

E. When to relocate?
The best time to relocate is during RAHU maha dasha which is currently on and sub dasha of VENUS which will be there on 2nd May, 2015 (if not already there).

F. Conclusion:
The Maximum benefits would be from the relocation to the South - West or South East, South cities (from your city of birth). There is need to relocate to these cities for expanding the horizon.