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 We have prepared Career Scan reading with 1 year forecast for you. Following are the areas covered in your reading:

1.      Areas of work suitable for maximum success/ least resistance
2.      Most Suitable Career Route - comparison between options
3.      Analysis of Birth Chart & ruling period
4.      Overview of Career Events  
5.      Detailed Reading of next one year

  • Career in the following areas [in the given descending order of preference] or suitable combinations of some of them will be right for you.
  • Intellectual career involving much mental activity and/or fineness of thinking.
  • Scientific and technical services.
  • Software engineering.
  • Accountancy.
  • Financial management.
  • Banking.
  • NBF industry.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Medicine and all allied areas.
  • Health Care services industry.
  • Teaching.
  • Authorship.
  • Fine arts.


  • Sharp intelligence and analytical ability needed for business are present.
  • But appropriate attitude and luck for success in business will not be available to you at any time.

Independent Profession:
  • Independent profession is a highly competitive field.
  • Your current skill sets are not sufficient to develop [against the lack of luck] a significant or steady or a niche market for yourself.

  • Your natural or acquired attributes generally agree with a career in service.
  • Though not the most lucrative, it is the most reliable and the safest route for you to earn money through.

  • You should opt for “only service” in the suggested fields.

The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.
Otherwise the readings may vary WIDELY in Nature, degree and timing.

3. Analysis of Birth chart and ruling periods [dasa]:
  • Mercury, the lord of ascendant, Virgo and the lord of career house from ascendant, is quite strong in overall strength but has less than average digbala (directional stregnth0 and hence Mercury is quite inactive for offering or supporting good results.
  • Mercury is also far too close to Mars and that too in Gemini (quite negative).
  • Mercury is placed at the center of the nodal axis, very negative.
  • Moon sign is Aquarius.
  • Saturn, lord of Moon sign, has very poor digbala (very negative).
  • Saturn is highly ill placed in Scorpio (negative, and in the 10th house of career from Moon (many unexpected ups and downs in career), very negative.
  • Mars, the lord of career house from Moon, is ill placed with Mercury at the center of the nodal axis.
  • Saturn and Mars are in mutually 6:8 positions from each other, very negative.
  • Thus the potential of career progress is not well supported in your birth chart.
  • Saturn is the lord of main period ruling the next one year and beyond.
  • Saturn is afflicted as given above.
  • Jupiter is the sub period lord for this year (till 15 Apr 2018) and beyond.
  • Jupiter is fairly strong in overall manner but has nearly zero digbala (totally inactive for offering or protecting or promoting good results.
  • Mars, the dispositor planet of Jupiter, is highly afflicted as given above.
  • Jupiter, the planet of financial growth and Saturn, the planet of financial contraction are in very negative 6:8 locations from each other.
  • Thus the main and sub period lords do not have adequate power to promote or protect your career.
  • Thus any good event in career will basically depend on your own wisdom, attitude, judgment, communication and efforts, and on the quality of the applicable transits of planets at any point of time during the next one year.
  • All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations.

4. Overview of career events till 15 Apr 2018:
  • Stability should be preferred over growth.
  • Career will not get one growth point.
  • Change of job is not recommended.
  • Working life will remain variously disturbed throughout.
  • At times you may feel that your career is not on a very firm ground but nothing seriously adverse will happen if you maintain better relation with seniors and colleagues and see and take every event on its merit and without any emotion or expectation.
  • Problems with superiors may disturb you much and make you anxious but will not affect you adversely if you are alert and careful.
  • No untoward event like loss of job or pay cut is expected.
  • Try and avoid communication failure and controversies at work throughout.
  • Overall career scene will be just very moderate.

4. Detailed readings for next one year [15 Apr 2018]:

Year 2017-2018 (till 15 Apr 2018):
  • Till 19 Jun 2017, transit Saturn will remain in Sagittarius in the 4th house from ascendant, negative, and also will be opposite to Mars, Sun and Mercury and also square to the nodes, all of these are exceptionally dangerous and negative in most ways for career.
  • Transit Saturn in the 11th house from Moon is very positive but this support not enough to balance out the above points of negativity.
  • After 19 Jun 2017 till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in Scorpio (per se negative) and moves over natal Saturn, opposite Venus, the career house lord from Moon sign, and in 6:8 locations from Jupiter, all these in D1 birth chart.
  • In D10 career chart transit Saturn will be opposite Venus, and square to Saturn and Mars, and in 6:8 locations from Sun.
  • After 27 Oct 2017 till 15 Apr 2018 and beyond, transit Saturn will be in Sagittarius again and will repeat the events that occurred till 19 Jun 2017.
  • Thus through the entire year transit Saturn will remain highly obstructive and will adversely affect peace or progress in career.
  • Transit Jupiter will remain highly positive and supportive for career throughout the year.
  • Changing over to another job will not avoid the various problems given above and hence changing job is not recommended.
  • Just in case you change, it should be from 20 Jun 2017 to 27 Oct 2017 yet it is better to not make any changes in the next one year.
  • Even without change and despite the various issues, your income will rise decently during the year.
  • But at work you will need to remain very careful, obedient, flexible and cooperative and maintain good relation and communication with all.