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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed Dasa Reading 2 years report:

1) Dasa in operation in the next two years:
  • You will be under the dasa-s of balance of Mars-Moon [till 12 May 2017] and a part of Rahu-Rahu [12 May 2017 to 28 Feb 2019].
  • These planets are variously afflicted in your horoscope.

2) Overall effects and prediction of the coming two years[Till 29 Feb 2019]:
  • In coming two years, you will have some issues in your home and domestic life. your main focus will be on improving your family environment and adding stable harmony in life.
  • Your behavior in general may not be that good with others around you and people may find that quite dominating and intimidating.
  • Career and social life will have improvement and uplift will be possible.
  • The kind of combination of energies you will have will be active in nature and will keep pushing you in the right direction and that will eventually provide a good position.
  • You will mentally become restless and may not feel emotional bonding and soothing energies around you.
  • You would buy good stuff for your home, investment in property will be possible.
  • Buying or changing your vehicle is possible.
  • These years will be predefining years for your finance and wealth area.
  • During these years, you will get opportunity to have long distant travel, changing your living environment will be possible.
  • You would feel more comfortable with different kind of people and foreign circumstances.
  • Year 2018 will be more secure and assuring for career area, there will be growth and better position for you.
  • Change in career will be there in these years
  • If married it's not looking a good phase for the harmony, distance and problems are visible.
  • Restrictions will be there and you may have to find out ways to make your future better and harmonious.
  • These Years will be significant for home and career front along with possibility of getting married or have committed relationship, however past relationships will give you issues and conflicting situations.
  • You need to become over involved with positive and optimistic people, that will affect you as an individual and at professional level as well.

3) Major changes that can be expected in life:
  • Settlement in foreign place would be possible.
  • Completion of higher degree or certificate, you will add something new in your higher qualification.
  • Your personality will change, you will become more strong as a person and powerful in making decisions.
  • Your lifestyle will have major change in these two years, there will be extra focus on your appearance and behavior.
  • Committed relationship, marriage opportunities will be there and it will change your overall outlook for life.
  • Major change in your status of living will make you confident in life also it will give you issues with friends and closeness.

4) Opportunities that could come about in this period:
  • Opportunity to change your career for better will be there.
  • There will be opportunity to add new skills and knowledge.
  • You will also get opportunity to travel in to foreign place, and also get favors in foreign circumstances.
  • Things will be fulfilling at financial front.
  • Change in your relationship status will be possible, there will be opportunity to be with someone who is compatible to you.
  • Opportunities to settled past worries and legal issues would be there .

5) Precautions necessary for this period:

  • You must control your anger and try to be nice and considerate in your communication.
  • You must drive carefully to avoid accidents.
  • There has to be emotional stability, and for that you must keep in touch with people you feel emotionally connected.
  • You must keep your finance in check, there should be a better saving plan for future.
  • You should not make big plans related with finance and material side, you need to take small steps and there will be regular growth, however wealth wise these years will be good.
  • You should work more on the harmony, your home, and your personal life has to become so harmonious and fulfilling, if not then in coming year it will start impacting your personality and will make you a negative person.
  • your wisdom will be improved if you will keep your company good, try to be selective for friends and people you interact with on daily basis.
  • Professional growth is expected, add knowledge and keep yourself updated.

6) Profession:
  • After 12 May 2017 you will have change in your main period and subperiod.
  • You will have phase of Rahu as main and sub period, and Rahu is placed the your career house.
  • So, change is there in your career front in coming period.
  • Rahu is exalted and has potential to give sudden change in your career and status.
  • Your wealth will get better though your career.
  • These years will also add some future worries; however, these worries would be more imaginary than real, in real you will be able to get better for yourself than you are expecting now.
  • You will be using technology and you will be learning new skills to make yourself professionally strong.
  • as per your chart business is suitable for you, if you are doing job, then also these years will be progressive years for you.
  • Professional relationship will not remain smooth in these years, there will be various kind of friction, and conflicting moments with people at work.
  • Any kind of ambitious move in career area will become profitable for future growth.
  • Till 12 July 2017 , Jupiter is making aspect to your career house, so there are chances that you will be in process to make decisions related to upgradation of your career.
  • Jupiter is favorable and it will also make you enthusiastic and positive in social life.
  • Year 2018 will be more beneficial for career area and after 13 Oct 2018 when Jupiter will be in aspect to career house, you could expect better position and more control in your working conditions.
  • Over all after 2018 you will have happiness, power, possibility of desired results and better financial benefits in the area of career and finance.

7) Relationship:
  • Your personal and professional relationship, would need attention and proper care.
  • There will be some emotional upsetting moments and it will impact your relationship area, there will be lack of patience in dealing with personal issues.
  • You would look for quick changes in the situation, however it’s important to stay patient in relationship area.
  • Saturn will be in transit over your relationship house and will aspect your marriage house, so you will make decisions based on reality around you.
  • You will become more careful in love relationship, along with that, you will give your best at social front.
  • There will be opportunity for you to get married and if married you will make your marriage better under these energies.
  • As per your chart, late marriage is suitable for you and there will be more gains and harmony if you are making practical and realistic decision in marriage area.
  • You will become confident, strong and ambitious under these phases in coming two years, so you will not care for people, who are showing tantrums and trying to control you.
  • There has to be freedom and you would want to have things in your way.
  • So, these years will be more about having control over your relationship area, nevertheless some issues are there that will successfully fix.

8) Remedies:

  • Meditate or pray regularly.
  • Keep east side windows and doors of your residence open for as long as possible.
  • Offer water to Sun God every morning, facing east and after full bath.
  • Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
  • Even silent chanting will do.
  • Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
  • Sleep with your head towards the South direction.