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·  The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts.
·  The future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
.  SUN:
·  Docile
·  Lenient
·  Popular
·  Social affectionate
·  Fond of opposite sex
·  Many friends
·  Sympathetic
·  Idealistic
·  Indecisive
·  Gullible
·  Self-indulgent
·  Lazy.
·  Refined pleasures and amusements
·  Natural peace maker
·  Impartial of brotherly spirit
·  Disappointments in love
·  Trouble in partnership
·  MOON:
·  Strong need for emotional
·  Financial security
·  Defensive reactions
·  Possessive
·  Earnest
·  Sympathetic
·  Peaceful
·  Intuitive
·  Vital
·  Obstinate
·  Unforgiving
·  Kind hearted
·  Common sense approach to life
·  Love of the good life
·  MARS:
·  Indecisiveness
·  Impulsive in love
·  Inclination to rash and ardent love
·  Hasty marriage
·  Possible delay through early disappointment
·  Detrimental entanglement with opposite sex
·  Captivating
·  Well balanced
·  Courteous
·  Unfortunate in love
·  Criticism
·  Envy
·  Rivalry from others
·  Clairvoyant
·  Quick mentality
·  MERCURY:   
·  Balanced thought
·  Broad mind
·  Tender disposition
·  Capable to correct judgment
·  Reasoning mentally affable
·  Orderly
·  Persuasive
·  Learned
·  Musical and artistic
·  Refined
·  Fine comparison
·  Intellectual work in partnership
·  Operative
·  Cheerful
·  Peaceful
·  Merciful
·  Very humane
·  Social
·  Humanitarian
·  Superstitious
·  Broad
·  Sympathetic
·  Profit through friends
·  Personal influence
·  Association
·  Inheritance
·  Love affaires
·  Sudden end of life
·  Romantic
·  Idealistic
·  Unrealistic about love
·  Dislike of being alone
·  Laziness
·  Indecision
·  Encouraging
·  Helpful to others
·  Equable in affection
·  Sympathetic
·  Kind manner
·  Popularity
·  Love of music
·  Favors friendship
·  Gain through partnership
·  Accurate
·  Orderly
·  Desirous of intellectual development
·  Observant
·  Resourceful
·  Ingenious
·  Unfortunate legal affairs
·  Mathematical
·  Scientific
·  Perceptive
·  Occult
·  Dual experience in all affaires
·  Profit from two sources
·  Possibility of false imprisonment through treasury or domestic trouble
·  Deceitful relatives
·  Public dishonor
·  Self deception
·  RAHU:
·  Large no. of benefactors
·  Fond of frequent travels
·  Earn satisfactorily in many ways
·  Much save money
·  Gain royal favor
·  Contact with strangers
·  Happy life
·  Good conveyance
·  Gain through business agency
·  KETU:
·  Mental depression
·  Disputes
·  Worry about sex
·  Trouble through daughter and mother
·  Cold pleurisy, bronchitis
·  Loss of relatives and money
·  This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.
.  You will have beautiful eyes, thin waist, lower part of the body will be lean, you will be powerful, will have a firm face, round thighs, long neck and ears.
.  You will have patience, will be clever, sympathetic, favored by the king, fortunate. You will keep your word, will rear your family, attain happiness, will be outwardly religious, knowledgeable in singing, will be truthful, progressive, and will be a religious soul, occasionally unsympathetic.
.  You will be famous, slightly short tempered, lacking hatred, not very enthusiastic, critical, endowed with physical, mental and spiritual energy, fond of wandering, fond of walking, ambitious at work, blessed by son, friends, having a good memory, determined.
.     You will be engrossed with husband, will be infatuated by a man but will be careful about yourself respect.  
.  You will be fearful of the cold, suffering from gastric trouble and will suffer from abdominal pain and pain in the arms.   
.  You will be very ambitious, industrious, skilled, service oriented and admired in society for your social work.
.  You will be philosophical and materialistic also. you will be patient, hardworking and devoted.
.  You will progress through your own efforts. You will do every activity in a systematic manner and will take every step after deep thought.
.  Your personality will be contradictory because you will be traditional and modern, atheist and ascetic.
.  You will be able to change yourself According to the environment. You will be an introvert and will not expose what you are planning or thinking.
.  You will take sudden decisions and will surprise everyone with that. You will have qualities like self-discipline, frugality in spending money, responsibility, maturity, dedication to hard work and sobriety.
.  Your main drawbacks will be egoism, pessimism, nervousness and garrulousness. 
.  The structure of the face will be broad and healthy. The bend of the eyebrows and the shape of the forehead will resemble that of a lion.
.  Your walk will be as fearless and as balanced as a lion and her physique will be well built.
.  Your eyes will be beautiful and expressive. You will have strong bones, broad shoulders and a wide forehead.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your family life, speech, thinking patters and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence.
.  You are particular and exacting about money and possessions.
.  You earn and accumulate by using your mind and attention to detail.
.  You appear very careful with financial affairs, but often you can become somewhat penny-wise and pound-foolish.
.  You may save on trivialities only to squander major amounts on luxuries and expensive entertainment.
.  You enjoy being entertained and served in a royal fashion.
.  When financial affairs aren't in good order, worrying about them can affect your health.
.  There is a tendency to be particular and exacting in money matters.
.  Since you like teamwork in business, you will include their friends in their financial plans or perhaps make your money through large corporations or group endeavors.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition, communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.
.  Your thoughts and ideas are expressed with a graceful flair.
.  You will have artistic talent as a mode of communication.
.  You are eager to have others agree with you, and your method of obtaining this is the use of tact and finesse.
.  Your mind is highly refined, artistic, and idealistic.
.  You get along easily with family members because you dislike conflict and argument.
.  You are adept at the art of cooperation and adjustment.
.  You express their ideas gracefully.
.  You are friendly and just toward their brothers, sisters, and neighbors.
.  You like to travel in luxury. If you are writers, you like to have partners in your literary endeavors.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the level of happiness in life.
.  You have extremely strong feelings about the home and family life.
.  Certain matters regarding family matters are kept locked away and very private.
.  There is a strong loyalty and protective tendency shown toward family members.
.  You don't waste time coming to their defense when this becomes necessary.
.  In return, you expect the complete respect and loyalty of your family members.
.  In the early home life, you were strongly influenced by the parent of the opposite sex.
.  You have a sense of royalty, splendor, and space in the home environment.
.  Even if you are not born to this, it's very likely that you will be living in the grand style later in life.
.  You do a lot of growling around their family; it's the nature of the beast.
.  But the privilege to growl is confined to the king.
.  Outsiders should not step on the toes of any member of the family or they will know what it is to have a lion at bay.
.  Often there is a great deal of activity in the basements of your homes or in your dens, and you need your own private 'dens' somewhere.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your children, status and creative powers.
.  You want to provide the best for your children, even spoiling them.
.  You have expansion and good fortune.
.  You have a constant need to show off, and you enjoy the thrill of any adventure.
.  You are a natural gambler who will speculate on just about anything.
.  You have a good understanding of young people, and you can get along with them so well because you treat them with true respect as individuals.
.  Your self-expression is marked with optimism and high expectations.
.  Even if there are forces out there that impede your progress, it is hard to dampen your spirit.
.  You are artistic and creative, and usually flamboyant.
.  You enjoy giving lavish parties and will spend their last cent to present a spectacular evening. I
.  You especially like religious and philosophical dramas that give them insights into life's significance.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your enemies, health problems, debts, obstructions and service to others.
.  You have a capacity for concentrated hard work.
.  Unfortunately, you often works diligently in areas where there is less than truly satisfying responsibility.
.  You may tend to pick work that is limiting and not fulfilling.
.  Your sense of responsibility can cause you to push yourself until you have physical problems.
.  You fail to count the cost of your attitude toward work, eyeing only the achievements.
.  As a supervisor, you are stern in demands and apt to be a disciplinarian.
.  Yet you're as hard on yourself as you are on others.
.  You are very stable in your occupation, remaining hard at work until you have risen as high as you can go.
.  Oddly, sometimes just the opposition of this compulsive work ethic may be the case.
.  Some time you can avoid work altogether because of disinterest in your lot.
.  Nonetheless, you aren't afraid of a challenge and assuming responsibility.
.  No one will work harder than you to meet the test.
.  You are intensely serious about their professions.
.  Anyone who scoffs at your endeavors at work will again have a lion to deal with.
.  When you work you work hard. You are organized in you work.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships.
.  You have a drive for independence in relationships.
.  It often shows a degree of trouble on this account.
.  You are inclined to pick a partner who, like yourself, is highly individualistic and independent.
.  You attempt, nonetheless, to keep a tight rein on your mate, though you may insist on maintaining much of your personal freedom.
.  You're the sort who wants to have your way, to do what you want, when you want.
.  This attitude doesn't lend itself very much to marriage unless you can find a spontaneous person who can adapt to your style.
.  A mutual understanding must be reached.
.  Partners will be friends, and the most fruitful relationships for you are likely to be those that remain detached, and those in which the two of you are not so demanding upon one another.
.  In partnerships, you like to be free.
.  You are humanitarian in public relations and enjoy creating the image of altruism.
.  You have an instinct to centralize things in partnerships, and when you are married you want to know, for no rational reason, the whereabouts and activities of all.
.  The king must know what his queen is up to.
·  This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, sudden losses of wealth and also property and luck.
.  You have a strong intuition and sometimes even psychic inclinations.
.  There is worry and concern over joint financial affairs, even when there is no real reason for such concern.
.  Personal desires may have to be renounced.
.  There is likely to be confusion or disappointment concerning legacies and you may be deprived of what you assumed was to be yours.
.  The nature of Pisces is compassion, and in a material sense, you are likely to be called on to meet obligations and responsibilities to satisfy your inner needs.
.  Even though you know that death ultimately comes to all people, do not dwell on the idea of dying. Conversely, you do everything possible to postpone the final day.
.  You could be especially frequent pill poppers, even if the pills are vitamins and minerals.
.  Generally there are peculiar conditions concerning inheritances, and many times you inheritances are dissipated even before you receive them.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your level of luck, length of marital life, interest in religion & spirituality and level of morality.
.  You have an optimistic and forward-looking spirit.
.  You take the initiative in forming plans, realizing that all enterprises begin with ideas.
.  You have no problem visualizing your goal and you are such a positive thinker that you are sure you can get there.
.  No matter how bad things get today, you know they'll be better tomorrow.
.  You're a trail blazer that loves to travel, but you want to have the path well planned and know the reason for the trip.
.  You natives instinctively know that all things originate in the Eternal.
.  As a result of your visionary thought, your creativity is often expressed dramatically.
.  You do not want to be suppressed by traditional religious forms.
.  You tend to be crusaders for your ideals.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, your authority and name.
.  You have a drive to earn money in the main to support a standard suitable to your high self-image.
.  You have a strong drive for personal prominence.
.  Even if you are not at all well to do, people will never realize it because of the way you present yourself to the world.
.  You are possessive of what authority you may develop and you find it difficult to relinquish the reins of power.
.  You can't delegate authority well because of your need to show what you, yourself can do.
.  You often inspire artistic leanings in the chosen career.
.  Art, theater, and music are apt to be important parts of your social life or public image.
.  You are interested in matters that bring pleasure to the public, or anything that brings beauty to people.
.  You desire prominence and wealth.
·  This house basically covers matters related to your gains and inflows from various sources.
.  You have many personal connections.
.  You are naturally attracted to people who are witty, intelligent, and verbal.
.  You make friends very easily, especially with persons younger than you, and you gravitate to friends you consider interesting in a variety of ways.
.  You have a good sense of humor and you can laugh, even at yourself.
.  You are not a loner, and you need constant, mentally compatible companionship to be happy and fulfilled.
.  You cultivate diversity and intellectual stimulation in your friendships.
.  Some time trough to get desires support from others.
·  This house basically covers matters related to sexual desires
& their fulfillment, losses, expenses, travels to other countries and events beyond your control.
.  It is hard for you to let your emotions show.
.  You like to keep your deeper emotions much to yourself.
.  You are a generous person.
.  Yet you may feel slighted when you believe your generosity has not been appreciated.
.  You require much attention, acting hurt when you think that those near and dear are beginning to take you for granted.
.  When slights occur in your mind, you sulkily refuse to say what is bothering you and become difficult to approach.
.  As you guard your feelings, so do you frequently appear unconcerned with someone else's woes.
.  You may feel very deeply, but you may reflect the attitude that you have little time for pity and that your focus is on because life goes on.
.  You seek seclusion and privacy in their domestic environments.
.  You use their homes for contemplation and spiritual searching.
.  You appear strong and unaffected by criticism, but actually you are surprisingly moody and emotionally vulnerable.
.  You rarely show how deeply hurt you are by rejection and rebuff.
·  This part talks of events in the broad time frame of the main periods [dasas].
·  All of these periods may not be applicable in your case.
·  The indicated events will be valid till the period of your actual life span.
·  20 APR 2016 TO 21 APR 2035: MAIN PERIOD OF SATURN.
·  21 APR 2035 TO 20 APR 2052: MAIN PERIOD OF MERCURY.
·  20 APR 2052 TO 21 APR 2059: MAIN PERIOD OF KETU.
·  21 APR 2059 TO 21 APR 2079: MAIN PERIOD OF VENUS.
C. 2.
·  Things would be continued as usual without any growth and development in professional perspectives.
.  However up to Mar 2015 you will be having ability to attain your professional targets by hard work and labour but path would be easy as per your expectations.
.  Post Apr 2015 period will again unfavorable for professional things by involving in professional conflicts.
.  In period of 2015 things would not be beneficial to get any risky changes in career, because professional progress and growth would be slow under this period.
.  That’s why results would not be as per your expectations, but journeys would be favorable to make your attainments.
.  So you will have to do hard work to reach at your targets under this period.
.  During 1st quarter of 2016 such professional troubles will run at peak position which may affect negatively your professional results through unwanted & unexpected challenges.
.  You should take this period with consciously and positively because all things would be same before ending of Jupiter’s period.
.  Income will be stable and continued in remaining period of Jupiter.
.  However a chance of schedule growth in financial position at 1st quarter of 2015 but too many expenses will disturb your saving and investment plans.
   Excessive expenses on dissolute manners and too much of luxury will cause further drain.
·  So you should very conscious for your investments and savings and not take very high risk in monetary transition, especially in 1st quarter of 2016.
.  Such major expenses may also be there which may disturb your savings plan.
.     So you should concern about that.
.  Period would be average for new relationships.
.  But working conditions may also impact badly in personal life.
.  So you should try to keep balance in professional and personal life.
.  Due to martial impact your earlier marital life will be disturbed.     
.  Disturbances will be there by confusion or conflicts.
.  Open communication and adjustment would be required to maintain your personal relations.
.  If you do it then spouse will be supportive for you.
.  Good period for getting pleasure of child.
.  Physical and intellectual growth would be progressive.
.  Health would be average.
.  Working pressure may give high fever, headache and tension.
.  With this you should very conscious about your diet and food system.
.  Regular exercise and yoga would be supportive to maintain your health.
·  20 APR 2016 TO 21 APR 2035: MAIN PERIOD OF SATURN.
.  This period will be progressive for enhancement in professional areas.
.  But existing hindrances and slow progress may be disturbing for your expected growth of career in remaining period of 2016, 2017 and 2018.
.  This period would be transition phase of the career.
.  So you should not prefer any unexpected changes in your professional environment and working partners.
·  Post Apr 2019 period will be positive to upgrade position by professional change in career.
.  The remaining period of 2019, 2020 and 2021 would be most beneficial and superb to get expected returns at existing projects along with favorable working environment.
.  In this period you will be enjoying your professional position and getting rewards.
.  Everything would be according of you.
.  But proper precaution would be required in hidden matters post Jan 2022.
.  Up to Feb 2023 period may create such conflict or confusion in professional relations.
.  But with Mar 2023 period will again beneficial for getting positive changes in professional prospects.
.  Then period would be highly profitable and beneficial for new professional ventures at your own risk.
.  During 2024 and 2025 you will get very decent returns of your efforts, so you should utilize your all available resources.
.  During 2nd half of 2026 you will have much power and authority in professional life.
.  You will do work as big position in professional life.
.  Professional values will again increasing in your authority’s position, which would be in your favor.
.  A positional enhancement may also there during Apr 2027 along with better pay and perks.
.  In remaining period of 2027 and 2028 professionally you will be getting involvement in important projects but stress would be very much along with responsible position. 
.  This will upgrade your professional life.
.  Professional environment would be positive and continued smoothly that’s why excellent growth will appear now in career.
.  This favorable phase will be continued till Nov 2032 without any obstacles.
.  But post Dec 2029 onwards you should more conscious about monetary transitions and believe only self.
.  Otherwise someone can interrupt your regular work and you can face such huge losses during 2030 to 2032.
.  Up to Oct 2032 you should continue your regular efforts in existing projects and should not to try for any professional change.
.  You will have to control your sensitive attitude otherwise such person may divert from your existing path.
.  If you will not conscious about it then this diversion will unfortunate for your professional growth.
.  However some hidden support of good luck will still guard you.
.  With starting of 2033 your earlier problems will be reducing gradually and having such good feeling in existing working environment. 
.  In 2034 to Apr 2035, your professional life will be enhanced at great extend.
.  Working environment would be favorable and you will able to get good profits and pleasure by your existing projects and works.
.  Up to end of the period of Saturn you will enjoy very much this part of life due to achieved honor and prestige.
.  Meeting with professional persons would be beneficial.
.  Income will be stable and continued up to Apr 2019 along with schedule betterment but unexpected expenses would be there.
.  Profits and income will be increasing and going towards betterment during May 2019 to 2029 in spite of 2022.
.  But with 2030 onwards you must be conscious about your wastage of money or unwanted expenses.
.  Risky investment and speculation must be avoided during this period.
.  Before Oct 2032 you should not take any high risk in monetary matters, otherwise regular income may stop.
.  Investments in fixed assets would be fruitful in long term.
.  With 2033 onwards returns and profits would be also coming very smooth and greater way.
.  That would be good period for new savings and investments in career.
.  You will enjoy all of physical pleasure during this period.
.     With this such regular expenses may possible in medical issues along with such unexpected losses.
·  Fulfillment of your expectation and desires.
·  Regular activities will give you no. of break.
·  Professional contacts will be increased.
.  Happiness will enhance by regularity in success.
.  Enjoyment and pleasurable life would be there with friends and relatives.
.  With the starting of this period you will feel so good.
.  Martial relationship will get boost.
.  You will give more time to spouse
.  You should serious with home pleasure.
.  You will enjoy love and harmony in your personal life.
.  Gradually things will become favorable for you.
.  As a whole you will have good results.
·  Good period for growth of them.
·  You will happy with your children’s success and you will love them deeply.
.  But you should conscious about mutual understanding between them.
.  Health would be fine during this period.
.  Such circulatory health problems may develop with Jan 2022 but by required precaution you will overcome easily.
.  Up to Mar 2027 you will be happy with your regular and good health.
.  Post this period such infectious ailments may there during 2nd half of 2027, which will continue in long term.
.  The year of 2029-2030 would be some difficult in respect of health.
.     During this period you should also much conscious about intake of food and habits.
.  Otherwise you may face difficulties related to your throat and functional ailments too.
.  If you would not be careful about it then these health ailments may problematic during 2034.
.  Due to this existing condition would not be supportive to live as regular life. 
.  Yoga and exercises would be beneficial to make balance in regular health.
·  21 APR 2035 TO 20 APR 2052: MAIN PERIOD OF MERCURY.
.  This period will be most favorable for professional attainments and achievement.
.  In 2nd half of 2035, 2036 and till Sep 2037 professional things will go better than earlier with favorable environment.
.  Such little obstacles may be there in Oct 2037 to Sep 2038 but should not consider as a problem.
.  You should not prefer any unexpected changes in your professional environment and working partners because this period would be transition phase of the career.
·  Post Sep 2038 period will again positive to upgrade position by professional change in career.
.  The period of 2039, 2040 and 1st half of 2041 would be most beneficial and superb to get expected returns at existing projects along with favorable working environment.
.  In this period you will be enjoying your professional position and getting rewards.
.  Everything would be according of you.
.  But proper precaution must be required in hidden matters by Jul 2041.
.  This period may create such conflict or confusion in professional relations.
.  During 2042 professional life may end and you will quit completely from your active professional life.
.  Health will not be supportive for further work.
.  Get the happiness through financial stability.
.     Regular growth in income will be continued.
.  Earnings would be respectable during Nov 2035 to end of 2041 along with such precious growth points in professional path.
.  This period would be more beneficial for each type of investments.
.  In 2039-2040 investments in fixed assets would also be fruitful in long term.
.  During end of 2041 your regular income may stop.
.  You will enjoy all of physical pleasure in remaining period.
.  Returns and profits would be also coming very smooth and greater way through regular savings and investments.
.  But post Apr 2044 period would not be profitable for new risky investments; you should follow only secured way.
.  Due to lack of the support of your health there would such health problems.
.  Overall financial position would be balanced and enjoy all pleasure of life.
.     Although such unwanted and unexpected expenses may possible in medical issues of family members but it materialized easily due to good financial strength.
·  Fulfillment of your expectation and desires.
·  Regular activities will give you no. of break.
·  Professional contacts will be increased.
.  Happiness will enhance by regularity in success.
·  Regular activities will give you no. of break.
.  Enjoyment and pleasurable life would be with friends and relatives.
.  By Jul 2041 inclination towards spirituality may also be increasing your positive attitude and approach of life.
.  With the starting of this period you will feel so good.
.  Due to profession there may a little spatial pause in your marital life during 2037-2038.
.  So you must be conscious about this phase of life and always try to make balance in your professional and personal life.
.  With 2039 gap would be ended and again you will having all support of your spouse along with good understanding between you.
.  Understanding will be maintained with spouse.
.  Spouse support will give encouragement in work.
.  During 2045 to 2047 you should concern about spouse health, such problems may acute but it would not be dangerous.
.  So precaution must be required to maintain his position.  
.  Good growth for your child.
.  But you should conscious about mutual understanding between them.
·  You will happy with your children’s success and you will love them deeply.
.  Happiness of children will give you more strength for life.
.  Period would be for your health.
.  Ailments may possible related to nerves blockage like spondilitis & allergic ailments, which may affective 2038 onwards.
.  Eyes may be afflicted and power may increase now.
.  Mental strength will fail to support physical health.
.  Only precaution and positive support of spouse will be encouraging.
.  Gastric problem will be continued there, so you will have to control at diet system.
.  Till 2041 you may feel better through only by getting regular precautions.
.  But by 2042 earlier problems may again arise along with such hidden problems.
.  With this during 2047 to 2049 you should take precautions while drive vehicle otherwise it may become risky before end of this period.
·  Slow but steady fall in general health in remaining periods.
.  So in remaining period you should more conscious about your health.
.  Yoga and exercise will also be profitable to maintain it.
.  You can maintain your regular health by precautions only.
·  20 APR 2052 TO 21 APR 2059: MAIN PERIOD OF KETU.
.  Financial status will maintain by earlier investments.
.  Returns and profits would be also coming very smooth and greater way.
.  Gain through earlier investments will be quite handsome as long as it lasts.
.  Income from your savings, assets and properties will be huge and more than you can actually put to use.
.  Your expenses will be much lesser now except for medical ones.
.  Donate some money to needy organizations.
.  Period would be liberal in your family life.
.  Social relationship will enhance.
.  Your social value will increase with this period.
.  You can utilize your earlier and present contacts.
·  Happiness through children success and behavior.
.  They will be very attached with you. 
.  Health would always be difficult issue of your life.
.  You should more conscious about functional ailments and blood circulation.
·  Vitality will decline rapidly from Apr 2052.
·  Health will decline steadily.
.  Many functional ailments would be occurred.
·  Most ailments will become chronic by Sep 2052.
.  Neurological problems, gradual loss of immune system and increase sugar efficiency will be prominent.