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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared  Financial report 10 years:
Financial Report for 10 years 2014-2023 [till 28 Feb 2024]
Suitable Area of Activity:
[This applies to next ten years.]
For Service:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
Position in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them.
Executive positions.
Advisory positions.
Liaison and coordination duties.
Intellectual careers demanding acute mental application.
Financial law.
NBF industries.
Financial survey and analysis.
Hospitality industry.
Travel and tourism industry.
Entertainment industry.
Luxury goods industry.
Chemicals industry.
Pharmaceutical industry including all allied areas.
Horticulture industry.
Food grains industry.
Automobile industry.
Marine products industry.
Fine arts.
Art dealing.
For Business:
For Self-employment:
Suitable Method of Work:
[For next ten years.]
Service or business or self-employment:
[For next ten years]
[Given in order of preference]:
Investment suitable in:
[For next ten years]
Most suitable.
Covers deposits in major banks, government bonds and securities.  
Should invest throughout to the maximum extent possible.
Real Estate.            
Such investment will be suitable during Jun 2014 to Jun 2015.
NOT suitable for gain through such investment.
Suitable for own use only.
Debt Instruments.       
Equity [direct investment].                 
Not suitable.
Mutual Funds:
Suitable in a limited way but only in MF-s offering capital appreciation guarantee or at least capital safety guarantee.
Own business.           
Not suitable.
Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
There are many planetary combinations present in your horoscope that can obstruct generation of wealth or cause unplanned or wrong expenses.
Some of these are as below:
Ascendant lord Saturn [planet of contraction] is placed in the 9th house of fortune from ascendant and in the 5th house of investment from Moon.
Ascendant Capricorn is occupied by Ketu.
Moon, the planet of financial stability is highly inauspicious [only 20.8 units out of 60 units] - very negative.
Venus, the Yoga Karaka planet for your ascendant and also the dispositor planet of Moon, is extremely and variously afflicted as given below.
Venus is extremely inauspicious [only 17.6 units out of 60 units].
Venus is placed at the center of the nodal axis, with 8th house lord Sun and Badhaka planet [planet of obstruction] Mars [all very negative].
Venus is also placed at the junction of two signs [ineffective and negative].
Jupiter, the main planet for financial growth is extremely weak [gets only 86% of the minimum requirement of strength].
Jupiter is associated with Saturn, the planet of contraction.
Saturn, the lord of fortune house and career house from Moon and the lord of career house and gain house from Sun, suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga [along with Jupiter, the main planet for financial growth] between the nodes [various types of restriction to growth of finance].
8th lord Sun is in the house of property.
Mars, the Badhaka [obstructions] planet for your ascendant is in the property house.
Mercury, the planet of investments, and the lord of wealth house from moon and of the fortune house from ascendant, is extremely weak and much inauspicious.
6th house [debts] lord Mercury is placed in the 5th house of investments.
Venus, the 6th house lord from Moon is in the 12th house from Moon - large expenses on unworthy matters.
Jupiter, lord of 8th house from Moon, is in the 5th house of investments - loss through speculative and other risky investments.
Financial Overview of next 10 years 2014-2023 [till 28 Feb 2024]:
Income from career and all other existing assets will keep increasing in fluctuating manner but basically these will improve with time.
Savings and accumulations will be quite indifferent initially but later these will pick up well.
But more and better improvement can be possible through more self control and discretion.
Loss through luxury, social enjoyments, speculative or other similar investments, fraud by near ones and medical issues etc will dent your finance but you will see reasons from May 2022 and will take care well.
The most difficult years for finance will be the phase of 2015 to 2017.
You will need to prepare for this phase from now.
Year wise Forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.
Otherwise they results can vary WIDELY in degree, type and timing.
Year 2014:
Main or sub periods do not promote or protect your finance in this year.
But transit charts helps you much.
Transit Saturn in exaltation in career house and transit Jupiter favorably aspecting transit Saturn, will help you to increase your income through possible change of job or at least through improvement of role along with rise in your income.
Transit Jupiter in Gemini and Cancer will much support good growth of income throughout the year.
But saving money is not an area where you will be consistent.
Needless travels and other loose expenses, luxury of living and social life and various other enjoyments will cause frequent loss of money.
Loss through wasteful and medical issues will be quite prominent.
Your savings and investments would not be regular or well managed.
Overall financial status will improve but accumulation of money will not be what it can be or should be.
However growth of accumulation will be somewhat better from after Jun-Jul 2014.
You will need to be more determined about avoiding wasteful expenses and investing in risky areas or ventures.
Year 2015:
You will see comparatively better growth in income from career during 2015 to 2017.
But these will not be very great or anything that will ensure any solidity of financial growth.
You will need to make rigorous use of this period.
Your transit Saturn will be in your gain house [excellent for Saturn transit] till 27 Oct 2017.
At the same time transit Jupiter will go through houses favorable for finance.
You will get a good hike and some unexpected gain of money is also possible.
Income from your other assets too may develop well.
You will be able to improve your handling of funds to some extent though this will certainly not be enough.
Loss through over spending, rising medical expenses, wrong investment decisions and social life will remain significant.
Loss through fraud, especially through your so called friends needs to be specifically avoided.
Overall this will be a much better time for finance.
Year 2016:
This year will continue both the positive and negative trends of the last year.
Income will increase better through good hike in pay.
Returns from all investments will develop better but slowly.
But loss through over expenditure and some degree of indiscretion in personal life will be quite prominent.
Medical expenses for self and family will rise.
Loss through theft and cheating is also possible.
Take particular care to avoid emotional expenses or investments on the suggestions of outsiders.
Avoid all advises from any woman outside the family about handling your finance.
Overall accumulation will get better yet it will still not reach the level that you will need to maintain.
Take care of all finance related actions as your time after 27 Oct 2017 will be financially very tough.
You will need to save as much as possible till this date.
Year 2017:
Income from career and also from your assets will have better chance to improve in this year but only till 27 Oct 2017.
Your attitude towards handling your finance will be more focused and orthodox.
You will spend lesser but certainly there will remain more need and scope for higher accumulation but you may not actually try to reach that level.
Medical expenses and loss through wrong or hasty investments will be much more now.
Overall accumulation will improve well and this will trigger you to be careless at times.
Avoid over confidence about finance during this year as otherwise you will spend and lose more.
Strictly about social life and friends of all hues.
Put all your net earnings into safe areas as suggested above and do not touch them except for welfare of family or health.
What you gather now will help you to go through 2018 to 2020.
Year 2018:
This is the start of a quite negative period for financial status and this will run till middle of 2021 [Astama Sani operates from now till 2020].
Income will not increase at all and may even suddenly reduce during this year.
Need for money for health issues of self and family will increase much and steadily.
Many unexpected yet unavoidable expenses will burden you much.
You will need to be anticipative and ready for meeting these.
Your judgment about handling money in all its aspects will be quite inadequate.
You will spend and invest with much haste and this will invite assured loss.
Living style and various enjoyments will cause significant loss.
Accumulation from all current income will get lower steadily.
In the worst situation you may even have to spend from your savings made during earlier years.
Strictly avoid sale or mortgage of any landed property.
Do not borrow to invest under any situation.
Financially this will be a 100% negative year though income may pick up again near the end of this year.
Year 2019:
Astama Sani [transit Saturn in the 8th house from natal Moon] will continue.
Income from career will increase moderately.
But once again there will be no reprieve from high expenses.
Despite adequate care and caution exercised from your side, unplanned and u avoidable expenses will keep rising.
There will be huge expenses on medical front and some losses through wrong investments will occur too.
On the whole, your financial status cannot improve now despite quite good income at this stage.
You will need to be very alert and focused about saving as much money as possible as otherwise your finance can be very weak.
Year 2020:
Astama Sani will cease to operate from now.
Your income from career will increase quite well in this year.
Your approach to handling of money will also improve quite significantly.
You will not make any dissolute expenses.
But you cannot avoid medical expenses that will not reduce.
However you will be successful in planning your finance better now.
You will save more and regularly too.
Thus your financial status will start improving, though slowly.
You will need to maintain your good efforts to steadily accumulate more money as your luck will not much support in this area.
Only your own efforts will be helpful.
Year 2021:
Income will increase again but this may be delayed and therefore this gain may not support you much during this year.
The hike will come at the end of the year and may be lesser than the level of last few years.
Till the middle of 2021, your savings will not improve and investment may either bring loss or may bring only little gain.
Overall growth of finance will be equal to last year and no improvements are seen.
But financial stability will be maintained during the second half of this year.
Year 2022:
This will be a better year for finance but from after Apr 2022.
Rise in income in this year [second half] will be very good and much better than what you got till this year.
Dissolute expenses are not expected.
No unplanned expenses will be forced on you either.
Your self control about finance will be steady.
But medical expenses will remain quite high and this cannot be avoided.
On the whole, financial growth in this year will be quite good but probably you can make it even better if you avoid speculative investments.
Year 2023 [till 28 Feb 2024]:
Very superior increase in income from career will occur in this year.
Returns from past assets and recent investments too ill pick steadily.
Overall inflow of money will develop well but not very quickly.
But whatever you save or invest now will stay with you and will not be wasted.
Your judgment about savings and right investments will be very focused and determined now.
There will not be any wasteful or avoidable expenses.
Thus accumulation of money will be quite encouraging during this year.
But do not be carried away by this and maintain your financial discipline steadily.