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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Financial report 1 year:
Financial Status and Wealth Combination Report for one year [till Dec 2015]
Suitable Area of Activity:
[This applies to next one year.]
For Service:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
Position in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them.
Intellectual career involving mental activity.
Scientific or technical services.
Software industry.
Communication industry.
Press and publications.
Content writing industry.
Financial analysis.
NBF industries.
Travel industry.
Import-export industry.
For Business:
For Self-employment:
Suitable Method of Work:
[For next one year.]
Service or business or self-employment:
[For next one year]
[Given in order of preference]:
Investment suitable in:
[For next one year]
Most suitable.
Covers deposits in major banks, government bonds and securities.  
Should invest throughout to the maximum extent possible.
Real Estate.            
NOT suitable for gain through such investment.
Suitable for own use only.
But difficult to execute during next one year.
Debt Instruments.       
Equity [direct investment].                 
Not suitable.
Mutual Funds:
Suitable in a limited way but only in MF-s with lowest risk factor.
Own business.           
Not suitable.
Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
There are many planetary combinations present in your horoscope that can obstruct generation of wealth or cause unplanned or wrong expenses.
Some of these are as below:
The six basic and most important reference points, ascendant and its lord, Moon sign and its lord and Sun sign and its lord, are much afflicted in various manners.
Jupiter [the main planet for financial growth, and the lord of wealth house and gain house from Moon and of the career house from ascendant] is quite inauspicious and is placed at the center of the nodal axis in birth chart D_1.
Moon, the planet of financial stability and lord of wealth house from ascendant] is placed at the junction of two signs, suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga between the nodes and opposed by Saturn, Mars and Mercury.
Moon is very weak and has extremely poor digbala [directional strength] and hence she is quite inactive in giving good results.
Saturn is placed with Mercury, the planet of investments and adversely aspects the house of investments.
Financial Overview of next 1 year  [till Dec 2015]:
Income from career and all other existing assets will improve in restricted manners.
Savings and accumulations will be quite indifferent but these may pick up to some degree, later in the year.
But more and better improvement is necessary through more self control and discretion.
Loss through luxury, social enjoyments, speculative or other similar investments, fraud by near ones [not relatives] and medical issues etc will dent your finance.
Year wise Forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.
Otherwise they results can vary WIDELY in degree, type and timing.
Year 2015 [till Dec 2015]:
Income can grow quite well.
You will not take much care of your finance and will tend to mishandle the same.
You will spend in dissolute manners and will not have adequate discretion or self control in matters of investments.
Loss through indulgences, luxury, social life, medical issues and emotional expenses will also cause significant loss [but these can be controlled with determined effort].
Otherwise some financial stringency is quite expected.
Plan and handle your finance very precisely in disciplined manners.
Strictly avoid all wasteful expenses and speculative investments.
No acquisition of property is expected to be possible this year though some opportunities for this may develop.