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General Readings:
Your Attitude.
Short tempered.
Your Health:
Basic health is weak.
Many common functional ailments.
Your Important Years in Life:
The 18, 23, 25, 27, 32, 35, 36, 40, 41, 44, 46, 49, 55, 58 and 62nd years of your life will be significant ones.
Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will be wealthy and successful in your ventures.
You will take keen interest in intellectual matters and traveling, from which you may gain.
You may turn out to be a good artist.
You will be better educated and a better member of the society.
But you will not be sure of yourself and will not be self-reliant and will not do so well in life.
You will have to struggle in life and earn your place in society by your own labor.
You will have to face some disappointments in life.
With tendency to gamble and speculate, you may squander away your money.
You are also likely to lose through friends.
Health is likely to suffer due to worry.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
In your chart, good effects of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu and Ketu will be much reduced in varying degrees while their negative effects will be much promoted.
Saturn will offer mixed effects.
Education affected.
Loss in speculation.
Troubles from children, if any.
Mean minded.
Weak minded.
Mental aberrations.
Strong family ties.
Fond of beauty and elegance.
Just and fair.
Fickle minded.
Hyper critical.
Landed property.
Harm to education.
Harm to mother.
Reversals and disappointments in occupation.
Lives in distant place to earn livelihood.
Cruel spouse.
Domestic bickering.
No mental peace.
Fond of pleasures.
Heart disease.
Chest pain.
Blemish for occupational and financial stability.
Troubled by enemies.
Frequent changes.
Debts promoted.
Want of tact.
Poor memory.
Weak nerves.
Low immunity.
Lasting diseases.
Gets landed property.
Lucky after marriage.
Success over enemies.
Poor health of mother.
Spends too much on pleasures.
Financial stringency.
Poor health of spouse.
Inimical spouse.
Devoid of happiness.
Given to easy anger.
Danger from accidents.
Poor health.
Good finance.
Inheritance of patrimony.
Lucky after marriage.
Faces failures.
Wealth by deceitful means possible.
Questionable and suspicious dealings.
Loss of money through enemies, thefts and servants.
Devoid of fortune.
Detached unemotional love.
Disappointments in love.
Delayed marriage possible.
Deprived of sexual satisfaction.
Poor relation with elder sibling, if any.
Harm to spouse.
Lack of masculine vigor.
All material comforts of life.
Gifted speaker.
Happy in foreign lands.
Very high rise in career.
Very steep fall in career.
Unsteady in occupation.
Obstacles in occupation.
Disrespectful to father.
Litigation over paternal property.
Life partner unhappy.
Discords with all.
Quick temper.
Unpolished language.
Unworthy inclinations possible.
Harbors ill feelings.
Long life.
Many comforts.
Good spouse.
Victory over enemies.
Increase in landed property.
Financial stringency.
Quarrels with brothers.
Loose morals.
Association with learned people.
Success over enemies.
Loss of inheritance.
Shunned by good people.
All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations and the fact that each result can be modified partly or fully by the transit position of various planets prevailing at any point of time.
Next Twenty Years [Till 15 Aug 2034]: An Overview:
Decent possibility of good growth in occupation but with some delays and many obstructions before and after it.
Income from career improves very well but accumulations improve much lesser or much later.
Loss of money possible through medical expenses, wrong investment decisions and needless or wasteful expenses on various enjoyments and other inclinations.
Marital happiness will be basically poor but will have good chance for improvement and these must be utilized.
In any case this will improve in later years.
Health of spouse will be affected.
Happiness of or from progeny is not expected.
Personal health will be affected by common ailments.
Breakdown of the next twenty years into seventeen effective sub periods:
Up to 18 Feb 2015: Balance of Mercury-Rahu.
19 Feb 2015 to 26 May 2017: Mercury-Jupiter.
27 May 2017 to 03 Feb 2020: Mercury-Saturn.
04 Feb 2020 to 01 Jul 2020: Ketu-Ketu.
02 Jul 2020 to 31 Aug 2021: Ketu-Venus.
01 Sep 2021 to 06 Jan 2022: Ketu-Sun.
07 Jan 2022 to 07 Aug 2022: Ketu-Moon.
08 Aug 2022 to 03 Jan 2023: Ketu-Mars.
04 Jan 2023 to 22 Jan 2024: Ketu-Rahu.
23 Jan 2024 to 27 Dec 2024: Ketu-Jupiter.
28 Dec 2024 to 05 Feb 2026: Ketu-Saturn.
06 Feb 2026 to 02 Feb 2027: Ketu-Mercury.
03 Feb 2027 to 04 Jun 2030: Venus-Venus.
05 Jun 2030 to 04 Jun 2031: Venus-Sun.
05 Jun 2031 to 02 Feb 2033: Venus-Moon.
03 Feb 2033 to 04 Apr 2034: Venus-Mars.
05 Apr 2034 to 15 Aug 2034: Part of Venus-Rahu.
Sub Period wise detailed readings:
Up to 18 Feb 2015: Balance of Mercury-Rahu.
Major differences with and obstructions from seniors.
Many restrictions on your ways of working.
Superiors unhappy about you.
No progress.
But job remains stable if you handle things the right way.
Avoid anger and hasty speech or action.
Moderate hike in pay.
Lack of control on money cause loss.
Financial status not encouraging.
Love Life:
Older associations may revive.
These are not good for you.
Avoid them.
In any case, these will break down after Oct 2014.
Marital Life:
Basically unhappy and unsatisfactory marital life.
Many differences.
But this period will support improvement if you try proactively.
You will need to focus on this area.
You may or may not get children born to you.
In case you have or get any children, they will not enjoy good health or good luck.
Cordiality with children is not seen.
Happiness of or from progeny is not expected.
Weak and affected health.
Many common ailments are possible.
Low immunity.
19 Feb 2015 to 26 May 2017: Mercury-Jupiter.
Both main and sub period lord are very weak and do not support.
But transits are generally helpful in comparison.
Problems and restrictions from seniors remain as before.
But job remains stable.
Change to a better job is possible during 2016.
This will be a better position with much higher income.
But difficulties with superiors will not reduce at all.
Almost total communication failure.
Much need for compromise and flexibility.
High responsibility but lack of support at work.
Good performance but not appreciated.
No positional progress possible now.
Despite opposition from the top, they give you fair and decent hikes.
Overall income from career improves well.
Heavy expenses, many of them avoidable.
Some unplanned expenses forced on you.
Loss through so called friends and social circle.
Accumulation less than what is possible or required.
Love Life:
Restricted social opportunities.
No love or romance expected.
Marital Life:
Difficult marital life continues but improvement is quite possible if you try sincerely.
Poor health of spouse gets some relief.
The entire period is suitable for improvement of family life.
You should be attentive and act proactively.
Affected health but clear improvement or at least stability is possible.
Common functional ailments.
27 May 2017 to 03 Feb 2020: Mercury-Saturn.
Status quo will be maintained till 27 Oct 2017.
Thereafter you will face more problems at work.
Significant differences will occur with seniors.
You will not act in tolerant or flexible manners at any time.
This attitude will aggravate existing adverse professional relationship.
Also there will be some significant mistakes committed by you at work and this will bring in much obstruction from both seniors and colleagues alike.
Thus new opportunities for higher training or better roles or latest projects or other similar growth avenues will remain denied.
However your position will remain safe and secure.
You will also get regular but moderate hikes in pay due to support of transit Jupiter.
Fair hikes in pay will occur.
Major expenses are expected for your home or residence or family or any property that you may hold.
This will be a major but unavoidable drain on your finance.
Take care to NOT sell or mortgage any property or other asset at this stage.
All expenses will rise steadily but increase in medical expenses will be quite notable.
Medical expenses will be more for you than for your spouse now.
Love Life:
New associations with female friends will develop now.
These will attract you much but will be very harmful for your welfare.
Strictly avoid social life and specifically avoid association with women friends.
Marital Life:
Till mid 2019 you will get good opportunities to improve your marital equation.
With due diligence, you will get encouraging results too.
Home life will improve and many differences with spouse will come down in intensity.
But this process will slow down much after mid 2019.
You will need to make up for that with your own initiative and determination.
Health status will be fluctuating.
Your immunity will remain less.
Many functional ailments are possible.
04 Feb 2020 to 01 Jul 2020: Ketu-Ketu.
This entire main period of 7yrs will be difficult for career and home life due to placement of Ketu in debilitation in Taurus sign in your birth chart and in your 4th house from ascendant at the start of this main period.
Transit Saturn in the 4th house from Moon and in the 5th house of judgment and moving over natal Sun will be quite adverse too.
You will not get along well with seniors even now.
They will put you under many restrictions [transit Saturn square to natal Jupiter in D_10 career house].
Your luck will be absent as transit Jupiter will be in debilitation.
You will be anxious for changing your job but this will not be possible now.
No hike in pay.
Current income will remain good.
But expenses on home and family will increase much.
Expenses related to social life and matters related to progeny [if applicable] will rise.
Much care and caution is required to maintain financial liquidity.
Avoid all investments.
Love Life:
None now.
Not interested.
Good riddance.
Marital Life:
Significant decline in health of spouse.
Quite difficult marital equation.
Unhappy home life.
No happiness is seen.
Stomach ailments.
General debility.
Anxiety affects health.
02 Jul 2020 to 31 Aug 2021: Ketu-Venus.
Sub period lord Venus is well placed now.
But transit chart does not help.
Difficulties in career remains.
But no aggravation is expected.
Stay calm and focus on work only.
No progress is seen.
Modest hike in pay possible.
All current expenses will remain unavoidable.
Financial stringency will develop.
You will need to cut away all dissolute or avoidable expenses and exercise thrift as much as possible.
Period after May 2021 will show some easing off of financial pressure.
Love Life:
None now.
Marital Life:
Marital life cannot improve.
Your efforts in this direction will not be adequate either.
Poor health of both, especially of spouse.
Marital life will bring no happiness or peace of mind.
Eye related issues.
01 Sep 2021 to 06 Jan 2022: Ketu-Sun.
Sub period lord is ill placed in Virgo at the start of this sub period.
Adverse locations of transit Saturn and Jupiter do not change.
Career remains restricted and stagnant.
Only calm and hard work can maintain stability.
No hike in pay.
Most of the major high expenses cannot be avoid.
Financial issues will remain till Apr 2022.
Thereafter some relief is expected.
Love Life:
None now.
Marital Life:
Conjugal life remains much strained.
Inimical attitude from both sides.
Lack of effort to improve the status.
Difficulties with health.
BP issues.
Poor digestion.
07 Jan 2022 to 07 Aug 2022: Ketu-Moon.
Status of career cannot change till at least May 2022.
Thereafter planetary support will gradually develop for change of job but no change will occur now.
Most events of life including career will remain destined till 30 Mar 2025.
In current job conflicts with peers and communication failure will affect progress adversely.
Only hard work will not suffice.
You need to improve your image and attitude.
Fair rise in income will be possible.
Some of your expenses will be emotional and dissolute.
But on the whole finance will be well managed.
No stringency is expected now.
Love Life:
None now.
Marital Life:
This is a good time to try again and with more sense of purpose to improve your marital life.
Handled with maturity and substance you can be successful in your efforts in this direction.
Health of spouse will improve too.
Better health.
But all existing ailments remain.
08 Aug 2022 to 03 Jan 2023: Ketu-Mars.
This is a difficult period for most relationships including occupational and marital ones.
There will develop too many differences and disagreements, despite good support from transit Jupiter.
This is a time to remain calm and focus on positives and avoid fruitless arguments.
The best way will be to focus on work on hand and not go for hair splitting.
No specific progress is seen.
Moderate hike in income.
Good handling of money.
Stable financial status.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Fluctuation in marital life.
You will need to be patient to make it better.
Avoid being frustrated in your efforts.
Affected health.
Fevers and minor injury possible.
04 Jan 2023 to 22 Jan 2024: Ketu-Rahu.
This is a very destined period for all areas.
Change of job is not possible despite earnest efforts.
Poor relation with seniors and restrictions from them will be more and in varying ways.
You cannot remain prepared for these.
Best thing to do will be to focus on day to day work and not allow your mind to stray.
Good increase in pay is possible.
Expenses will remain beyond your control.
Yet you must be very thrifty.
No stringency for money but it is not n easy period for finance.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Disturbed conjugal life.
Insufficient effort at setting things right.
Spouse will remain quite stubborn.
Nerve related ailments.
Breathing problems possible.
General weakness.
23 Jan 2024 to 27 Dec 2024: Ketu-Jupiter.
Sudden and unexpected opportunity to change your job.
New position will be for a better rank with higher responsibility.
Jul-Aug 2024 will be the right time for this change to be made.
You will perform very well in this job but you must tone down your attitude.
Problems with colleagues will remain in this job too.
Take total care of observation, analysis, judgment and communication to make full use of the new position.
Excellent rise in income.
Better handling of money but some extravagance on luxury etc will have to be shunned.
Overall finance will be very good.
Avoid investing in a hurry.
Also avoid all speculative investments however much they appear tempting at this stage.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
No progress in getting peace in marital life.
Breakdown in communication is quite possible.
This is a very negative sign and must not be allowed to develop.
The next period will not be favorable for marital life.
Take care from now.
Stable health.
All existing ailments remain.
28 Dec 2024 to 05 Feb 2026: Ketu-Saturn.
Status quo will remain till 30 Mar 2025.
Thereafter you will get into significant differences with both peers and seniors.
This trend has to be halted as early as possible and there is no need to try this only now.
The various controversies will have a telling effect on your performance.
Your professional image will go down much.
It is also a time when you will be beset with many problems in your home life.
Thus your focus to work may not be accurate or enough.
However there will come no harm to your career directly as transit Jupiter will support you.
However you will not progress in your job.
Very high income continues.
You may get a moderate hike in pay.
Handling of money will be better and thus avoidable losses will be cut down.
But medical expenses, especially on account of your spouse will be very high.
On the whole finance will be stable but nothing great as expected after a big jump in career.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Health of spouse will decline much and steadily.
Frequent arguments at home.
Your attitude will be the only hurdle now against making your marital life better.
It is very important to take care.
Affected health.
All existing ailments get chronic.
Low immunity.
06 Feb 2026 to 02 Feb 2027: Ketu-Mercury.
Career remains stable but the issues of last period remain valid too.
Your health will not support you much at this stage and this may obstruct much hard work.
You will not make much sincere attempt to improve relationships at work place.
However your luck will hold well and stability of your position will not be disturbed.
But you will need to note that such luck will hold forever.
Fair hike in pay will come through despite various issues.
Expenses will be very high too, mainly due to rising medical expenses and also wrong investment on the advice of outsiders.
You may lose much through speculative investment now.
Finance will not look up.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
No improvement in conjugal life or in the health status of your spouse.
Regular differences, arguments and various disagreements will obstruct peace, relationship and also improvement of health of both of you.
Take care now as the next period will be even more difficult.
Affected health.
Pulmonary ailments.
Other functional disorders.
03 Feb 2027 to 04 Jun 2030: Venus-Venus.
In natal chart, Venus is weak, has very lw auspiciousness and very low residential strength.
At the start of this main period Venus gets the aspect of both natal and transit Saturn.
Thus most of the good effects of Venus get nullified.
Till 24 Feb 2028, the trend of events in career and in other areas of life will be similar to those of the last period.
There will not be any improvement except on financial gains.
After 24 Feb 2028, your 8th house from ascendant will be occupied by debilitated Saturn – this is similar to Astama Sani from Moon.
Thus you will totally miss out on all cooperation at work from seniors, colleagues and also subordinates.
You will suffer a very serious face off with superiors.
Obstructions to your working will be plenty.
Your health will not cooperate with you at this time of extreme need.
Your performance will start declining and you alone will have to redeem it though it will be extremely difficult to do with your attitude.
Transit Jupiter will help you but this can only serve to save your position and give you some hikes but not any good name or any chance of growth.
After 18 Apr 2030 you will need to be very careful about all areas that involve any legal implication.
At this stage, you will see even more restrictions imposed on you by your superiors and these will make you functioning very difficult.
You will make errors in judgment and communication.
At this stage transit Saturn will be in the 8th house from your natal moon and all above events will repeat with more aggressiveness.
You may lose your image and prestige if not your position.
Your role may be cut down at this stage but you will not get any option to change your job.
You will continue to earn very well and may or may not get hikes too.
But your expenses will soar.
Several unexpected yet unavoidable major expenses will have to be made.
This may not be easily possible for you.
Clear financial stringency will occur.
You will not get any support from any one.
You alone will have to meet your financial needs.
Even your own funds kept under the custody of others [like fixed deposits in banks or provident fund in office] will not be available to you when you need them.
You will need to plan for all these from well in advance.
Love Life:
Period from Feb 2028 to Apr 2030 will tempt you with new female associations.
This is a dangerous stage and you must avoid any female relationship of any hue.
Marital Life:
Much decline in health of spouse will occur despite adequate medical care.
Mutual relation within marriage will not improve.
You will be much lonely and under great stress.
You will need to avoid this status with actions taken in time, before such a situation arrives.
Decline in health.
More functional ailments.
Breathing problems.
Lack of good sleep.
05 Jun 2030 to 04 Jun 2031: Venus-Sun.
Trouble career continues.
But loss of job is not seen.
Major problems with seniors on a daily basis.
Health decline and overwork plus anxiety can make it worse.
Your role may be cut down and many important areas may be taken away from you.
You may have to face a pay cut too.
Income may decrease.
Expenses will remain very high.
Financial stringency will be very clear.
However you will be able to manage, though marginally.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
This area will be your only refuge.
Present status of your career, finance and health may actually bring the two of you closer and this will turn out to be a very good situation.
Encourage this and shed your ego.
Together you can function better and try to address the situation in more practical way.
Health of spouse will still remain a matter of concern.
Affected health.
Functional ailments.
05 Jun 2031 to 02 Feb 2033: Venus-Moon.
The very tough situation in career will run till 31 May 2032.
Thereafter you will be gradually able to salvage some of your old prestige and importance.
At the same time you will try for a change of job that will be successful in the next period.
Income will not be revised and the pay cut will still continue.
Thus financial stringency will remain and you will handle things with more determination and good sense.
You will get some financial support from old friends after May 2032.
Expenses will also come down as Astama Sani will end at this stage.
You will manage to cross this hard time and will not break down.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Improved marital life.
Both will realize the need for being together and living for each other.
This will bring much peace into your home and many of your problems will be sorted out together.
This will be a new beginning for you but you can get this much earlier too if you try.
Stable but quite afflicted health.
Low strength.
Low immunity.
03 Feb 2033 to 04 Apr 2034: Venus-Mars.
Problems at work will not end easily.
You will need to handle many obstructions from inimical colleagues.
Your efforts for change of job will not bring fruit easily.
By middle of 2033 you will land an equivalent job after much effort.
This job will not give you any advancement in position or pay but you will be able to make a change and that will be most important to you at this stage.
No progress in income.
Expenses will be much lesser from after May 2032.
Though medical expenses will remain high, you will be able to manage quit well.
There will not be any stringency at this stage.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Marital life will continue to improve and health of your spouse will get much better from Apr 2034.
Marital peace at home will be the most welcome change in your life now.
You will be very focused to maintain it.
Afflicted health.
No aggravation.
05 Apr 2034 to 15 Aug 2034: Part of Venus-Rahu.
Career will remain stable with effort.
You will not get cooperation from superiors.
Colleagues will obstruct you in many ways.
But you will carry on well without getting into controversy or arguments.
Income will not increase.
You will handle your money with much care.
No wastage or loss is seen.
Stable finance without sacrificing the real needs.
Love Life:
Marital Life:
Better marital life.
More real understanding.
Better health of spouse.
Peace and cooperation at home.
Affected health.
Functional ailments.
No serious disorders.
Remedies for success and to avoid setbacks:
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” everyday, as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Worship Sun God every morning by offering water.
Donate to sugar or milk or both to any Devi people.

Donate to poor or needy people, personally.
Opt for pilgrimage whenever possible.
Suggestions on what to accept as karmic and what to do to improve luck
and success:
Karmic results:
You will often appear to be aloof even when you are not so in reality.
But your speech, looks, body language will make others feel that you are quite distant.
You will have a tendency to find fault with others, often to the point of exaggeration.
You will need to communicate more freely in order to feel good personally.
But most often than not, you will be unable to do so for no apparent reason.
Hidden tensions with siblings or cousins or even with co-students or peers at work will be experienced.
Precise judgment in most matters [especially those that demand more intellectual application of mind] will remain affected frequently and at unsuitable times.
You will move from one love affair to another too easily and this can deny you real love.
You will always take to one extreme or the other in any matter, event or decision and will never be in the middle of the road.
You will tend to be highly argumentative and many trials and tribulations will arise out of this.
You will frequently have conflicts with the authorities.
Due to your attitude there will be many struggles in your life.
You will need to come out of the above inclinations or tendencies for a better life.
Ways to improve your luck and success rate:
Maintain equilibrium of mind.
Avoid ego clash.
Avoid tendency for power struggle and too much urgency to gain or win.
Cooperate to get cooperation.
Prefer team work.
Have free and fair discussion with superiors and others important members [spouse included] in your life.
Take hold of your inclination for easy argument and discord, especially in marital and work related area.
Take hold of your attraction for the opposite gender.