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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Sukh-Sampatti yoga report 2 years:

1. Effects of Sukh-Sampatti Yoga: ‘

  • This very coveted and rare combination of planets blesses one with uncommon ability to simplify growth and invite it into one’s life with unusual ease and assurance.
  • One gets great ability to earn and handle wealth, especially real estate and is gifted with excellent people skills that are very important for such growth to happen.
  • People blessed with this Yoga achieve much in life with their potent yet simple ways and talent and set an example for others to emulate. These people have an eye for what would work for others.
  • Thus they make good politicians or can create some of the best brands, products or ideas with mass appeal.
  • This yoga offers its blessing in various layers or levels and thus even people with lesser caliber or with a weaker horoscope can achieve and enjoy property and success as well as happiness of being wealthy and comfortable.
  • For this reason everyone covets Sukh-Sampatti Yoga to live in comfort and even in luxury in their own property and home.

2. How the yoga forms & which house are involved in your birth chart in its formation:

  • The good fortune needed for any achievement or for acquiring any asset comes from Purva Punya [9th house].
  • The strength and contribution of the 9th house of fortune determines the level of luck one will enjoy for buying or building a property and will also indicate the right time for it.
  • When this good luck or divine blessings is directed to owning a property [ruled by 4th house] one sees the successful fulfillment of getting his chosen property.
  • The planets that play primary roles in property matters are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in this order.
  • The type and degree of luck in a horoscope is decided by the placements of planets in different signs and houses and their mutual relationship with each other.
  • Such mutual planetary relationships are very varied and thus offer many different levels of results.
  • The presence of any active Dhana Yoga-s adds to the support given by the 9th and 4th houses.
  • In your birth chart, the 4th house of property [Virgo] from your ascendant [Gemini] is occupied by exalted Mercury, the lord of 4th house and also by Saturn, the lord of 9th [fortune] house.
  • Thus the Sukh-Sampatti yoga is formed in your favor.
  • The yoga planets are also placed in the fortune house from Moon.
  • At the same time Jupiter [the career house lord from ascendant] is well placed with Mars in the 5th house and also favorably aspects the ascendant and the fortune house from it.
  • The feasibility of a comfortable and luxurious life is further promoted by Venus placed in the 7th house from Moon.
  • On the flip side both natal Saturn and natal Mercury are placed at the center of the nodal axis while Rahu is placed in your ascendant.
  • Saturn [planet of contraction] too aspects the ascendant and the career house from it.
  • These points can create some obstructions and delays in buying your own property yet the overall strength of the chart will help you.
  • Otherwise too the status will start getting better from after transit Jupiter enters Virgo on 13 Aug 2016.

3. Principles on which Sukh-Sampatti Yoga operates:

  • Sukh-Sampatti yoga relates to property and prosperity, and happiness obtained through these.
  • Property is ruled by the 4th house in a birth chart and the good luck for acquiring a property is given by the 9th house of fortune.
  • These two houses must be strong and free from blemish to the extent possible and must be related to each other favorably.
  • The planet responsible for acquiring a land is Mars while construction of a house on this land is ruled by Saturn.
  • These two planets also need to be strong and free from any blemish.
  • Happiness of living in own house or property will also need a strong and favorable 4th house [home life happiness] along with a helpful and clean status for Mars.
  • Good luck is required for being able to purchase and to live in own property.
  • Such good luck comes from the 9th house of fortune in a birth chart.
  • Obviously both 9th house and its lord must be blemish free and also favorable to the 4th house, its lord and Mars and to Saturn.
  • Jupiter [karaka for growth] and Venus [karaka for comfort, luxury and enjoyments] are essentially involved in the above set up.
  • Their favorable location and/or aspect with respect to 4th and 9th house will finally bring one the much coveted effects of Sukh-Sampatti yoga.

4. How to best utilize Sukh-Sampatti Yoga for success:

  • It is always the best, to NOT depend on any good yoga but to utilize its supports for maximum benefit when you get the chance.
  • This will imply that you must work very hard to earn better and hold on to the money that you earn and keep accumulating enough for owning a property, while you stay on the right path always to achieve good success in life and maintain a good image for yourself and also help others to grow.
  • Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.
  • In order to get the full benefit of your Yoga, you will need to develop more self control, shun unfair dealings, and avoid sudden emotive actions in earning or in spending or in making investments or in dealing with others [Saturn and Mercury are placed at the center of the nodal axis and Rahu and Jupiter are in mutual aspect.
  • Saturn is always uncomfortable in the 4th house, especially in Virgo sign, while all of Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter have very poor digbala and hence they are inactive for giving positive results].
  • Any possible inclination for restlessness to reach your ambitions for property or any tendency to keep your needs ahead of others’ should be avoided with care.
  • Otherwise this may adversely affect your attitude about various actions and speech, your financial balance and also your personal image and popularity too easily and can even disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained earning, holding more money and building and maintaining your property.
  • You will also often find that at certain times you have some mental instability or emotional imbalance along with weakness of health [Moon – MIND and the planet of stable wealth – suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between the nodes.
  • Mercury – BRAIN - is placed at the center of the nodal axis and has adverse mutual conjunction with Saturn]
  • Such unevenness of feelings and thoughts can adversely affect your observation, perception, interpretation, speech and action in all matters or events of life and can ruin the good image that you want and also deserve.
  • This emotional imbalance has to be removed by your own free will or at least reduced to the extent possible.
  • Otherwise these can bring you to face a wall and your desires and ambitions can be strongly opposed as you may lose your opportunities for growth through displeasures of seniors and creditors and also lose your hard earned money through inimical actions of your opportunistic associates and losing your image in front of others.
  • Career, income and personal image can be the areas that can be most easily affected [and in turn this will affect your chances of home or property] if you are not in full control of yourself at the right time.
  • Therefore your reactions need to be willfully moderated wherever and whenever possible.
  • Only ethical and above board actions will give you good results.
  • Cooperate to get cooperation and always follow the path of give and take, tolerance, obedience and discipline.
  • Very strictly shun investing in speculative areas and keep your social life away from your money.

5. Remedies:

  • The following remedies can help to promote and protect the yoga effects and lead to success of your efforts towards acquiring a property:
  • Avoid any wrong or unworthy or unfair action.
  • Avoid incurring debts and pay up if any existing debt.
  • Stay grounded always.
  • Avoid shortcuts and optimizations.
  • Chant or listen to “Sri Lalitha Sahashranama” everyday.
  • Even silent chanting will do.

6. Times in life when Sukh-Sampatti Yoga effects would manifest:

  • Any yoga will operate during the main or sub periods of the yoga planets.
  • Thus in your case the main or sub period of Saturn and/or Sun should give the results of the yoga.
  • The next two years [till 30 Jun 2018] will be ruled by the main period of Rahu and the sub periods of Venus, Sun, Moon.
  • Thus the yoga effects will not be available to you within the next two years.
  • But from after 14 Aug 2016 transit Jupiter will move through Virgo sign [your yoga house from ascendant and fortune house from Moon] and will very positively influence the yoga planets by direct conjunction.
  • This position of transit Jupiter is very positive and this positivity will continue till the middle of Aug 2017.
  • This can lead you to seriously looking for a suitable property and also trying to gather the necessary funds for it.
  • On a quite positive but a different plane, transit Jupiter will let you invest very intelligently during this period.
  • Till 27 Oct 2017 transit Saturn can trigger increase in income that can be accumulated for future investment in property [transit Saturn in the 6th house from ascendant and in the 11th house from Moon] but he can also create certain obstructions by misguiding you in your investment decisions [transit Saturn square to natal Sun].
  • During the period from Aug 2017 to Aug 2018, transit Jupiter will not move over the yoga planets any more but he will very positively push up your occupation [through his current location the 10th house of career from Moon].
  • During period from Aug 2017 onwards till Aug 2018 your income from occupation can clearly increase.
  • Thus you will get much support to get a better inflow of money that can be more than what you anticipate.
  • Despite the above mentioned obstructions, the overall the good effects of the yoga will remain available to the due degree and will successfully push you to progress in your occupation, and to get financial benefits and better opportunities for buying a property.