Aquarius Horoscope 2022 - Read All About Aquarius Horoscope

It is the First phase of Sadde Satti is in this year as per Aquarius 2022 horoscope. As a result, you will be ready for struggle and hard work. This can give rise to mental tension. These struggles will give you a bright future if you do not lose your patience.

You will get several milestones in your career as per your desired achievement. Keep patience and don’t losses your stamina from 5 June - 23 Oct. You may feel relaxed only from 29 Apr-12 July. Mental tensions may also increase after Aug.

Avoid ditching, cheating, fighting, and displaying aggression with anybody otherwise this Saturn may not give you a chance for peace. There will be an increase in travel, and you will have to take risks in your career.

Religious activities may increase. You can start some new research work and get achievement in politics and gain social status. During the Mars and Saturn transit in Capricorn from 26 Feb - 7 Apr, avoid disputes and court cases.

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2022

Aquarius 2022 career horoscope shows new connection/meetings with some foreign companies are on the cards. You may get new opportunities for work with them. But take of your professional relationships from Feb to May with foreign contractors.

You will face many hurdles and ups and down in a huge project. Avoid new work and any major deal in business till Apr. New projects and associations may occur after May. Avoid taking a loan for investment in business after July.

This will be a good year for service persons after 7 Apr. You will get support from colleagues after this period but avoid personal relation and any disputes. You will get a new job and progress with help of friends or past senior connections.

Stay humble and keep working hard to achieve success in your job. Boss and seniors can bring confusions, but you should try to overcome them timely.

Finance Horoscope 2022

Aquarius 2022 horoscope shows you will have a smooth financial life in this year till 29 July. You will not spend extra money due to Saturn influence. But take care of your pocket and ATM cards.

Do not expend money on old items during 12 July - 23 Oct. You will get multiple sources of income in this year, which will keep you quite satisfied. Possibly, you may even purchase a new home or a new vehicle.

You may use huge amount of money on renovation of your home. If you may invest in land, you can get income from it in future. You may get a loan if you need, at the starting of the year or last of the year.

This will be a good year for real estate, share market and other investment options. You may also purchase some materialistic or luxury items for someone special.

Marriage and relationships Horoscope 2022

Aquarius 2022 Marriage horoscope says the starting of the year will be smooth. However, you must take care from 29 Apr as there may be challenging periods. Some conflicts and worries in your relationship may occur.

Try to understand the emotions and feelings for better relation. Your spouse may get new opportunities and fame in your career. They may also start some new work with partnership. You must be careful about that and help them.

Your spouse will need your time and support. Your child will grow mentally and emotionally in this year. He/She might also gain new knowledge and join a new academic circle for competitions.

Love and Romance Horoscope 2022

Aquarius 2022 love horoscope shows positive results. This year will be good for your love life. You may meet a new partner during any occasion or on an educational pursuit during Feb-May.

Avoid any confusions and doubt with your partner and also avoid hasty decisions which may lead to wrong steps. Maintain transparency with your love partner during 24 March - 2 July.

This period will not be great for your relationships. You might plan a trip or a romantic outing with your love partner after Aug.

Family Horoscope 2022

The starting of the year will bring happiness in your family life. The planet Jupiter will give you blessing and harmony for peace.

Your family will support you in all professional matters. There is a need to be careful regarding family relations and your health in general. Confusion or disputes may arise after 29 July.

Education and Health Horoscope 2022

Aquarius 2022 horoscope shows this will not be a great year for education, especially from 13 May - 29 July. You should focus on your education and avoid over confidence.

You may get addicted during this time. So, avoid too much involvement with friends and try not to waste your time. Competition may increase. So, you will have to work hard for your desired achievements.

You will get support from parents and your teacher. At the same time, you may get admission to your desirable course.

Take care of any health issues like skin problems, neuro problems, mood swings and over thinking in this year. Stomach infection may also cause you to lose concentration in study or work.

Month-wise Analysis

January- You may face disputes in travels/court cases. Health issues need care. You may spend wasteful money in the hospital.

February- There may be health issues causing stress. However, there will be new opportunities at work.

March- Your family relation will be good, and you will have peace in life. There are possibilities of religious travel.

April – Ego and aggression will be on the rise. You will show leadership and risk-taking attitude in your new business investment.

May- You may spend money at home for parties and get togethers. You will also spend good times with your friends.

June- There will be income from investments. Good month for education. You may get new friends or a love partner.

July – You will get loan if you want. This is also a good time for recovery of loans. You will remain energetic but may have headache.

August – You will be prone to wasting money. There is a possibility of incurring losses on any electronic items. This month can also see problems with your spouse.

This month will give you health issues like pain in the eyes. Control your travels in this month. You may also have problem with your partner.

October – You will get a name in the society which will increase your contacts and cause a rise in status. You may have meetings with govt authorities.

November- You may feel low with your father. There can be a lack of immunity. Luck will not favor you.

December – This will be a time for spiritual travel, and you will be able to spend time in a charitable place. You may have mood swings due to you losing someone.

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Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius is the freedom-loving soul, with the most ‘cool, calm and collected’ temperament. Moments of anger are rare with them. They make the most reliable friends, the ones who never let you do crazy things…alone. Nevertheless, with their eccentric character comes their humanitarian soul. They tend to have a universal point of view, stand for equality, justice and freedom. Your emotions and mind are perfectly balanced. You have wonderful problem-solving skills, in a way that your solutions are always helpful for everyone affected. Scientific interests, creative pursuits, and humanitarian causes, all keep you so busy that you tend to remain aloof despite being actively involved around so many people. Their kooky personality is best suited for charming and intellectual sign like Gemini or the freedom-loving wit master Sagittarius. This Aquarius Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your an Aquarius Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

You are the water bearer, which is symbolic of your giving nature. You are utterly compassionate; always prioritize the social over personal. The water bearer kneels as he pours water, which reflects your modesty and humble nature. You do not seek any credit for what you do. You are not a water sign though, but you the water you bear is free flowing, with your act of liberating the water, you seek to establish freedom and independence for everyone, cleansing the sins of inequality and injustice.  You are a fixed sign, but that does not mean that you are not receptive to change. You welcome as long as it aligns with the values you cherish and hold dear. If you are a revolutionary, you will remain a revolutionary until you can bring about the necessary change. The fixity makes you determined, not stubborn. The element of air is what gives you a higher sense of freedom and light-heartedness. Air is free flowing, changing its directions frequently. Similarly, you want to set free. Aquarius’ strengths include sensibility and compassion. You act with forethought, come up with solutions benefic to the whole humankind. You are driven by optimism and determination. However, indifference to the personal sphere is your biggest weakness.

You sometimes end up ignoring personal needs and relationships, which makes things difficult for you on the domestic front. This page details out more fascinating facts on Aquarius Man, Woman, Lover, & Aquarius traits.

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