Aquarius Boss

Aquarius Boss is an innovative, unconventional thinker. He can process information fast, analyze things very well and derive sharp conclusions. He is modern and liberal in his views and opinions.

He is not fond of the office routines and is always eager to revolutionize the way people work in his team.

Aquarius Boss will be curious to know all about you, but would rarely judge you on the basis of your personal life and past. He won't interfere in your personal matters and give you his opinions unless you ask it. He will, however, carefully measure your working scheme and methodologies. He is very open-minded and carries a fresh outlook.

This Aquarius boss horoscope is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Aquarius Boss might surprise you time and again with his thinking, techniques and actions. He is anything but predictable. He will introduce modern methods of working at office and adopt the least conventional routes. You will find your Aquarius Boss very friendly and warm. He generally likes to make new friends, connect with everyone and socialize.

If he thinks you have done a good job, he will pay you generously. But don’t expect this generosity if he thinks you do not deserve it. He can be very stingy in such a case.

How to impress an Aquarius Boss?

Aquarius Boss likes employees who put their full effort into their work and are open to adopting fresh techniques and technology. He will be curious to know you if you are different from the rest. He welcomes new, creative ideas and experiments with arms wide open. He also admires intellect, philosophical bent of mind and innovative thinking.

What can make an Aquarius Boss angry?

Aquarius Boss does not like employees who don’t give their best at work or do things half heartedly. He doesn't appreciate cunningness and petty politics at work. If you like fixed routines and are not open to frequent changes in work policies and methods, he wouldn't really like you. You may also like Career Analysis Reading. It is an intuitive Vedic analysis to understand how your career would shape up in the coming years. 

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