Aquarius Hobbies

Freedom loving, innovative, and empathetic towards social commitments and causes, Aquarius often turn out to be radicals and revolutionaries. Those born with moon in Aquarius are dreamers, with a strange ability to visualize, imagine, observe and innovate. The term ‘quirky’ pretty much defines your temperament. Rarely one sees an Aquarian living in a common apartment or dressed like ordinary people.  Your hobbies are also out of the ordinary just as you are. Neither do you choose any regular professions; you are rather driven towards space, occult, and the mystical.

All things novel and new

Aquarians have a vivid imagination; you are very original in your ideas, concepts, and approaches. You always come up with a new way to do things. Conventional authority and restrictions are unwelcome in your sphere. Electronics, gadgets, and innovative technology are a few things that occupy your room. You are most probably familiar with the latest virtual reality gadgets or artificial intelligence and sci-fi movies in the market. Being driven towards innovation and change, you are the vanguard of advancement.

The eccentric

Your sense of style is unconventional and futuristic; your favorite shades are often bright hues, especially silver and metallic. You have a special inclination towards all things relating to space and universe – galaxies, planets, and stars. Anything unusual and intellectual strikes your imagination. You often like to collect bizarre objects. You hobbies often win a strange look from onlookers.

Social commitment

You are a true humanitarian who stands for social justice and equality. You have a universal sense of right and wrong and often support causes of the society and world at large. Thus, you often spend your spare time in humanitarian or voluntary work. You are usually associated with a secret society or group upholding justice. You like to speak for the oppressed and often like to participate in political and intellectual debates in your leisure time.

The intellectual soul

Moon in Aquarian are more inclined towards sports and games involving mental ability than physical activity. They are curious people who imagine a lot and love to explore the world around them. They are keen observers and have a constant need to feed their appetite for knowledge. Thus, reading comes natural to them. They also like to play games such as chess, puzzles, bridge, crossword, and so on.

Aquarius in motion

Although Aquarius is a fixed sign, yet the air element gives it motion. In situation when Aquarians have to participate in physically strenuous sports, you prefer to do something that has a captivating effect on your imagination. You would rather prefer activities like experiencing zero gravity, parachuting, aviation, rock climbing, and skiing than spending time at the gym. You also love ballooning and aerial rides as you
love to observe your surroundings.

Hobbies pave the way to a successful career and work that you love to do and not forced. You can even request a personalized horoscope reading to understand your temperament and hobbies better based on the planetary position in your natal chart.

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