Astrology: Myths & Facts

Astrology has been a subject of curiosity for centuries, with widespread discourses across the world about its techniques to calculate predictions.

Astrology: Myths & Facts

Vedic Astrology, being the oldest known form of Astrology and based upon calculations, both scientific and mathematic, is one which is considered the most accurate. Its accuracy helps in determining and charting out the possibilities, life path, past actions and future outcomes. It also gives a deep and accurate insight about people and philosophies.

It is a study of the cosmos that involves the placement and movement of celestial bodies and constellations, which determines an individual’s life or a society’s trajectory as a whole. It gives an insight into the changes that take place within a social structure and reforms during a particular time and of the individuals who initiated them and the aspects that led them to bring these changes.

On a more individualistic level, which it is mostly used in current times, it helps in determining the nature, characteristics and possible outcomes for a person and can act as a compass to guide you in a particular direction.

Astrology predicts the events based on:

  • A set of rules about the relative position and movements of the heavenly bodies to generate predictions.
  • Predictions are based on the natural characteristics of planets, signs and degrees, like the zodiac sign’s impact on any person’s behavior.
  • The predictive principles of Astrology do not change on the basis of any contradictory events or evidence but are based on astrological concepts and calculations along with the divine intellect of the Astrologer.

Myths & Facts about Astrology

Myth 1: The Moon/Sun sign reveal the entire bio-data of your personality.

Scientific Fact: Astrological predictions are not only based on the study of Moon/Sun sign, but more accurate conclusions are provided based upon your Ascendant with a study of the placement of planets in transit with varied degrees for all different Ascendants. This can be proven with the fact that diagnosis of any disease is not optimized only on the basis of blood group test but the series of connected relevant tests that reveal how chronic the disease is.

Myth 2: Beneficial Astrological Yogas/Combinations of Planets in Horoscope reduce the necessity of hard work.

Certain beneficial planetary combinations in your horoscope are believed to be a blessing for the overall progressive movement in the concerned aspects of your life without any conscious and manipulated effort.

Scientific Fact: A good astrological indication of beneficial combination of Yogas (planetary combinations) in any horoscope can be a blessing but that does not guarantee success in life without any effort. Good planetary combinations in any horoscope is like a smart GPS [global positioning system] in your hand. It will be inactive to guide you in your perspective direction until you start your vehicle to reach your destination.

Myth 3: Astrological Reading/Forecast restricts your options of success.

Any less progressive or weak planetary combination/reading forecasted by an astrologer restricts the chances of gains or progress in that aspect of life that may be personal, professional, mental or emotional.

Scientific Fact: Astrology is the valuable tool or divine cosmic guideline to help you to be more conscious towards your weaknesses and strengths. Astrological readings give you a concrete map to plan your individual journey with your own way of travelling and direction to reach your cosmic destination in any arena of your life.

Myth 4: Doubts over authenticity of Astrology since twins/two individuals do not lead the same life.

There is a general notion that astrological predictions are not authentic based on the fact that any two individuals or twins born with the same birth time and date have disparity in the quality of life, personality and perspectives in life.

Scientific Fact: The fact is, every person is linked with their past Karma (the force created by a person’s actions in a life) or accumulated actions, where the person is born with beneficial and progressive life or deprived and unprogressive life. This can be explained with the fact that a number of children born in the world at the same time reap different degrees of mental inclination and progressive traits.

Likewise, two people born at the same time in different cities can have different life paths depending upon the area (latitude & longitude) where they were born, which is always considered while making predictions. Also, the same dates but different time zones can make a difference.

For identical twins, a matter of minutes can make complete changes as well. Besides, it’s unlikely for identical twins to have the exact same birth charts, the differences can be seen even within a degree of change of planets and constellations and usually conclusions are derived by taking into consideration the time gap within the first and second birth. E.g., the first birth before sunrise and the second after sunrise could change the yogas present in a birth chart or their Ascendant.

Myth 5: Matching of Horoscopes is not mandatory for partners in a love relationship.

There is a very strong myth about couples in love relationship that they do not require the matching of their horoscopes to estimate planetary influence on their mutual relationship and understanding of love.

Scientific Fact: The matching of horoscopes of both partners is essential and an intelligent astrological step to nullify the impacts of any negative potential in both horoscopes that can hamper mutual coordination in a marriage/relationship. All relationships require intelligent astrological guidance for the prosperity of personal relations irrespective of the current status of the relationship.

Myth 6: Astrology observes Earth as the Center of the Universe for Astrological Readings and Observations.

Many people and astrologers are of the opinion that Astrology considers a geocentric approach [earth-centric] as the basis of all astrological readings and observations.

Scientific Fact: All astrological readings and observations are not based on geocentric model but on geocentric observations, that means- we humans live on Earth, so we observe the universe and all the planetary movements from the Earth. This indicates that all the astrological readings and observations are done from the Earth and not taking Earth as a the center for astrological readings and observations.

Myth 7: Astrological Remedies are strong tools that can solve all problems of life.

There is a strong myth that astrological remedies recommended by an astrologer work with accurate efficiency to remove all obstacles and restore smooth path for progress without any effort.

Scientific Fact: Astrological consultation work in coordination with providing remedies to the querist for overcoming any hurdles in life creates an illusion that consultation and remedies are inseparable. The fact is that remedies are focused on providing positive aura and psychological strength to the querist in problem. They make the psychological quotient of the person strong by suggesting some remedies to uplift the confidence and effort level of the person to fight against odds.

Any individual will only benefit from remedies when they will make a consistent conscious effort with strong determination to alter decisions on routine basis according to the demand of the situation.


Astrology, at times, is only considered as the tool for readings portrayed in any horoscope based on the Karma that can be related to your progress or setback in present life. Though it is very true to some extent that destiny cannot be changed but with conscious human efforts, it can be altered to a certain extent.

On practical grounds it is always believed that only a sailor who can maneuver against the odd currents with consistent courage, valor and strength is able to cross the sea.