Vedic Series on Nakshatras: Rohini, the Birth Nakshatra of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna - the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu - the great preacher of Bhagwat Gita - embodiment of divine love and joy - the adorable son of Yashoda - the most lovable and charming boy of Gokul – the greatest attraction among the Gopis of Vrindavan - an all-rounder in every field of life – Such divine attributes of Lord Krishna owe to the celestial influences of Rohini in his Janam Nakshatra (birth constellation). Birth constellation is the one in which the natal moon is placed at the time of birth.

Lord Krishna was born on Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi of Bhadra Mass on the mid night. He was born with both his ascendant and the natal Moon falling in the Rohini Nakshatra. The lord of Rohini is Moon. Governed by moon, Rohini Nakshatra extends from 10 degrees to 23 degrees and 20minutes’ of this earthy sign. The God who resides behind the nakshatra (Pratayadi Devtayadi-Devta) is Prajapati.

In Vedic Astrology, Nakshatras are vital in determining the dasa pattern According to Hindu Mythology, 27 constellations are personified as the daughters of Daksha Prajapati - the mind born son of Lord Brahma. They were married to Chandra (Moon). But Moon was only interested in marrying Rohini. However, on request of Daksha, he also married the 26 daughters (constellations) of Kashyapa, Daksha’s brother). Being the beloved wife of Chandra, Rohini Nakshatra is also considered the exaltation point for Moon.

The person born in Rohini Nakshatra possesses a pure personality and balanced earthy nature with good physique, beautiful face, magnetic eyes and sweet voice. Thanks to the celestial influence of Rohini Nakshatra, it gave Krishna the special charisma for mesmerizing others. His philosophical style immerses everyone in his love. Such people are proficient in music, poetry and writing, and are gifted with strength to drive their inner force to do the best in their life. And, everybody on earth knows that Lord Krishna descended on the earth to accomplish tasks related to reestablishment of human values and to elevate the Dharma.

Lord Brahma (the creator of earth) is the main deity of Rohini Nakshatra, and this factor helped Krishna to bravely face Mayavi (the delusive) forces on Earth. The nakshatra provided the focus and great perseverance to Krishna during tough situations such as killing the ruler Kansa and other demons. Being a Rajsik Nakshatra, it gave Lord Krishna a quick-witted personality, and by virtue of his divine origin he endured purity as a lotus in a pond of dirty water.

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