Dhanishta Nakshatra

Results Of Being Born in Dhanishta Nakshatra Male Female Characteristics and Natives Point

Male Natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra:

Physical features:

Normally, the native has a lean body with a tall physique. In exceptional cases there are some natives with a stout figure.


Dhanishta Male Characteristics and general events:

He will be an expert in all the work he undertakes. He has an extremely intelligent mind and possesses an all-round knowledge. He does not like causing any trouble to others through "Manasa, Vacha or Karmana" (by mind, by word or by work). He is usually seen as a religious spirit. He always likes living as per his own caliber and effort. He dislikes expressing his disagreement with others till the very last moment. Most of us are probably aware of the elephant's revenge. That is, if any person or any animal causes trouble to an elephant, the elephant waits for the right opportunity to take his revenge. In the same way Dhanishtha born also waits for the right opportunity to settle score with others.

Education, sources of earning/profession:

A number of horoscopes examined by me have revealed that most of the scientists and historians are born in this Nakshatra. Since there is an inherent talent of keeping a secret, the native is quite suitable for secret service and private secretaries to the senior executives. Whatever may be his academic background, his intelligence is not questionable. He is much ahead of others when it comes to arguments. Hence, a lawyer's profession suits him the best. Normally, 24 onwards he will show a progress in his earnings. Since he will be engaged in a profession or trade where he has to trust others, he should be very careful before placing a blind trust on anyone.


Family life:

In the family circle also he will be the uppermost administrator. His relatives will cause a lot of embarrassment and problems. He is more inclined to his brothers and sisters. He will have ample of inherited property subject to the placement of planets in beneficial position. He cannot have much benefit from his in-laws. But this drawback will be nullified due to the presence of good qualities in his wife. His wife will be an incarnation of "Laxmi" (goddess of wealth). To be more specific, any improvement in the financial field of the native will be only after the marriage.


His health may not be so good. Even then he will not think of his own health. It is only when the disease will reach a peak level that he will start looking for a remedy. Slightest improvement out of the severest disease will drag him back to the work field. He is prone to whooping cough, anemia etc. However, he will not be in a prolonged state of illness.

Female Natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra:

Females born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results mentioned above.

Physical features:

She is beautiful with a sweet seventeen look i.e., she will look very young even when she crosses forty. She has an inviting appearance with broad lips. In some cases, due to her teeth protruding outside her lips an ugly appearance has also been noticed.

Dhanishta Female Characteristics and general events:

She has great aspirations in life and is a spendthrift. She exhibits a modest and liberal disposition and has full sympathy towards the weak. As in the case of Sravana born, she is an enforcement master. She should curb this tendency for a congenial atmosphere at home front.

Education, sources of earning/profession:

She has blended talents in the field of education. Some are interested in literature and some in sciences. Hence, she usually earns as a teacher, a lecturer or a research associate.

Family life:

She will be an expert in the house-hold administration.


Her health will not be too good. She is prone to anemia, uterus disorders of acute intensity and blood disorders.
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