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What is Prasana Marg Astrology?
Vedic Astrology makes use of the birth details of an individual (i.e. date, time and place of birth) to prepare birth chart, based on which horoscope predictions are made. However, there are cases when the exact time or place of birth of an individual is not known. Prasana Marg Astrology is a powerful, specialized branch of Vedic Astrology that gives a perfect solution for such individuals. Hence, if you do not remember or have your exact time or place of birth, we will use the timing and place of genesis of your question to predict your future. Clients from all across the globe have used this service and have given a highly positive feedback regarding the accuracy of the predictions.

How does Prasana Marg Astrology work?
Prasana Marg Astrology considers the timing and place of genesis of a particular question in your mind or a problem that you are facing, and, then, maps it to the planetary positions and major combinations at that very time. The question or problem that you are thinking about could be anything, from traveling abroad, financial stability to finding new love, etc. However, you have to be sincere and careful while noting the timing during which such questions came to your mind as well as be honest and transparent about giving this information to the astrologer. This timing will be used by the astrologer to give you quick, yet accurate answers.

How to go about it?

To use this service, please be mindful of the following things:
  • Put up only one question at a time for maximum clarity and accuracy of the prediction.
  • You will need to give the date, time and place when that question arose in your mind.
  • Carefully note or record any other detail related to the genesis of that question in your mind. Maybe, there was some event that triggered that question in your mind. This could even be something that looks minor, for instance, a particular argument with your spouse that led you to suddenly suspect they are cheating on you.
  • You should be sincere, earnest and honest while asking your question and giving related information. Or otherwise, the predictions and answer to your question might not be that accurate.
  • What are the benefits of using this service?
  • Accurate, reliable predictions on matters related to love, relationship, career, business, finances, travel, heath, etc. without using birth details.
  • Highly beneficial for those who do not have their exact time of birth.
  • Relatively quicker astrological predictions.


Very detailed, informative and 99% correct predictions.
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Fantastic its so accurate cheers
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Its really amazing
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D10 Career report with 2 year scan is very helpful and thorough.
- Teresa, USA
Seems to be pretty good analysis
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It's the best astrology app and website that I have ever watched upon! Thanks to guruji!
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nailed it to the head. 100% accurate
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I am satisfied with the astrological calculation and reading
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nice and easy to understand
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I think its excellent.Thank you for this one.
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I find this report to be precise and helpful.
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I am Very much satisfied with the report. Thank you
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Yes,ultimate truth.super sir. Thanks Indianastrology2000
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Nearly 90 percent is true about me
- Zainabul
i liked your reading. it is prepared with so many details. satisfied. Thanks. Bhavna.
- Bhavna Sharma
The forecasting is very close to my personality and attitude. My appreciation to you,
- Ravi chandra
perfect reading, i am going through high and lows in my career
- Anuj
Detailed Life Reading came out 90% correct. Yes, I had been able to take up a new job in Energy Sector. The company is recognising my work well here. Thanks for advice of changing Industry during the web chat session. I took it seriously and it worked.
- Roshan Agarwal, Indore
Please convey my gratitude to Pt. Onkar Nath. My 2015 Horoscope is so close to reality of my life. I am a fan now! Especially about getting married in 2015. I got married and have shifted to Canada now. I would like to meet him if possible pls.
- Riya Chhabra, Canada
Career Analysis Report kept me going in my present job and I went on to become the Regional Manager in my company. Thank you Pt. Onkar Nath. I am a big believer in you now.
- Kimberly, LA