Career Reboot Report

Career Reboot Report



This report will help you reboot your career with Vedic Astrology. Professional success, as you know, is part destiny, part hard work and part reducing resistance in the career path.

We beleive that answers to the below 5 Core Questions are key to finding super success, for anyone. These 5 Core Questions constitute the distillation of Management Coaches', Trainers', Analysts' and Gurus' teachings.

1. Your strongest suite: Is it communications, management, relationship management, the art of negotiations, consolidation and stabilization, disruption and change, or creativity and invention?

2. Who should you work for: Self (business / professional), others (government / professional employment), as a thought leader or advisor, leader of people (politics / social leadership) or service to God and mankind?

3. How to work: Will you achieve success as a team layer, in partnership / collaboration, or by working independently?

4. Geography: Will you achieve success in foreign lands (within your own country but away from your birthplace as well as outside your country), or within your own country and close to your birthplace?

5. Your Karmic destiny: What is your karmic goal? Is your destination social or professional status?

Why order the Career Reboot Report?

Astrology has the uncanny ability to find clear answers to all the above questions. It can even answer the first part – can you work hard consistently?

The Career Reboot Report will help you create a path for your professional progress as follows:

  • Those of you who have already covered a major part of your professional journey can use it to evaluate and correlate past success and failures, which will help you to create a course correction and majorly reboot your career in tune with growth opportunities on the horizon.
  • Those of you who have started your journey or are about to start the journey can use this report to make some clear career choices and pick destinations as well as routes for a smoother professional journey without setbacks or wasting of time.

Further, the reprot will help you:

  • Check if you are close to your ideal trajectory.
  • Check what needs to change for you to find your lucky period in career.
  • Get answers to all the 5 Questions given above and figure out whether you are aligned or off the track.
  • Get suggestions on how to find the changes and the best periods to carry out these changes.
  • Get remedies for problem areas.
  • Find the path & suggestions for a great public journey of your life.
  • Get revelations you had not seen or refused to acknowledge before.
  • Even if you use the 5 areas mentioned above for self-evaluation, you will be amazed at the clarity it will bring to your professional life.
  • You can even choose a question or a webchat along with this report.


Helpful Tips:

  • Predictions about your career up to 5 years.
  • Identify industry segments most suitable for your growth.
  • Help you make adjustments in career to optimize growth.
  • Suggestions for growth; cautions against pitfalls.
  • Remedies to overcome struggles.
  • You can even choose a question or a webchat along with this report.

Report Size:

12 Pages