Understanding Divisional Charts:
Vedic Astrology uses zillions of combinations to study varied aspects of life. It’s a well developed science with systems and tools available to deeply study a horoscope. It’s a very meticulous calculations and in depth analysis. This obviously is the reason that predictions with timings are possible by deeply dissecting a horoscope. To give it more teeth, Vedic Astrology deploys the use of Divisional Charts. As the name suggests, a learned Astrologer divides your horoscope into another 32 horoscope charts also called Divisional Charts. Each one is used to delve upon matters as diverse as career, health, parents, progeny, ancestors and many other aspects.  

What is D-10 Chart & its significance?

Career is determined by the status of 10th house with secondary clues from 6th and 7th house in a horoscope. D 10 Chart, also called Dasamsa is a very important tool used by only learned Vedic experts to make accurate and reliable predictions on career and to understand happiness from career due to our own karma/ actions. A D 10 chart reading is similar to zooming up your horoscope 10 times to interpret solely the results of your actions and career efforts.  Study of D 10 chart can pin point the reasons for rise and fall in a career.

D 10 offers a very detailed reading. D 10 ascendant or first house lord relates to fame from your work. Second house is about investment and its lord ensures the sources of investment. Third house is about agreements and communication. Forth house relates to office property and business assets. 5th house is about business expansion and employees hired. 7th house is about public relations. If lord of 7th is Jupiter, it could mean a very good control over public relations and image management, whereas Mars could mean challenges on this front.

Sample this: The main period (vimsottari dasa major period) and minor period planet placement is also studied. For instance if you are running Rahu-Ketu dasa, the placement of Rahu, if in 9th house in your D 10 Chart would mean you need to be alert to avoid legal problems related to work and sub period Ketu, for instance in the 3rd house would encourage increase in income while the dasa lasts.

Why go for Detailed D 10 Career Forecast?
Your D 10 reading will gauze the real strength of your professional potential & level of success you would achieve in life. You can expect the following features from your reading:
  • Factors influencing career in your D 1 chart (birth chart) and D 10 Chart
  • Basic assessment of D 10 Chart and strength of the D 1 Chart career factors in D 10 Chart
  • Best Career Path to follow as per the D 10 Chart study
  • Industries and types of career suitable as per D 10 chart
  • Career Predictions for 2, 5, 10 and 20 years
  • Astrological remedies, if required as per the D 10 Chart
  • Suggestions for improvement in career and things to avoid for success in career.



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