What is the “Financial Status & Wealth Combination” Report?
The Financial Status & Wealth Combination Report is a very detailed report that can help predict  your wealth accumulation potential . There are certain planetary positions and combinations such as the Dhan Yoga – the money generating yoga that manifest into financial abundance and wealth accumulation in one’s life. After analyzing the strength of your birth chart, our expert Vedic Astrologer will interpret the strength of your chart with respect to your wealth and make precise predictions of your financial situation in future.

How this report is prepared?
Our expert Vedic Astrologer will study your birth chart, which is prepared using your date, time and place of birth (kindly note that if you don’t know your time of birth, you can use our “birth time rectification” service that will calculate it precisely for you). The predictions regarding financial luck and wealth accumulation are made by analyzing the strength of specific houses, planetary positions and combinations forming in the natal chart of an individual. For instance, the position of the planet of luck, material abundance and benefits - Jupiter is very important in understanding your current and future financial status.

Why you should order this reading?
Your Financial Status & Wealth Combination Reading will decode your wealth generating potential and financial success in future. It will tell you when the current financial hard times, if any, will be over and when the planetary positions will be such that you can make huge money without much effort. It will also tell you the ways by which wealth will accrue to you. This can relieve you from unnecessary worries regarding your finances and prepare you for positive and negative periods related to finances.

What all will you get in this reading?
Your Financial Status & Wealth Combination Reading will get the following Astrological predictions and wealth advice:
  • Whether doing business or working in a job will be the most suitable means of making money
  • Professional Areas and fields that will ensure your financial success in future
  • What kind of investments would be favorable/ unfavorable and during which time periods
  • If any bad planetary combination is causing financial loss or blocking monitory luck and astrological remedies to reduce such harmful effect
  • Lucky and unlucky time periods for increasing wealth
  • Whether Dhan Yoga combination is occurring in the chart, now or in near future



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