Gaj Kesari Yoga


A yoga is a unique method to calculate some stellar planetary positions & combinations where the sum of the effect of those planets is more than the parts that add up to form the yoga. A yoga in your birth chart blesses you with unique & powerful results, based on whether they are beneficial or maleficent, depending on where it resides in your chart.

Gaj Kesari Yoga forms when Jupiter and Moon are either together in conjunction or in the 4th, 7th or 10th position (‘angular houses’) which support and strengthen each other. It is about the good luck that Jupiter bring you and the strength and purpose of mind that Moon bestows you with.

Effects of Gaj Kesari Yoga on your life

  • ‘Gaj Kesari’ means a mix of Lion and Elephant. This Yoga makes you focused on your purpose of life and give you the ability to follow your life's goals with strength and courage, resulting in lasting fame, success and popularity. It also makes your enemies and competitors fear you.
  • It beings you several opportunities to produce money on a regular basis.
  • It makes you marry and settle down early.
  • It provides you with a good spouse from a well-established family
  • It blesses you with an uninterrupted education and higher education.
  • It gives you the abilities to become a successful entrepreneur or businessperson.
  • It blesses you with good health and high vitality.

Some notable personalities with Gaj Kesari Yoga in their horoscope

  • Elizabeth II (Queen of England)
  • Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India)
  • Akshay Kumar (Indian Actor)
  • David Cameron (former British PM)

How can you strengthen the benefits of this Yoga?

  • Be bold & action oriented; but compassionate and honest.
  • You will benefit greatly from good and bold actions, but will be punished more than usual for malafide actions and behind the scenes activity. This is because nature has given you the ability to lead & spread prosperity.
  • This yoga is sometimes accompanied by a negative planet, influencing it negatively. But do not let the negative actions or undercutting others overrule your clear & positive instincts to create positive work and personal life influences.

Benefits of Gaj Kesari Yoga Reading

  • It is a blessing to have Gaj Kesari Yoga in your horoscope, and you can amplify this blessing with your bold conduct and benevolent actions. Our team would prepare for you a Gaj Kesari Yoga report, which will cover:
  • The quality of Gaj Kesari Yoga in your horoscope, how strong it is.
  • Analyse if the Yoga in your birth chart is hindered by negative planets.
  • Analyse when it will deliver its maximum results for you (early, mid or old age).
  • Guidance on actions you should take & avoid to enhance positive effects.
  • Analyse effects over the next 15 years.


Helpful Tips:

  • Understand the quality of Gaj Kesari Yoga in your horoscope.
  • Learn when you will receive its maximum results.
  • Map if the Yoga in your birth chart is accompanied by negative planets.
  • Guidance on actions you should take & avoid to enhance positive effects.
  • Learn how it will affect you over the next 15 years.

Report Size:

12 Pages