D2 Chart & Financial Reading
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D2 Chart & it’s significance  
D2 Chart is a very important sub-divisional chart in the system of Vedic Astrology. It determines the flow of wealth and the financial status you are destined to enjoy. D2 chart precisely predicts the financial status of an individual. Not including a D2 Chart reading while determining the status of finances could give results which may not be reliable at all.

Vedic Astrology besides the birth horoscope (also referred as D1 Chart), divides your horoscope into another 32 charts called sub-divisional charts of which D2 is one of the most significant ones. D2 Chart analysis lets a Vedic expert examine your horoscope with 10 times focus into your finances.
D2 Chart or Hora Chart, where ‘hora’ means ‘hour’, interprets solely the results of your luck, earning potential, investments & how well you control your expenses & wealth destroying tendencies. One is either born in the hora of Sun or hora of Moon. The Hora Chart thus has only two zodiacs - Cancer and Leo and depending on which hora one is born in, the placement and strength of planets determines the flow of money and finances in his lifetime. D2 Chart gives results for all liquid financial assets like cash flow.

For preparing a Detailed D2 Financial Reading, our Vedic experts will deeply study the following aspects of your horoscope:
  • Second house results from your D1 chart
  • Effects of 11th, 12th, 9th, 4th, 5th and 10th house
  • Results of Hora /D2 Chart, which give finer details about your financial status.
Your D2 Chart Financial Reading will precisely assess how much wealth you will enjoy in your lifetime. It will evaluate your D2 chart, areas of strength in your horoscope, the best methods to make money and how to handle your finances and some important Vedic tips to enhance luck in financial matters.
Please note that this is a complex analysis which only a Vedic expert can carry out. The results are most reliable and serve the end objective of serving an accurate reading.


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