Jupiter Transit Report


Jupiter will be in Aries from 21 April 2023 till 1 May 2024, moving from Pisces (Jupiter’s own sign) to Aries (owned by Mars). This signifies that Jupiter’s behaviour will turn aggressive, showing up – over the next one year – in all parts of your horoscope owned and occupied by Jupiter.

How will YOU be affected by Jupiter Transit?

  • Jupiter is the most giving and positive planet in the solar system.
  • Timings for marriage, professional elevation, rise in income, birth of children, etc. are best assessed by Jupiter’s transits.
  • Jupiter also governs your finances, prosperity, positivity and success in life. Its transit is important as it brings different areas of your life in prominence.
  • Jupiter, during its retrogression, will work on your destiny by developing various areas of your life and create some unique situations. It will associate with other planets (Rahu, Sun, Mercury, etc.) and create some excellent opportunities for you. It will also create challenges that could shape your destiny.
  • The best thing is, Jupiter affects an area for one year at a time, thereby becoming a conduit for your destiny to deliver positive news and luck.

Why should YOU order the Jupiter Transit Report?

  • It will reveal your financial status and prosperity level.
  • It will reveal your happiness and growth areas.
  • It will highlight all effects of the transit for you.
  • It will identify the opportunities and challenges during this transit for you.
  • It will suggest remedies to amplify the good effects for you.

Helpful Tips:

  • Learn about your financial status, happiness & growth areas.
  • Opportunities & challenges during this transit.
  • Remedies to amplify the good effects.

Report Size:

12 Pages