Natal Moon Report
Moon is probably the most important planet in a horoscope since it acts as preceptor to everything experienced on a sub-conscious & emotional level in addition to the physical dimension of life experiences (judged through the ascendant). In today’s times when we have understood the importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ) over Intelligence Quotient (IQ), the role of Moon is super important as it helps understand your EQ best.

Moon’s Role in Vedic Natal Astrology-

  • Planet Moon in Astrology plays a vital role in Vedic Astrology as it plays a significant role in predicting human fate. The effects of Moon can bestow the native with various effects:
  • Moon is the mental strength, grit & ability to stand up to challenges.
  • Moon signifies the security & strength of mental capability nurtured through mother, family & childhood memories.
  • Moon’s strength is calculated on two levels. Firstly, in the conventional method by the house & zodiac sign it occupies and secondly by the waxing or waning strength.
  • The larger the size of Moon at the time of your birth, greater would its power be to bring good luck & prosperity in your life.
  • Moon being a royal planet, it helps us understand the real stature & success you would eventually achieve in life. It defines your personality & traits that people can see & judge you as a human being.
  • A strong Moon brings the courage to move mountains & achieve your goals, while a weak Moon creates poor health (physical & mental), complexes and behaviour issues and setbacks in luck.

Moon in your Horoscope:
As explained above, Moon, like other planets is judged in many ways. The house placement is just one of the many ways it is done. To give you a quick idea, effects of Moon in each house is as below:

Moon in 1st House- Moon is placed in your 1st house making you popular & emotional. The first house marks the beginning of life, a new start in the form of strong foundation through confidence, courage, physical strength, strong imagination and foresight for the upcoming life. Here, Moon makes people highly sensitive, helping and thoughtful with people around them. The dasa of Moon makes you keen for change & travels. During Moon 1st house dasa marriage or a deep emotional relationship becomes possible. Generally the 1st house Moon dasa brings good health, wealth success in career and happiness from children. At the same time on the other hand a poorly strengthened 1st house Moon Dasa may give anxiety, restlessness, devoid of friends and lack of maternal happiness. If we go into history & identify successful people with 1st house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Rajnath Singh, Asha Bhosle, Miranda Kerr & Adam Sander

Moon in 2nd House - Moon is placed in 2nd house and gives emotional safety and deep thinking about material stability. The second house is related to personal finances, material possessions, relations and the concept of value. The 2nd house Moon enhances the desire to earn more money, makes one very expressive, crave cold liquids and takes care of people. The dasa of 2nd house Moon gives importance to material security and emotional satisfaction. During this dasa there may be an inclination towards art and spirituality. 2nd house Moon dasa will bless you with intelligence, knowledge and creativity but along with these, it will also make the person restless, anxious and inflict negativity. This period will motivate excessive expenditure on unnecessary things that may bring imbalance in financial state. If we go into history & identify successful people with 2nd house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Remo Desouza, Kareena Kapoor, Mike Tyson & John Travolta.

Moon in 3rd House- Moon is placed in 3rd house and gives command over excellent communication skills. The 3rd house is the significator of communication, intelligence, travel, creativity, siblings, neighbours, talent and habits. The 3rd house Moon makes one sentimental, highly inquisitive and blessed with good communicative skill. This position of Moon may give inclination to writing, journalism and spirituality. The dasa of 3rd house Moon makes one a day dreamer. This period may bless you with financial growth and success in career. This dasa makes one delicate, emotional and fickle mind. It will bless you with name and fame. Moon 3rd house also gives bent to do charity and good deeds, need to channelize your energy in right direction during Moon period. If we go into history & identify successful people with 3rd house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Ranbir Kapoor, Pele & Roger Fredrer.

Moon in 4th House- Moon is placed in 4th house and gives emotional bonding with mother and native place. The 4th house represents home, family and domestic happiness, mother, property, vehicle etc. The 4th house Moon indicates strong attachment with motherland, inclination, materialistic pleasures, a powerful mind with ideas. The dasa of 4th house Moon gives all comfort in life. During this period, one can enjoy company of good people & make a house that would be the envy of others. With an unsettled Moon there will be distress due to domestic and property related ups and down. If we go into history & identify successful people with 4th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of –Vicky Kaushal, Kapil Sharma, Leander Paes & Mel Gibson.

Moon in 5th House- Moon is placed in 5th house and gives emotional and caring nature. The 5th house represents conception of child, pleasures, social inclinations, recreation, entertainment, romance, love, affair, cinema. The 5th house Moon gives magnetic, passionate and enthusiastic personality. It also makes one willing to share their emotions and talented in many fields. The dasa of 5th house Moon gives positivity and favourable results. It will bless with knowledge, intelligence and worldly pleasure. This period of 5th house Moon gives mental challenges which leads to depression and sorrow. At times it may also give emotional setbacks in life. If we go into history & identify successful people with 5th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Shabana Azmi, Sara Al khan, Ben Affleck & Stephen King.

Moon in 6th House-
Moon is placed in 6th house and makes one very sensitive and emotional. The 6th house indicates capacity to do hard work and physical strength, debts, difficulties, enemies and competition. The 6th house Moon gives emotional serenity, it also gives zeal to do hard work, bent to do charity and spiritualism, makes one emotionally aloof and gives other health issues. The dasa of 6th house Moon gives success in competition and good opportunities in career, but along with this, there may be physical and emotional challenges and you may pass through testing period related to personal life including relations, health etc. There may be distress due to relationship during this time. If we go into history & identify successful people with 6th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Lady gaga & Will Smith.

Moon in 7th House- Moon is placed in 7th house and makes you very emotional and sensitive. The 7th house represents the house of partnerships, most important out of them is marriage, attraction for the opposite sex, desire for partner, sexual fantasies, commitment, passion etc. Moon in 7th house blesses an individual with sincere and pure hearted partner. His/her spouse will be family oriented and emotionally attached in married life. The dasa of 7th house Moon gives mood swings in personal as well as professional life. During this period people with strong connection and attraction towards opposite sex, will be more responsible towards relationship and will adjust in any situation. If we go into history & identify successful people with 7th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of PT Usha, Yami Gautam & Woody Allen.

Moon in 8th House- Moon is placed in 8th house and makes one emotionally complex and complicate. The 8th house represents the secrets, in-laws, longevity, unexpected events, accidents, injuries and nature of death. The 8th house Moon will give dissatisfaction. It also gives inclination towards addiction like liquor, drugs or party. People with 8th house Moon may indulge in extravagant activity and secret love affairs or relationship. The dasa of 8th house Moon makes one more ambitious. It will also give lack of satisfaction which may lead restlessness and anxiety. It may create interest in physical fitness and balanced diet. This period may give challenges in relation with life partner or in-laws as person may indulge in secretive relationship during this period. If we go into history & identify successful people with 7th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Arnab Goswami, Mary Kom, Sushmita Sen  

Moon in 9th House-
Moon is placed in 9th house and makes a person very focused and determined. The 9th house represents religion, spiritual deeds, higher education and deep higher learning, father, long distance travels, ethics and moral values. The 9th house Moon blesses with creativity and intense power of imagination. It instils trustworthiness and a charisma that no one can miss or stay away from. Other’s interest comes first always and every time. Here Moon gives a sense of uniqueness in personality that stands out in the crowd. The dasa of 9th house Moon enhances the philosophical and moral inclinations, giving a feeling of being different from people around. Gains from spouse or in-laws is also very likely during this period. Emotions will play an important role and take forefront in all the crucial event occurring or decisions taken during this period. If we go into history & identify successful people with 9th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of ¬¬¬ Sachin Tendulkar, David Beckham & Elton John.

Moon in 10th House-
Moon is placed in your 10th house and makes the person learned and bring prosperity. The 10th house represents profession, career, name and fame, power, honor and prestige, status and position in profession, financial success, politics, social responsibilities and link with society. The 10th house Moon not only brings growth in career, it also fosters one’s image in the social circles. Professional decisions are also emotionally motivated and hence sometimes may not provide amicable and preferred solutions. The dasa of 10th house Moon would grossly enhance professional gains, may bless with some rewards at workplace or some promotions. It may at times bring challenges to think in the correct manner and direction in addition there may be lack of will and reduced confidence. Chances of image in society getting tarnished may also be an area of concern. If we go into history & identify successful people with 10th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of ¬¬¬Saif Ali Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Bill Gates & Vin Diesel.

Moon in 11th House- Moon is placed in 11thhouse and brings prosperity and gains in wealth for a person. The 11th house represents fulfilling of desires and gains in wealth, it also signifies friends, elder brother, aspirations and end of miseries. The 11th house Moon blesses with some good and trustworthy friends who may extend their helping hand without any personal motives. On the flip side the Moon in 11th house gives unpleasant thoughts and uncertainties in the mind. The dasa of 11th house Moon brings lots of prosperity, income from regular and new sources. Period will be good to fulfill dreams and desires that had been there in the mind however, were not materializing due to unforeseen reasons. This period will see some good friends coming into folds and develop lot of affinity. The period may also be marked with some disturbances in mind and varied mind swings that will not allow steady and calm relationships with friends. If we go into history & identify successful people with 11th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of ¬¬¬Alia Bhatt, Boney Kapoor, Taylor Swift & Rihanna.

Moon in 12th House-
Moon is placed in 12th house and makes the person very emotional and sentimental. The 12th house represents losses and expenditures, salvation, end of life, connections with souls and past life deeds, hidden enemies and self-improvement. The 12th house Moon inflicts a sense of understanding and empathy towards others. Here Moon motivates to be kind, selfless and charitable by nature, helping needy gives contentment. The dasa of 12th house Moon amplifies the emotions and makes one more attached with the inner self. This period will strengthen liking and attraction towards material things. Sometimes there will be a feeling of detachment from the most liked things and this will hurt the inner feelings. There are chances that one may like to explore self and there will be an inclination towards seclusion and loneliness. If we go into history & identify successful people with 12th house Moon placements, we are not surprised to see the names of ¬¬¬Ravish Kumar, Rajat Sharma, Harry Styles & Megan Fox.

Natal Moon Report: This is one of the most useful reports which is prepared after a lengthy research, focusing on the following elements for our valuable members:

  • Numeric number associated with Moon’s strength, the waxing & waning strength,
  • The aspects of life that will grow or bring challenges due to Moon (This gives us a good idea whether to give Moon more power or subdue it with your Karma)
  • 5,10,15-year forecasts due to Moon
  • Some suggestions on how to use Moon’s energy for yourself.
  • Cautions & Remedies for Moon’s effect on you.

Objective of the report: To acquaint you with the energy & EQ (or the deficiency of it) that Moon brings to your horoscope & your character. The idea is to help you find the areas of strength & weaknesses associated with Moon, special yogas that Moon participates in your horoscope (both positive & negative).

Moon is our mind & a strong Moon gives us the resilience & character to make a mark in the society as people remember you for who you are.


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