Natal Venus Report

Research on Venus is interesting as it brings up charts of successful people very often. Venus is the planet for affluence, luxury, love & pleasures. Venus is an entrepreneur’s planet & it is given that Venus would be strong if one is blessed with professional success & leads a luxurious & high-profile life.

Venus’s Role in Vedic Natal Astrology-

  • While Venus signifies beauty & luxury, it also stands for that form of knowledge that helps you succeed in the modern & commercial world.
  • The knowledge of Venus is not spiritual or textual. It is the art of negotiations, making money, doing business smoothly & how to ensure there is never a shortage in life.
  • It is no wonder that Venus governs knowledge of Information Technology, Software, Engineering, Architecture, business banking, textiles, politics, comfort & luxury products and the art of making money in the modern world.
  • Mythology recognizes Venus in two ways, first as a beautiful young woman ready for marriage & second as a very old sage named Shukhra whose knowledge is par excellence & advices the Rakshasa (Demons).
  • Both descriptions hold good for Venus as it gives beauty & worldly-wise knowledge to excel in a competitive world.

Venus in your Horoscope:

As explained above, Venus, like other planets is judged in many ways. The house placement is just one of the many ways it is done. To give you a quick idea, effects of Venus in each house is as below:

Venus in 1st House- Venus is placed in your 1st house making you attractive, magnetic & popular with all those around you. The first house governs physical appearance, confidence, courage and general temperament. The Venus in 1st house inclines towards all material pleasures like luxury, beautiful house, luxury car, glamour, music, art, creativity, beauty, love, romance, and person likes company of opposite sex and may have more than one sexual relationship. This placement of Venus gives young looks and you would seem younger than your actual age. The dasa of 1st house Venus will bless you with prosperity, comforts and all sort of material gains in life. This period of Venus will bring success and growth in career, also brings opportunity to earn name-fame in social and professional circle. It will give new fruitful relationships and existing one will get stronger with love and romance. If we go into history & identify successful people with 1st house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Aamir Khan, Lionel Messi & Oprah Winfrey.

Venus in 2nd House - Venus is placed in 2nd house and blesses one with luxury, power, wealth and popularity. The second house represents wealth, immediate family, material possessions, speech, concept of value and changes in life. The 2nd house Venus makes one very wealthy, warm lover, honoured in society and possesses immense charm and happiness. You will have excellent communication skills and the ability to win the trust of everybody you come in touch with. The dasa of 2nd house Venus will bring rise in status, immense wealth & high popularity. The result of this period will be moderate in starting but gets better in middle and later part. This period may bring challenges in marital life due to the inclination towards opposite sex. Some other challenges like high expenses, debts & inheritance could come in this period. You should be happy to note that Venus in 2nd house blesses you with wealth and support at the time of need. If we go into history & identify successful people with 2nd house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Julia Roberts, Mary Kom & Tom Cruise.

Venus in 3rd House- Venus is placed in your 3rd house and gives outstanding writing and vocabulary skills. The third house governs communication, creativity, mental intelligence, interests, habits, journeys, siblings etc. The 3rd house Venus will give good financial status. This position of Venus may give overload of talent in art and creativity. 3rd house Venus gives amazing success in love & physical relationships as well as success in writing. The dasa of 3rd house Venus may bring opportunity for success in abroad, success in writing, an artistic & musical mindset. It also gives long journeys and chances are that you may indulge in sexual relationship during your journeys. During this period, you may maintain good relations with the people around with your sweet words and humble nature. If we go into history & identify successful people with 3rd house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Ala Bhatt, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Agatha Christie.

Venus in 4th House- Venus is placed in your 4th house and gives comfort, loving and nurturing atmosphere. The fourth house governs mother, association with homeland, properties, abundant luxury, matters related to real estate, vehicles and material possessions. The 4th house Venus gives all comfort and happiness in life. It signifies beautiful house and makes a person an excellent host. Those who are having 4th house Venus wish to remain happy. The dasa of 4th house Venus will bless with all comfort, success in career especially who are into hotel industry, Gemstone or diamond business, interiors, cosmetics etc. During this period, there may be extra marital affairs or a second marriage can take place. If we go into history & identify successful people with 4th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Jahanvi kapoor, Rajat Sharma & world-renowned footballer, Pele.

Venus in 5th House- Venus is placed in your 5th house and gives bent towards artistic and creative things while making you attractive towards opposite sex. The fifth house governs first conception of child, love, romance, lottery, shares, entertainment, recreation & diseases of reproductive organs etc. Venus in 5th house blesses you with great artistic talent and makes you an expert in fine arts. This position of Venus gives benefits in speculative activities. The dasa of 5th house Venus will bring good fortune in terms of wealth through shares or lotteries, love and intimate moments with soul mate. This is the best period to express socially, artistically and most important romantically, good thing is that expected and positive outcomes will be predicted. If we go into history & identify successful people with 5th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Arnab Goswami, Kapil Sharma, Abraham Lincoln & Bill Gates.

Venus in 6th House- Venus is placed in your 6th house and gives the ability to handle adverse and unpleasant situations in an easy way. The sixth house represents hurdles, obstacles, health, competition, enemies, and ability to overcome difficulties & a fighting spirit to overcome health challenges and enemies. The dasa of 6th house Venus may bring mixed results like health issues related to urinary or sexual / gynaecology (females) issues, health issues to spouse or disturbance in marital life. There would be progress at work due to hard work. Further the 6th house Venus dasa may also see problems created by female enemies or you may face opposition from females around. You need to get into new relationships very carefully during this dasa. If we go into history & identify successful people with 6th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Asha Bhosle, Sharmila Tagore, Michael Jordan & Naomi Cambell.

Venus in 7th House- Venus is placed in your 7th house which cultivates & nurtures love relationship. The seventh house is for marriage, spouse, marital harmony, relationship with spouse, partnership, happiness in marriage, separation and divorce. The 7th house Venus gives eternal happiness in marriage and life will bestow with love, affection, share good understanding with partner. The dasa of Venus 7th house will give you a good time with spouse, will share enjoyment, understanding, thoughtful relationship with your partner, harmonious relation with business partner and growth in business. People will like you because of your sweet and generous behaviour. This period will give a successful career. As 7th house is a house of relationships and Venus signifies love and romance, therefore, the combination of both may give inclination towards opposite sex and spending intimate moments with partner are quite common as it is easy to attract and indulge in affairs. If we go into history & identify successful people with 7th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Kishore Kumar, Vin Diesel & Elton John.

Venus in 8th House- Venus is placed in your 8th house and makes you dedicated, humorous and romantic. The eighth house represents mystery, possessiveness, passion, death, longevity, unexpected incidents, accidents, injuries. Venus in the 8th house gives gains from spouse & females, wealth after marriage, benefits from in-laws, secret relationships, health issue in reproductive organ, feeling of betrayal in love & a tendency to blame your partner for your mistakes. The dasa of 8th house Venus will bring both pleasant and unfavorable effects during its time. You may indulge in new secret relationships. This period will bring challenges related to health; urinary infection may also take place. If we go into history & identify successful people with 8th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Dwayne Johnson & Mel Gibson.

Venus in 9th House- Venus is placed in your 9th house and makes you free spirited with a magnetic personality. The ninth house represents knowledge, wisdom, faith, spirituality, religious institutions, higher education, father, long journey etc. The 9th house Venus makes you humble and very kind, happy and satisfied, believer of God, gives interest in arts & literature, travelling abroad and religious place. In some cases, Venus in 9th house may give relationship with older person. At times it may give extreme behavior in life. The dasa of 9th house Venus will be the time to make life perfect, more happening and organized. This period may increase interest in arts and literature and may start education and take it on next level. During this time of Venus, chances are to meet soul mate and most probably he/she will be from foreign land. Benefits from authorities are also possible. If we go into history & identify successful people with 9th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Jacqueline Fernandez, Bipasha Basu & Harison Ford.

Venus in 10th House- Venus is placed in your 10th house and gives you a successful career and good wealth. The tenth house represents highest achievements, recognition, power, prestige, social status, respect, position etc. The Venus in 10th house gives beautiful and charming personality with good name and fame. You will get into romantic relationships at work. It will give success in hotel business, interior designing, Jewellery and accessories industry etc. Venus in 10th house blesses you with creativity, imagination and inventiveness. The dasa of Venus 10th house brings success in professional life and gives you an opportunity to showcase your talent. If we go into history & identify successful people with 10th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Leander Paes & Bradley Cooper.

Venus in 11th House- Venus is placed in your 11th house and bless you with gains and profits after marriage or through spouse. The eleventh house signifies social circle, association, friends, elder sibling humanity, hopes, goals, gains, income etc. The 11th house Venus will bless with good fortune and good accumulation of wealth in life. It may give understanding and thoughtful life partner who would be loyal and dutiful. The dasa of 11th house Venus will be fruitful and gives good time with friends and family. Social circle will improve and well-connected contacts will develop during this dasa. Gains from females or spouse would be possible during this dasa. Married people will find stability in their relationship and strengthen their bonding. There may be challenges in love life as you may consider a simple friendship as serious love but later you feel disheartened and discouraged in love life. You would always need to differentiate between friendship and love. If we go into history & identify successful people with 11th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Ranbir Kapoor, Sunidhi Chauhan.

Venus in 12th House- Venus is placed in your 12th house and gives bed pleasure, happiness through sexual relationship from early stage of life and good wealth. The twelfth house represents dreams, imagination, emotions, salvation, losses, hospital etc. The Venus in 12th house gives artistic, social and romantic abilities to maintain relationship with people around, being part of big social group and makes you want more from life. Marriage will bring good luck and happiness. The dasa of 12th house Venus will bring good wealth gain and happiness in life. There may be inclination towards opposite sex. This period may give unexpected expenditure and health issues to life partner. Challenges are possible because wrong choices & relationship which could spoil the ability to trust your partner. If we go into history & identify successful people with 12th house Venus placements, we are not surprised to see the names of Rekha, Malaika Arora, Michael Jackson & Madonna.

Natal Venus Report: This is one of the most useful reports which is prepared after a lengthy research, focusing on the following elements for our valuable members:

  • Numeric number associated with Venus’s strength, the waxing & waning strength,
  • The aspects of life that will grow or bring challenges due to Venus (This gives us a good idea whether to give Venus more power or subdue it with your Karma)
  • 5,10,15-year forecasts due to Venus
  • Some suggestions on how to use Venus’s energy for yourself.
  • Cautions & Remedies for Venus’s effect on you.

Objective of the report: To acquaint you with the power that Venus brings to your horoscope & your character. The idea is to help you find the areas of strength & weaknesses associated with Venus, special yogas that Venus participates in your horoscope (both positive & negative).

Always remember that beauty & opulence would come only if Venus is on your side.


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