Saturn Transit in Sagittarius

Saturn, the planet of harsh realities will be transiting Sagittarius till early 2020. You would observe the changing pattern of life drastically over the next 2 years. Sagittarius is a fire sign characterized by impatience, whereas Saturn is about discipline, structured approach and patience. The traits of two are thus just the opposite of each other. This would mean that the changes in life would come due to changed circumstances and mostly out of reactions rather than planned or pleasant coincidences of life!

What to expect as Saturn transits in Sagittarius

The journey of Saturn in Sagittarius is strange in more than one ways. The planet was in the fallen position in Scorpio for the most of 2017. The next interesting event is round the corner. Saturn again meets with  Mars in Sagittarius, as the aggressive Mars starts its transit in Sagittarius over the next few months. 'Mars conjunct Saturn' would bring back the events of 2016 in your memory when Saturn had last encountered Mars in Scorpio. Expect the same heat and action in life again. The great combined energy of the two planets - Mars & Saturn if well directed could bring you closer to realizing your dreams during this phase. Nonetheless, Saturn will move you into the zone of hard work as Mars will orient you to action. This  journey of Saturn will be a lesson to succeed in the face of adversity when the easy access and speed of new opportunities in the past will give way to a need to work hard for each new step & progress. Mars conjunction with Saturn will help get this situation better.

Interesting insights on Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn had last held this position in Sagittarius around 30 years back during 1987 to 1990. World witnessed some landmark events that shaped the future in a very major way for the generations to come. Sample some of those events here - Internet was launched, Germany Unification took place, European Union was envisaged and later founded. You can expect a similar cycle of key changes as Saturn has come back into the same position yet again.

Saturn Transit Reading

Saturn Transit reading has been structured to give out the slew of changes, opportunities, challenges to be faced by you over the coming years. Saturn warrants you to play a clean game & show the strength of character to succeed in the business of life as well as scale the ladder of financial success. The Saturn Transit Report will enlist the results of Saturn Transit on you, the methods of succeeding in the coming 2 years along with periods of caution so that you don't run into the face of adversity. A more detailed report - Detailed Composite Saturn reading is being devised to deliver the special periods & window of opportunities that need to be leveraged by you to get that extra push in career & finances. Also remedies will be covered to mitigate the hurdles as & when they come up. You can use this report to maximize the benefits from the favorable periods & minimize the damage from difficult periods for you.

Saturn Transit Report

Saturn Transit  Report

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Detailed Composite Saturn Transit Report

Detailed Composite Saturn Transit Report

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