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The Parameters of Success: It’s all in your horoscope
We are known to work better in a certain space, office or environment. That is, the location & ambience has a bearing on our efficiency and productivity. Actually it’s about the planetary energy and the vibes of your current location. If you are being supported by their resultant effect, you stand to benefit but if it’s the other way round, then choosing another location could offer success.

So when it is said that the stars are with him or her, it means that the position of planets in a horoscope is actually helping the fortunes of the native. So wouldn’t it be great to know if your destiny will be built around settling in a foreign land for your share of fame, name, health & wealth! All of this information is rooted in your horoscope.  Your own horoscope holds the key factors to whether you would make it big away or at home!  Even your life’s other verticals like love, relationships can change as you move places.

Do planets support your settlement in foreign land?
The decision to make a move to another city or country is a very crucial one. Astrology is a great science that can help you decide in its favour or against it depending on what your horoscope seems to suggest.
There have been notable cases of people who shined when they moved away from places of birth. In such cases, their Karma Spot happens to be a foreign land.  The examples of the many Indian Cinema Stars, who do well only in South Indian Film Industry and not in Bollywood are galore.  Similarly, Sunita Williams & Kalpana Chawla the two world famous astronauts had their calling in the USA;  just like the PepsiCo CEO - Indra Nooyi, an Indian, who is doing well in the USA.  Your location determines if your efforts and work as well as skill sets are in harmony with your environment. If that is the case, you will do well in your home place. But if you are facing constant hurdles, chances of success in a foreign location could be better. In a horoscope, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th houses are studied for knowing if one would succeed at home or away.

Karma Spot & Success Overseas Reading:
  • Whether your real success is linked to your native place or overseas
  • What’s your growth potential overseas
  • The periods when the opportunities or hurdles would be present in overseas dealing.
  • How to improve success when determining your location
  • Astrological remedies, if needed
Your mental well being and financial success are both linked to where you are. You may want to find out!


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