Sun - Venus Conjunction : Yukta Yoga



Significance of Yukta Yoga in the horoscope

Sometimes, two or more planets conjunct in a particular sign, at a time, actively changing the course of your fate. These celestial forces unite to produce either benefic or malefic results in your life. Whether the effects of conjunction (multi-planet combination) will be favorable or challenging, depends on the properties of the two planets. The combination of Sun and Venus instills social skills, creative abilities and clear perspective in your horoscope, which would not have been possible to this extent, but for this rare combination of planets.

The placement of Venus with Sun in the same sign, brings an intense desire to hang around with people of opposite sex. It creates some of the most unlikely relationships and friendships, due to your magnetic personality. At a professional level, this conjunction helps you to gain appointments or the attention of people simply by communicating efficiently. This conjunction combines four very important house portfolios that enhances your luck and deep instinct, which works in your favour at work, while trying to understand the needs of your colleagues/ customers or targets of the opposite sex.

Benefits of Yukta Yoga Reading

  • This reading will give you insights and details about –
  • How this Yukta Yoga will modify your personality traits
  • How you can use your acquired skills to your advantage
  • An understanding of specific results that will accrue to you as a result of this Yukta Yoga

Helpful Tips:

  • The time periods when the likely results will manifest in your life
  • Vedic suggestions to benefit from this combination
  • Remedies to ward off any negative forces which have a pulling down effect on your life

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