Cancer Horoscope 2022- Read All About Cancer Horoscope

This year is good for developing new contacts and focusing on your energy, but you need to stay patient and focus on working hard in order to get your desired results. You should also be ready for any new surprise that might come our way this year.

2022 Cancer Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

Your temperament might increase this year from 16 Feb-29 Apr, so you need to make your major life decisions carefully because of the Mars and Saturn conjunction in opposite your zodiac sign.

There are chances of a lot of workflow and multiple sources of income for you due to Rahu’s transit in the career house. This period is also good for politics and social services.

Mars transit is good for higher studies and from 27 June-16 Oct, it is a good period for starting on professional courses. You may fall ill due to any previous disputes after 29 July, so you need to control or stay away from any kind of disputes.

Mars is retro in Gemini from 30 Oct, so you should take care of your travels and control your own expenditure. Your recognition will increase and you will enjoy a bustling social life at the end of the year.

Career Horoscope for Cancer 2022

All your hard work and efforts will increase this year in your career after 29 April. You will achieve our goals in your career due to your hard work and patience. Your name and fame will increase in your career, and you will get recognition for your work.

You will land up new projects and you will have an active and keen mind this year. Business trips and your network will increase, but you need to stay alert while making any major deal during 29 April-12 July.

From 5 June-23 Oct, partnership business is not a good idea for you, so you need to be careful at this time if you want to make any major decision with your business partner.

You should avoid changing your job and stay away from any disputes with your colleagues during 29 July-24 Nov as your service lord Jupiter is retro. This period is also not good for relationships with your seniors at work and your boss, so you need to be patient and not have a bad attitude. You will get a promotion with a hike in your pay at the end of the year.

Finance Horoscope for Cancer 2022

You need to control your expenses and losses at the start of this year from 15 March and avoid any major investment. You will have chances of regular income from multiple sources from 15 March-17 Sep, so you can fulfill all your desires during this time.

This is a good time for investment in real estate from 27 April-13 July, but you need to take care and go ahead only after taking advice from others as Ketu transits in the property house.

You will spend money on renovating your home in the middle of the year. This is a good period for investing money in speculation during 17 May-16 Oct. You might invest in your family business this year, and then your business will grow and be better.

Try to take a loan at the beginning and end of the year. You will get income from your previous investment and any land investment.

Marriage and Relationships Horoscope for Cancer 2022

Your married life will be good until 26 Feb, but will demand a lot of patience during 5 June-23 Oct. Your life will take the path of struggle and you might go through a divorce as well at this time. So you need to avoid any kind of disputes and arguments.

Maintain your faith and support for your partner at all times. Take special care of your children's health. They will get a chance to study abroad this year.

Love and Romance Horoscope for Cancer 2022

From 26 Feb-17 May is a bad phase in your love life due to the love house lord Mars transit in Saturn till 7 Apr and after that in Aquarius. Therefore, you need to avoid any meetings, disputes, doubts and the involvement of your friends in your relationship.

You and your partner will be close to each other and your relationship will be stronger after this period. You will fall in love with someone at your workplace or someone where you study. You will spend more quality time with your partner and go for long drives and trips to romantic destinations.

Your parents’ blessings will bring you a lot of love in your life.

Education/Health Horoscope for Cancer 2022

You may be excited about your new course at this time but you will feel that online courses are not adequate. Your teachers will be friendly with you during the course of your studies.

Competition will increase after May. Your friends will try to distract you, so you need to protect our space and avoid social media. Your parents will help you in your education and arrange a guide for your support.

Your health will demand rest and relaxation at the beginning of this year, so you will have to arrange time for yoga and exercise. Your energy may increase in the period of April-July.

Take care of your health if you feel low BP or suffer from thyroid problems. You should avoid overthinking; else you might start feeling depressed.

Monthly trends for Cancer Horoscope 2022

January- Don’t start any project without a plan. You will have good relationships with your friends and spouse.

February- You will feel low and suffer from bad health this month. You should avoid travel and work pressure.

March- Your income will rise but things will get hectic and busy in the workplace.

April- You need to control your ego and irritation in front of workers and friends.

May- Your ideas and thoughts will become better. You will have new contacts and meetings.

June- This is a positive month for money, income from past investment, and social events.

July- This month will see an increase in creativity and hobbies. You will spend leisure time with new friends.

August- You should avoid any major investment and be cautious about signing papers this month.

September- There will be issues in your family and among siblings. Your work pressure will increase.

October- You will face issues in property and your negative thoughts increase.

November- There will be a rise in interaction with people and increased contacts and travels with expenditure.

December- You will get new opportunities but your hard work will increase, yet your progress will be slow.

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Read All About Cancer Horoscope

Cancer is the most tender sign of the zodiac, innocent as a child, nurturing as a parent. You have exceptional psychic abilities too, thus aware of the emotional undercurrent surrounding you. You are a sensitive person, with a heart of gold - generous, caring and compassionate. You are a true homebody. Moon is your ruling planet, thus governs your emotional storms. Moon rules the tidal patterns, its waxing and waning also affects your moods and emotions, making you prone to mood swings. This Cancer Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Cancer Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

You need a partner that can discipline your emotional hurricanes when needed, someone patient and sensitive such as Pisces or Scorpio. Symbolized by crab, you are softer and tender under the shell but that does not mean that you can be taken advantage of, but you are often taken granted. Crab also has claws remember? You often retreat into yourself when crossed, just as the crab retreats into its shell. Your nest is very important to you. Your ‘sideways’ approach like crab helps you be tactful in situations. Being ruled by Moon, your moral fiber has a tint of femininity and guardianship. You are a nurturing soul, attached to the roots, the family ties, ancestry, hometown, and memories. Though you tend to be overly emotional at times, you do have wonderful perceptive abilities. You know what is going on; need not to be told the whole story to view the real picture.

You are a water sign governed by Moon. Water in you is kind of ‘rain’, that nurtures all but it can also be thunderous, if raged beyond a level. You emotional depth is as deep as the ocean, only intense signs like Scorpio can decipher. The Cardinal quality makes you the initiator of things, and your nurturing attitude already promotes growth. You biggest strength is your intuition, which guides your actions. You know when your loved ones need you, just by looking at their face. You are a mind reader. You also tend to be very loyal and faithful to your partner. Moreover, your nurturing attitude acts as a source of comfort to those around you. Cancer weaknesses include the tendency to be clingy and possessive when your needs are not met with same level of compassion and dedication as you offer. Another hurdle for you is your bent to dwell in the past, you never seem to forget the wrong done to you. This page details out more fascinating facts on Cancer Man, Woman, Lover, & Cancer traits.

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