Cancer Health Horoscope

People born in Cancer are sensitive, empathetic, and extraordinarily intuitive. You have a moderate structure, a round face, big & beautiful eyes, of medium height and generally younger looking than your age. Your body, mind and soul stay balanced only when you feel emotionally secure. You are one of those who go out of their way to help others. You are overly imaginative and intuitive to sense others’ needs and use food and sense of humor to heal and nurture them. However, you have a complex emotional makeup, something or the other always upsets you, making you prone to health problems and mental stress. 

This Cancer Health Horoscope is calculated on Moon sign, the zodiac where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. This gives the most amazing and accurate insights into future. You can find it out instantly.

Health issues Cancer may face

You are a homebody, love to use food to delight and nourish those near and dear to you. However, the flip side of the fence is that you use food in both the cases, when you want to celebrate as well as to mend a broken heart. This makes you susceptible to chubbiness, especially as you age.  Discomfort and nervousness makes you prone to drinking habits sometimes. You either eat too much or starve yourself. Chest is your weak area, thus heartburns are common with you, however, shall never be ignored.

The worst, those born in Cancer have the unique ability to feel sick without any reciprocal health disorder, or feel too well when actually ailing. You consider emotional states, especially laughter as the best medicine. Affected by moon, the biggest health issues you face is water retention pertaining to the cycle of the Moon. This applies to all humanity, but Cancer being ruled by Moon feels it more intensely. Cancer rules chest, breast, and lungs so care should be taken to prevent corresponding health issues.

Suggested Activities for Cancer

In order to soothe your complex emotional mechanism, a walk in the moonlight or by the water is the best way. In addition, meditation can do wonders for you. You shall always remember that you are inclined to soak up the environment surrounding you, you shall know when to detach you self from the circumstances. Practicing yoga is the best way to keep your psychic track traffic-free.
To have a balanced body, mind and soul, you need to examine your emotional state every now and then. If you feel the need to have chocolate, question your yearning and you will get the answer that it’s the suppressed feelings and not the sweet tooth talking. To bring that sense of security in your life, look for ways other than food. Surround yourself with people who are good friends and take care of you. You can even introduce a pet in your life if you live alone.
To seek a better outlet for your emotional energy, you could spend time in the waters but do not go for something strenuous such as surfing or diving. You could try resistance exercises such as water aerobics or swimming. A regular workout routine will keep you stress-free and physically fit.

Dietary changes for Cancer

Food for you is not just a source of nourishment. Cooking is your way to show affection to those you love; eating gives you a sense of security and dining with family gives you a sense of fellowship. Being ruled by Moon, you shall take care of bodily fluids and general nutrition in order to avoid health hassles.
If you are over-weight or suffer from water retention, you may be holding back emotions and feelings. At other times, you may be starving yourself to seek attention and let others know that you not being nurtured. A potassium-rich diet will help you deal with stress and particularly, water retention. It governs the fluid levels in the body. Spinach, red pepper, peaches, banana, papaya, avocados, mushrooms, and squash are good sources of potassium.

In times of stress, you often resort to nostalgic food, chocolates or ice cream that your Grandma made. Eating when in stress should strictly be avoided. You diet plan should include items low in sugar, fat, wheat and dairy in order to boost free flow of emotions. However, this diet is not practical for lifelong. You shall try to follow such diet for one week every month in order to detox your body on frequent basis. Ensure to include loads of Vitamin B2 sources in your daily diet to aid digestion & nerve health. Include raw foods in diet to help you reduce water retention and boost digestion. Things like sprouts and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli should be cooked to reap maximum nutrients. Those prone to mood swings mayl have fruits or shakes as snack to calm their grumpiness.

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