Cancer Hobbies

As a Cancer, you are probably the most emotional of all the signs, embodying the characteristics of Moon, the celestial body that rules you and symbolizing feelings and empathy. You are always busy providing others, taking care of others’ emotions and needs, and you need constant validation of love and feeling of security. You are a very sensitive person, your moods and emotions wax and wane just as the Moon. When the Moon waxes, it shines brighter than ever; similarly, you often come up as the most interesting company to have around. However, just as the Moon wanes and all that remains of it is a faint silver shimmer, you too retreat in your shell when confronted with unfamiliar environments and emotional situations.

The following Cancer Personality Characteristics & Cancer Horoscope findings are based on the Moon sign, the sign where Moon was positioned at the time of birth. Are you a Cancer Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

A homebody

You like to spend time alone sometimes, to ponder over, have a rich inner self, and come out as a more grounded person. On another level, you love spending time at home, with your loved ones. You are family oriented and domesticity comes natural to you. Picnics, hangouts with family, daytrips, and family reunions and dinners are your favorite pastimes. Your home shall emanate a sense of peace and serenity, thus you love spending time to refurbish your home in a manner to ooze calmness. You excel at the art of home beautification and gardening. You seek to build a castle where you can retreat and spend plenty of “me time”.

The call of art

One of the most delightful aspects of your personality is the eccentric sense of humor. You are extraordinary at making others feel at comfort and happy. You have a good talent to mimic & act and your comic timing is great. You are quite entertaining at home. Since you have a fertile imagination and are amazingly creative, your artistic instinct is strong. You are very good at arts, music, and poetry, and if not, you at least have a sense of appreciation for arts. The threads of your powerful memory and extraordinary imagination can together be entwined into spellbinding stories, poetry and arts.

When Moon and water unite

You have an intense fondness for and attracted to water, you may be unaware of that though. Moon rules the tidal waves, and your sign. You love to have vacations by the beach, surrounded by serene waters and calming scenery. You may also enjoy sailing as you have a deep magnetism towards the oceanic waves. That is primarily the reason why you love all sort of water sports - surfing, scuba diving, swimming, boating, river rafting, parasailing, and water aerobics to name a few.

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