Cancer Love

Ruled by the moon, Cancer man and Cancer woman are very emotional, sensitive and caring individuals. Your Cancer love partner takes things very seriously and personally most of the times and this is the reason why they also get hurt and depressed very easily.

A totally family person, a Cancer man in love or a Cancer woman in love will crave a peaceful and comfortable domestic life. Creating a beautiful home and family life full of order and perfection are dearest dreams of your Cancer lover. They will not pursue you if they don’t see a bright and stable future together with you.

This Cancer love horoscope is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

Cancer love nature is slightly complex emotionally. They get attached very easily and quickly. Once they are in love with you, your well being and happiness become very important for them. They are extra sentimental and possessive, but rarely selfish in love and relationships. They are also very loyal to their partners in marriage. But they can also be very touchy, edgy and restless. Their mood swings can be really difficult to deal with at times.

Cancers admire independent and intelligent people, but Cancer love compatibility will be strongest if Cancer knows that the other person needs them constantly. They are not very demanding in love, but would like you to be dependent on them, emotionally and even otherwise. This gives them the warmth of security and structure in a relationship.

When you are in love with Cancer, you will witness supreme gestures of affection, protection and care, sometimes too much of it. They will often play the role of caretakers in a relationship. If you like to get spoiled, this lover is yours for the keeps.

What to expect when you are in Love with Cancer

Cancer romance is sugary sweet and cute. Cancer love dating, and will do something immensely pleasurable for you if they like or love you. If they find you in slightest of troubles, they would be eager to provide their help with anything and everything they can. They would like to be around you to check if you are a trustworthy and family-oriented person. If you are what they want, they will relentlessly pursue you.

How’d you know your Cancer lover is committed to you?

If a Cancer has fallen for you, they see you as their future wife or husband even at a very early stage of your relationship. Cancer love partner will confess their feelings in a very romantic way to you. Getting married to you and setting up a cozy and comfortable living space together will be this lover’s top priority after love and dating.

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