Capricorn Horoscope


Greet the day with an open heart as you will be left happy and successful by the time the day is over. It is an eventful and a positive day with various pending issues getting sorted. Your career also gets a boost as you progress significantly owing to your dynamic approach. Domestic matters also become a reason for your happiness. more

Till: morning It's going to be a dynamic day with pending work and issues getting your serious attention. You will be involved in drawing some bright solutions for your pending problems. Today is also a favorable day to hold important meetings. You can surely expect some gains out of these meetings. Let out your romantic expressions as it's an equally positive day for romance too.
Thereafter till tomorrow: A delighting day indeed! Be ready for pleasant surprises as chances of unexpected gain as well as goodwill of people close to you are the order of the day. You will jump with joy on receiving your surprise for the day. Financial matters look positive while romance as well as marriage gives you plenty of reasons to be... more

Generally speaking, it will be a fruitful and positive day which might bring in some progress in financial matters or your career. The finances thus might look up today and your career will move a step ahead. Try to relax and unwind from the daily rush as today you might plan a social outing with your friends. So, socially also the day brings in adequate relief for you. more

Average month overall as positive trends tend to peter out towards the end of the month. You will begin the month very positively with many new growth options and new avenues. You need to communicate and interact carefully for best results. Your thinking and personality could go through a lot of twists and turns. It is a period when you need to listen to good counsel rather than getting worked up and taking inspired and probably wrong decisions. The cycle of wasteful expenses could stop now and next month onwards you will find relief in financial pressures. Career – will be in a positive and vibrant phase. You will make multiple gains from career till the 15th April 2019 & new avenues of growth would become possible from the... more

Capricorn, your 2019 horoscope brings a bright new chapter in your life. With Saturn transiting your 12th house, influence of Sade Sati will shape your destiny. Take things slow, as rising expenses might cause stress. Financial condition seems a bit doubtful. So you should control your expenses for better results. As 2019 begins, Ketu’s ongoing transit might lead to wasteful traveling. From March onwards, Ketu will transit with Saturn. more

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Capricorn is all about hard work and stability, life is a ‘serious business’ for them. These calculative individuals are wedded to their work. You are goal-oriented, forward-looking people who keep the bigger picture in view. The word ‘impulse’ does not exist in your phrase book. You like to take cautious steps that are sure to meet success. You are equally cautious in love, thus do not open up easily. Your reserved temperament is often confused as cold and unapproachable. In fact, due to being workaholics, you do not do well with possessive and sentimental signs. This Capricorn Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Capricorn Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.


You are most compatible with a practical and patient person, such as Virgo or Taurus. Mountain goat is the mascot of Capricorn, which is naturally symbolic of your urge to reach the top. But just as the goat takes cautious steps and time to reach the peak, you have to make considerate efforts to get a taste of success. Money never comes naturally to you; it is often hard-earned. Saturn rules Capricorn, thus success comes to you, after hardships. You need to remember what Aristotle said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”. Saturn also implies that with regular determined efforts, you will be rewarded with what you want; it is just that you have to get past some hurdles. Capricorn have earth element, thus very practical, methodical and grounded. You are not pompous; keep your feet on ground. You are strong and stable, just as the surface of the earth. However, inside you rest quake-inducing emotions, and the intrinsic need to be loved.

Capricorn is a Cardinal quality sign, thus you often tend to initiate things. You are future-oriented, thus plan and initiate goals (cardinal) and use your resources (earth) wisely to meet them. Just like Taurus, you know how to make the most of what is at hand. Your determination and drive are your biggest virtues. And so is your patience and prudence. You can survive in the bare minimum and have the ability to draw riches. You are a dependable and faithful person, someone that can be relied upon. However, you often tend to ignore the emotional value of things, which is your biggest weakness, and are too inclined towards monetary gain. You are so engrossed in material aspect that you struggle to seek work-life balance. This page details out more fascinating facts on Caricorn Man, Woman, Lover, & Capricorn traits.

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