Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Antar Dasha Interpretation


Effect of the Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

  • There is a possibility of physical weakness, a jealous mentality and internal unhappiness.
  • Work and business may suffer, wealth, religion and fame will be harmful. Bed addictions may develop and one may have illicit relations with other women.
  • There may be pain due to fever and excessive expenditure.
  • Effects like acquisition of a kingdom ( attainment of a high position in government), gain of clothes, ornaments, wealth, grains, conveyances, cattle, and position, happiness from son and friends, etc., gains specially of a blue coloured horse, journey to the West, audience with the king, and receipt of wealth from him.
  • Loss of wealth, affliction with fever, mental agony, infliction of wounds to wife and children, inauspicious events at home, loss of cattle and employment, antagonism with kinsmen, etc.
  • There will be gain of land, house, son, and cattle, acquisition of riches and property through the enemy etc.
  • Effects like loss of wealth, antagonistic relations with kinsmen, obstacles in industrial ventures, pains in the body, danger from the members of the family, etc., will be realised.